Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catty Remarks

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


  1. No apology required. She is beautiful.

  2. DCW,
    And she had a personality to match. A neighbourhood cat who came rushing over to meet me and grace me with petting privileges.

    wv: lingesal
    French for dirty laundry

  3. That is a beautiful close-up of a beautiful cat! He is intent on something! Ready to pounce... Tabbies (calico? ginger?) are the sweetest...

  4. Cats are said to be poetry. A wonderful proof.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens

  5. Beautiful puss and no claws to be seen!

  6. So cute, what was she eyeing up? The postman?

  7. No how did you get a photo of our cat's cousin ??? I swear, the tiger/gutter cat with white chest and white paws, that's ours, the only thing missing is the white bit on the nose... Will have to post of photo of our sweet little Amande so you can see why I say that. Oh, and cats always have lots of "linge sale" they are dragging around... always.

    And I just saw a funny note in the Economist magazine, in a letter from a reader which was talking about how his dog had a Facebook account, but that cats would never be allowed on Facebook because : "they are evil power-hungry vilains".

    Needless to say, our two cats were NOT amused... they have been sulking ever since I read that out loud to them.

  8. Margaret,
    Yes, he was intent on something but also very intent on getting some good lovin' from me. A multi-tasking cat!

  9. Robert,
    Poetry in motion, and poetry in stillness. Though admittedly less poetic when coughing up hairballs.

  10. Forest Dream Weaver,
    No claws, just plenty of affection for a stranger. Such a gift I was granted while strolling down the street.

  11. c,
    Thank you! I wonder what sort of write-up the SPCA would come up with for such a fine specimen? But no need because she has a good home, I'm sure.

  12. Saj,
    Something invisible to the human eye. Maybe the ghost of a postman past. Rather the way you gaze fixedly at an empty bottle.

  13. BrOwen,
    Everyone is supposed to have a doppelganger somewhere in the world. I guess this kitty is your Amande's. Felines would not stoop to mix with the hoi polloi on Facebook.