Sunday, April 8, 2012

Looking Out My Back Door

As the old song goes, "Doo doo doo, lookin' out my back door..." though maybe not quite what CCR had in mind when they wrote it...

this is the sight that greeted me this morning.

To paraphrase a John Lennon song, "and snow this is Easter."

Guess I won't be using the old wicker for awhile.

Although the Easter Bunny neglected to leave us any brightly coloured eggs
(unless they're hidden under the snow)
at least Mother Nature came through last night with a
sunset blazing with Easter hues. 

A treat for sore eyes, such as mine.
Hopefully for yours, too.


  1. Easter-pink sunset! Gorgeous. The snow's kind of a bummer, though--I believe you've seen a little too much of that this winter. (BTW, I LOVE the bright yellow of your porch ceiling & wall, and how you pair it with orange--some of your sunset colors).

  2. jann,
    I agree, too many snow sightings this winter! Maybe that's why I'm having trouble with my vision. Around here, I know we're not in the clear from winter until April 15 for sure. And even then...
    My house colours do brighten up the snowscape, don't they. Can you imagine--the house used to be white! We couldn't find it for most of the winter. The orange tone you see is more of a terra cotta--a little more subtle than an outright orange. Glad you like it!

  3. It was like April Fool's Day a week late.
    You have a Gorgeous soothing view out your door.

  4. Beautiful candle in the window up there :) er - Sunset... You can send some of the white stuff down here!

  5. All the colours are saved up till the sunset, it seems. Hope your eyes feel better soon!

  6. Gwen,
    April Fool's Day a week late--good one! As you know, trends usually do arrive a little later in the Maritimes. I find that view out my back door is a lot more soothing in the summer months.

  7. Mystic Meandering,
    Would be more than happy to ship you all the white stuff if only it was possible. The global warming trend doesn't seem to have caught on around here as yet.

  8. Jenny,
    What a lovely way of putting it--the colours saved up until sunset. Hadn't looked at it in quite that light before. This was a rather spectacular one. Almost compensated for the dreck that ensued the next day.

  9. Well that's not nice of the Easter Bunny to shed all over your yard like that!

    Love the photo with the wicker.. it's so nicely weathered in more ways than one.

  10. Dearie me!
    Britt-Arnhild in Norway showed the same phenomeom.
    I hope you had a happy Easter in spite of it all!
    Astoundingly windy in NY today.

  11. Brrrrrrr !

    Bro O thinks it is too late in the winter for snow... heck, it's not even winter any more, so what gives ??? Hope you have a nice hot rum toddy at hand to help you face the frigid frosts !

  12. Mad weather but it does make for some gorgeous shots - pity me in the wind and rain of Paris right now.....who said Paris in the Springtime?

  13. What joy being able to see !

    Haven't seen snow for years now already. Temp. about 70F during midday over here. Please have a good Tuesday you all.

  14. Wow, that snow is a bit of a shocker and the sunset is beautiful. Hope your eyes are better soon.

  15. I think that the multihued sunset just about makes up for the snow. It all does look lovely and I love your house colors.

    Hunting for brightly colored eggs in that white snow would have made some great photos...


  16. oh no, not snow again, for snow-hating Lynne! though i confess that even for me, snow for Easter would be a big blow... we also have snow in some regions these days, but fortunately not here in the south of the country! (i so love the porch wicker photo!)

  17. Hilary,
    Definitely not your typical bunny droppings. As usual, I love your wicker sense of humour.

  18. Elizabeth,
    Oh, I'll take a windy day in New York over a snowy one here any day!!!

  19. Owen,
    You can't predict winter with a calendar. Certainly not around here. April 15 is usually when I sound the "all clear" as far as winter is concerned, but even then I have been proven wrong. Alas, no hot toddies were to be had. Nor chocolate. It was the worst of times. But I made do with wine and homemade carrot cake.

  20. Catherine,
    You make me laugh with how you're frequently trying to get me to pity your plight when you're "suffering" somewhere that isn't breathtakingly sunny. Nope. Sorry. I think my snow on Easter still trumps your blustery rainy day in Paris as far as la misère is concerned.

  21. Robert,
    Well I'm happy that someone can enjoy this Easter sight!

  22. Gillian,
    It was no sight for sore eyes!

  23. Genie,
    "Just about" are the key words in your sentence about the sunset making up for the subsequent snow. At least at this time of year we can (almost) laugh about it because we know it won't last. But really--on Easter Day? Even the bunny wasn't up to hiding eggs out there, and he has a fur coat.

  24. Roxana,
    "A big blow" in more ways than one! At least it only lasted 24 hours and then began to melt away like a white chocolate bunny clutched in a small child's hand.
    Just a few long weeks ago, when I first got back from Vancouver, I was actually basking on that wicker settee in the blazing sun. That hot day was as much of a fluke as this snowfall.

  25. Louciao, I've said before and I'll say it again, I would love to see the world from the other side of your window! I can't believe you still have snow! Here, the temperature was lovely until last week and suddenly, the cold crept back like a tiny thief in the night. Sigh. I'm looking forward to the warmer temperatures and so is Roxy! :)

  26. Bella,
    Things are starting to warm up but definitely not time yet to drag out the glider swing and crack open the gin and tonics. Wait a minute...who needs a glider swing for G&Ts?!