Friday, July 4, 2014


On the way to yoga class, down a winding country road, there's an old barn that grabs my attention every time I pass it. Finally I got a few photos of the charming place, thanks to my chauffeur stopping the car in the middle of the road so that I could lean out the window and grab some shots.

It's a two-part barn, which is interesting in itself, set on a slope so that one building is higher than the other.

It's charming and bucolic in the way that barns are
to city folk like myself.

But what really fascinates me is the sag in the middle where the two structures adjoin each other.

I didn't manage to get a photo that really shows just how much they dip in the middle but I tried for so long that night finally fell upon the scene.

Well, not really, but orange you glad that I played with the picture?
Here's the other end of the barn as we drive past it, heading home.

One last glance down the field
 between the barns and the farm house.
Hands up all those who can spot the cat in the grass!

For a completely romanticized version of this bent barn, just hop over to my art blog, Ragzedge.  It's well worth the exercise, I promise you, if you are at all romantically inclined.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Backyard bliss

My little corner of the world...

Just a little glimpse into where I'm hanging these days.

  • Out back of the house, a rescued table and plastic chair, plus an old fish crate to rest my feet on, furnish a secluded corner to sit and read.
  • An old crab apple tree provides a splash of pink joy while the stick fence seen in the background keeps the expectant garden contained (& deer out).
  • One of many lilac bushes aburst with blooms.
  • The woodpile grows in anticipation of winter, even though summer is not yet here.
A simple life.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trespassers will be shot!

Driving down a back-country road the same day that I visited the tree camp (seen in previous post), I came across this picturesque old vehicle mouldering away in an otherwise empty field.

By "empty field" I mean just houses, sheds, shacks, teepees, barns, dog houses, outhouses, sheep pens, hovels...nothing, zip, nada.  Just the old truck.

Of course I had to stop and get some pictures to cart back to my blog, but just as I was happily snapping away, a loud angry voice started shouting at me.

My heart dropped into my rubber boots as I turned and saw a large bearded man in a black tee-shirt and jeans, accompanied by a big black dog heading my way.
All the colour seeped out of my world when he hollered,
"Whaddya think yer doin'?!"

"Well, I'm just getting some pictures of this old car, if you don't mind.  I mean, if you don't want me to, I won't," I squeaked in reply.

His surly retort? "Well, I don't have my shotgun with me...
 I guess you look okay. 
But shoulda asked!"

I hurriedly grabbed a few more shots 
and then motored on out of there.
Before I left, the guy informed me that the vehicle 
was a 1948 or '49 Willys Jeep.

I guess that meant he'd forgiven me.
Can't say I felt the same towards him.