Sunday, April 3, 2011

Loafing About

When last you saw me, I was heading off to the hippy bakery,
the Common Loaf, in Tofino.

Appropriately, there is a happy hippy dude
working behind the counter in the hippy bakery. 
Actually, I think he should be classified as a neo-hippy.

He is wearing a large beret that looks like
someone's knitting got away from them. 
He's speaking to someone on his cell phone.
Hippies did not have cell phones, back when hippies were hippies,
they simply dug each others' vibes.

Here is a small dude being given some sort of moral lesson by his mother.
I can hear him thinking, "Give me the cake; just pass me the cake, Mom!
I'll agree to anything you say, just hand over the cake!

While we're munching on our non-wheat, lactose-free, eggless, sprouted bean, no nuts, granola muffins, let's take one last lingering look at Tofino,
Pacific Terminus for the Trans-Canada Highway,

as aptly demonstrated by the Nooch, à la Vanna White.

It's time to leave this particular tsunami zone and boogey on down the road.
See ya round the next bend.


  1. Good idea to be leaving the tsunami zone.......although the guy on the sign doesn't look as though he'll make it!!!!!

  2. The shop looks indeed as if one could spend a lot time at.

    Please have a safe and kind new week ahead.

  3. Ok, can I have some cake now ??? I was very good, I read every word and looked at all the pictures... now where's the cake !?!

    (PS Just the simple phrase "Loafing about" took me right into one of Al Stewart's old songs, the Ballad of Mary Foster... I searched for on You Tube but couldn't find it, but... thanks to the miracles of the internet, I soon had it up in pretty good quality here on Deezer, which I haven't have been too familiar with, but it looks like they have an excellent Al Stewart collection available for listening....

    (it's in the album Love Chronicles)
    Anyway, there is a line in there about "good for nothing loafers"... which he somehow manages to make rhyme with "sofas"

  4. Hippy bakeries are my idea of heaven ~

  5. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I have serious doubts that anyone could succeed in leaving the tsunami zone as it seems to involve running uphill very fast! Another good reason to stay (or get) in shape.

  6. Robert,
    The shop did involve a lot of time, trying to decide on which sort of a baked treat to indulge in for the long car trip home...sweet or tangy? How about one of each, with a strong dark coffee to help it go down. I hope your week will be a tasty one!

  7. BrOwen,
    Good for nothing loafers, sitting on their sofas while scrubbing their backs with loofahs? You might guess from this misquote that I did not, in fact, hear the Mary Foster song. Couldn't manage to dee-cipher the mysteries of Deezer, which are doozies; though I did listen to another Al Stewart song while there.

    I wonder if Mary Foster is related to the Dr. Foster of nursery rhyme fame:

    Dr. Foster went to Gloucester
    in a shower of rain.
    He stepped in a puddle,
    right up to his middle,
    and never went there again.

    I'm thinking Gloucester must be a lot like Vancouver!

    OK now, you've been an exceptionally good boy if you've read all the way to the bottom of this reply, so you may now have your cake and eat it too!

  8. Driftwood,
    Then you must you must you must, come out to Lotus Land! Just what do they put in those brownies anyway?

  9. the bakery looks great - I have actually been to Tofino - a road trip once from Winnipeg to Tofino!!

  10. Oh crumbs, here I am late much for my alarm clock ensuring I rise in time to get here and loaf about. We have a shortage of bakeries here now, my favourite one fell down in the quake sadly (no-one hurt in it tho' thankfully) but I'm sure it will be a while beofre I find that certain place that makes the best bacon and egg sammies ever...

  11. Catherine,
    You do get around! That must have been some road trip. Certainly a lengthy one.

  12. Saj,
    Everyone kneads a bakery! Maybe you should start one: Tea and Strumpets. Or maybe a more American slant to it: Buns R Us.
    My mum will knit the requisite large berets for the sales folk.