Friday, March 23, 2012

Different Points of View

The morning before I left Vancouver dawned bright and promising in the view from my bedroom window.

Just what it promised I found out a couple of hours later...

I mean, really?  Snow on the day before spring in Vancouver?? 
This is supposed to be Lotus Land, people!

Everyone out of the pool!

The morning after I arrived back at my home on the east coast dawned clear and bright as well,  bringing with it another promising view from my bedroom window.  Ironically, I had wintered west in order to escape the frigid temperatures and snowbound months Maritimes winters are known for, only to find that the west experienced unusually cold temperatures this year while the east basked in (chilled) sunshine for most of the winter.

Thinking I'd go out for a walk to get re-acclimatized,  I donned my jacket and scarf and was just about to head out the door when Pierre looked at me with a very puzzled expression on his face.  "Have you been outside yet?" he asked.  "No?  Well, maybe you should check it out before you head off."  He was right--it was 26 C!

Things are getting a little more back to normal around here, now that I've arrived. Temperatures going back to the low single digits with flurries in view.  Seems wherever I go, I always take the weather with me.


  1. Welcome back to NB, the climatological eqivalent of menopause.

  2. DCW,
    NB--the hot flash province! Could perhaps replace the "picture province" designation on the license plates.

  3. NB has that beautiful golden glow that happens just before spring bursts out. Happy re-acclimatization!

  4. So YOU brought the cooler weather with you. I felt it drop when an eastbound plane flew overhead.

    Welcome home. :)

    The snowy images are pretty.. in spite of themselves.

  5. These must be pictures of a dream. How amazingly beautiful an evironment. Thank you for this escape. Please have a good Sunday.

  6. Yeh, we have had some crazy weather here on the West coast, snow, hail and heavy rain; but then today and yesterday are picture perfect. Love your pictures.

  7. "Everyone out of the pool!" bwhahaha! Louciao, you make me laugh! I love, love these shots! I can't believe how chaotic the weather is where you are. Snow, still? It reminds me of that fateful year I lived in North Dakota where it was still snowing in March. Dear Lord. Here in my neck of the woods, spring is blooming. The weather was beautiful--clear blue skies and 60 degrees F! :)

  8. Now if the pool was heated could be nice to bask in warm water with snow falling in the champagne flutes, no ?

    Hope you had a safe, comfortable trip without undue time in airports and such, and are enjoying getting back to your eastern habits and comforts and all...

    See, the comment box is never too far from one's fingertips... :-)

  9. jann,
    Oh, you are such a romantic! I'm glad you described it as a golden glow because I tend to see it as dead grass. But you're right, when the sun is shining at this time of year it is full of warm promises of things to come.

  10. Hilary,
    It's a Lynne wind that blows no one no good! I was born on a day of a blizzard (born under a snow sign) so perhaps that's why I am fated to deal with snow in spite of my great dislike of the stuff. Oh yes, the weather system definitely revolves around me. Will do my best to get my sunny side up in the days ahead.

  11. Robert,
    Dream worlds in their own ways. I'm happy that you enjoyed the views.

  12. Gillian,
    I experienced some of that hail on the last Sunday I was there on this visit, traipsing around Chinatown. It was sooo cold, too! Yet the sun came out and warmed things up a bit. Must have reassured the cherry trees that were beginning to blossom.

  13. Bella,
    Snow on the west coast (Vancouver, anyway) is pretty rare at the best of times but beyond ridiculous in March. Here on the east coast, where I've been living for the past 20 or so years, not having snow in March would be a strange phenomenon. Last year people here were still digging out at this time; this year, the snow that remains looks like little blots of tissue a man puts on his face when he cuts himself shaving.

  14. Owen,
    It's amazing that you can leave a comment at all with those webbed appendages of yours. Makes one even gladder to receive them when they croak their way through the miasma of boggy blogs.
    The champagne flutes part of the equation you propose sounds good. I'll drink to that. But I hope you won't mind if I do so from the warm comfort of the house while gazing out upon the pool party in the snow. It's against my religion to don a bathing suit in winter. Or at almost any time, really.
    Flight back to the east was surprisingly smooth (other than a startling amount of turbulence).I was lucky to get back between striking worker demonstrations that caused havoc just before and after I left. Phew!

  15. Oh wow, March madness! :-)

    Love the picture with the snowy cityscape and the turquoise swimming pool.

  16. Merisi,
    Indeed! Obviously March came in like a lion and is still flexing her claws. Let's hope she'll be going out like a pussycat.