Sunday, April 1, 2012

Always Leave 'em Laughin'

Dashing to catch a bus in a "colourful" part of Vancouver, I noticed this intriguing scenario unfolding across the street from my bus stop.

I had just enough time to get my camera out and catch this one shot before my bus pulled up and I had to clamber on.  They seemed to be having a great lark and it was obviously pre-planned.  I love it that the rocket guns match the yellow and red paint on the wall.  And isn't the guy's smile just precious?  He looks like a jolly Buddha.  And how about the little skull and crossbones icon on the photographer's cap?  I felt like getting this picture was a  gift from the universe to me that day.

The following photo's not in any way related to the previous one, except that the store's name tickled my funny bone.

Talk about being in "Danial"!

I can just imagine the cell phone conversation going on inside that store when the wife phones hubby to ask him where he is. 

 "So where are you?"  
"I'm in Danial."
"Yeah, I know that already, but where are you geographically?!"


Well, I can't be in denial any longer.  I'm having a problem with my left eye that is greatly affecting my vision so I think I'll probably have to refrain from blogging for a little while.  Nothing serious, I'm told, but something to "keep an eye on" (pardon the pun).  My sight is full of black squiggly lines, and loops, and patchworks, and networks...rather like the textures I sometimes apply to my photos or paintings.  It's supposed to clear up over the next few weeks.  Let's hope so!  Meanwhile, if you notice me by my absence, you'll know why.

Hopefully see you soon, though--and clearly.


  1. You photos are just wonderful. I love everything about the first image, including the fact that the red and yellow follow through in the Egyptian (well, it's in de Nile, isn't it?) market.

    You tell that eye to just stop it. Or maybe, I'm just in denEYEal about your not posting over the next while. You shall be missed but do take good care of yourself. Hugs to you.

  2. Am sorry to hear about your eye! Hopefully you'll be seeing clearly again soon... So strange. Did they say what caused it?

    Am glad you didn't get lost in "Danial." I've spent a lot of time at that store, meandering the isles - not sure what to buy into, waiting for clarity... :) Oh dear...

    Be well! Will miss your humor!

  3. What a wonderful photo! It's priceless!

    I hope your eye clears up soon, it's so annoying to have something like that and I am sure you will be delighted when it clears up. Take care and look forward to your return to offing soon!

  4. I told you that all the peeking through key holes would bring you a bit of trouble!! (Do hope your eye gets better real soon tho')
    Let me know if you would like some more tea, it might be just the ticket!!

  5. You were always a person of vision. Don't change now.

  6. Two wonderful & quirky photos. Love them! Please rest your eyes, take your drops, and best wishes for a speedy recovery, Lynne!

  7. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Hope that your eye improves quickly.

  8. wishing you all the very best and a soon recovery, solution respectively.

    and yes, i shall try to laugh more. thank you for this wake.

    once again, wishing you all the very best.

  9. My Mom had something that sounds like that and the "eye guy" told her it was an ocular migraine. It disappeared, but I don't think she had it for more than a day or two. I'm sure yours will clear up shortly as well.

    Your first photo is too much! Don't you love it when they just drop into your lap like that!

  10. Thanks for leaving us with something to smile about Lynne....the artist looks as though he may be ambidextrous!
    Hugs,and all best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  11. i am so sorry to hear that about your eye, i have very weak eyes and it is a constant fear for me that i might be forced, at some point, to give up photography, it is terror, not fear!
    but i am sure that a little rest will do wonders and in the meantime we are all waiting impatiently for your return :-)

  12. That first photo, definitely a gift from the cosmos !

    Oh dear, do take care of those wonderful eyes of yours. We are such fragile things... but few organs would be worse to have stop working than our unbelievably amazing eyes...

    Take good care, ok ?

  13. Dear My Bloggy Friends,

    Thank you all so much for your kind, warm, humourous, and encouraging comments. It's made me smile to read them all.

    No improvement as yet in the eyeball. There was a little bleed into a small tear in the gel sac (???) behind my retina, thus causing the black squiggles in my vision. I'm supposed to see the "eye guy" in a couple of weeks to make sure that there's been no further tearing. The cause of this? Well, seems to be a natural occurrence as people age, either not noticeable or resulting in some "floaters" in one's vision. The wee bit of a bleed I have is a little more of a concern , though, and something to "keep one's eye on"--as if I had a choice!

  14. a gem of a photo - and hope the eye gets sorted - we need your clear-sightedness and artistic vision in the blogosphere....

  15. Sorrey about the eye ~ sending happy healing energy your way. Hugs