Saturday, April 9, 2011

Missing You In Action

I've been away from my post (blog post, that is) of late

due to the fact that my plate (glass window) has been unusually full.
But I've been gathering lots of images to reflect upon
when once I'm ensconced back in my east coast home.
Still lapping up the scenery in Vancouver, today on Gallery Row,
South Granville Street.
(By the way, that is NOT my reflection on the left!)

This is the street that is reflected in the window.
Do take note of the mountains!
They never fail to impress me on my visits home.
Especially when they're not hidden by rain clouds
(oops! did I say that out loud?)

To see other reflections from around the world, visit James' Newtown Area Photo where he hosts Weekend Reflections.


  1. Reflections,lovely image.......I'd like to look around this shop!

    The blossom and the brightly coloured buildings enhance the blue of the mountains(and the blue bus turns the corner at just the right time!).This must be quite spectacular to see in person,the light in Vancouver seems very bright and clear.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Wonderful shots! What's interesting is that the naked lady could be either behind the glass pane or in front of it--where exactly is she?--I love that ambiguity. And in the second shot, the yellow building really pops out at first, but when I looked longer, I was drawn to that jaunty blue bus barreling careening around the corner, and how it picked up the bright blue of the building.

  3. Oops--pls edit my previous comment and delete one of my redundant verbs--barreling careening :)! Too early in the morning for me to properly edit! Grazie!

  4. Forest Dream Weaver,
    It's almost ironic that you should say that the light in Vancouver seems very bright and clear as for most of my 5 week visit it's been dull and cloudy. But this day was, indeed, sunny and bright and drenched in colour everywhere I looked. The cherry blossom trees and mountains are at their peak!

  5. jann, Bellisima,
    No need to apologize or to edit! The bareling careening blue bus description only adds impact (ha ha) to your statement and a wonderfully Italian!

  6. beautiful beautiful a sight ! thank you for this escape.

    daily athens

  7. Hi Lynne! Delicious shots! I love the antique shop with the reflection--I'm sure Aphrodite is a great draw! Absurdist how the arms are missing just like Aphrodite's in the Louvre... I would love to have that glitter ball--tres chic! The second image is all about color--nature's (those mountains! that redbud!) and the manmade (red, yellow, blue, lime). What a perfect day!

  8. Looks like a really cool place to hang out. And that shop looks like a fun place to explore. Great reflection shot! Glad you got some sunlight, you can see those dynamic shadows in the street of the bottom shot that contrast beautifully with the splashes of color. Happy Trails!

  9. Robert,
    An escape is as good as rest. I hope you feel rested and ready for a new week. I am pleased that you found this image to be beautiful!

  10. Margaret,
    Yes, it was a perfect day, in so many ways. The colours just popped all over the place; the area was bursting with energy. I was ridiculously delighted by the bright colours of the condos and the eclectic gathering of stuff in the shop window of fake antiques. If you get a glitter ball you'll have to invite me over to dance the Hustle with you!

  11. Stickup Artist,
    I didn't notice those lovely deep and long, anchoring shadows until I'd downloaded the picture, I was so intent on the bright colours. This is definitely a fun street/area to stroll through and window shop in...hobnobbing with the well-heeled.

  12. Love the reflection shot, good to know you are keeping us abreast of whats going on in the streets of yore. It does appear to be cold even tho' the sun is shining....

  13. Very interesting shot : I like the composition, with this nude statue so real contrasting with the street reflection so dreamy...

  14. like you, seems my own plate has been running over for quite a while - and so i am far behind in getting around to all my favorite little reflections in blogland - always wonderful to drop by your places of light and beauty! have a great remainder of the day!

  15. Oh my goodness - I used to live right down the street (pass the white car, turn right, go down about 2.5 blocks, and you would find my former home!). This makes me very homesick!

  16. Saj,
    Naughty girl! But then, as I caught all your references, I guess I'm right up there in the naughtiness category with you.

  17. 'Tsuki,
    thanks so much for coming window shopping! The statue was outside on the sidewalk and I liked how her solid presence contrasted with the soft flow and confusion of the window, just as you noticed.

  18. Gypsywoman,
    This seems like a sort of gypsy caravan supply shop that would be perfect for you to shop in! Lovely to see you again.

  19. Audrey,
    What a wonderful neighbourhood to have lived in! No wonder this picture makes you nostalgic. I would love to live in that area, but you can imagine what the prices are like now. Or maybe you can't--it is hard to believe! It was a rare break in the grey clouds and constant rain that day so I made a mad dash for gallery row while the getting was good.

  20. haaa one of the most amazing photos of glass reflections i have seen recently!!! it looks like some kind of surrealist/cubist collage, hard to believe it wasn't assembled by an artist to this specific purpose!

  21. I know! I could hardly believe the assembled, layered scene that was right there before my eyes. Even better than smoke and mirrors.