Monday, March 7, 2011

Time To Blow This Popsicle Stand

There has been quite a bit of melting going on this weekend, of the snow, that is.  This indicates warmer temperatures.  Heavy rain is forecast for today.  However, it is not enough to entice me to stick around and see if spring actually shows up at its alloted hour a few weeks hence.  I'm taking one last kick at Old Man Winter here:

you can see things are getting a bit grungy

I'm heading west tomorrow, catching a plane to Vancouver, where I'll be for the next several weeks.

Chances are I'll have something to blog about out there, but it might take me a few days to get up to speed.

Meanwhile, here's a song  to keep you entertained.

Don't forget me.
I'll be back soon!


  1. Howe Sound your decision! Enjoy!!

    WV thstinte - thstinte on the West Coast will be good for the soul.

  2. We'll B C-ing you soon ~

    WV depoodub - She depoodub de blog aside for few days.

  3. thstinte and depoodub: do you have your own special language going on here-a secret code? Oh, I've just worked it out...WV very word?

    WVpretatte - good looking potatoes.

    Enjoy your break [will it be warmer in Vancouver?]

  4. a very, very smart move, and i'm glad for you that you can go - i was feeling the weight of the snow in your photos lately, too much, too much.

    now you can tell us about patio furniture and green in the trees, and that's ok too :)

    safe trip!

  5. Laissez les bons temps roullez. Thanks for the music...Jesse W. lives down this way now.

  6. DCW,
    I hope to Seymour of spring while there.

  7. Driftwood,
    To say nuttin' ob de lime in de coconut and drink it all ub!

  8. Moannie,
    Fellow punners like to play with juicy Word Verifications when they present themselves. I see you've caught on. Will it be warmer out west? Probably, though maybe not for the first couple of weeks I'm there, which promise to be wet wet wet. I should be there for cherry blossom time, though.

  9. Manuela,
    I'm relieved to have at least one's person blessing to blather on about daffodils, and sandal wearing and dragging out the patio furniture! I am also prepared to extol the pleasures of splashing through puddles, dealing with umbrellas blown inside out, and being constantly damp from inclement weather. A change is as a good as a cure.

  10. Patricia,
    So you recognized Jesse! I hadn't laid eyes on him since his bad old draft-dodging days in Montreal when he'd ususally be involved in a fist-fight or yelling match outside the little hole-in-the-wall club he was playing at. But we sure did love his music. I must say I was shocked to see him looking so tame and grandfatherly on that tv show, but he's still sounding good.
    I will take your excellent advice about the bon temps and maybe even hum a few bars while doing so.

  11. Poor old grungy old man winter ! Looking like quite the clochard there....

    I shall make no mention of popsicle stands nor blowing winds other than to wish you fair winds for travelling, and of course this :

    "Popsicle toes, are always froze..."

    WV "saughte"... She headed west because she saughte some warmer climes, where she could saughté some fine fish in white wines...

  12. BrO,
    Like Neko sings in the song here,
    "in the wintertime,
    keep your feet warm..."

    See you from the other side.

  13. What... go leave all this?

  14. Anonymous,
    In the immortal words of Ahnolt: "I'll be back!"

  15. Oh enjoy your time out west.

    I have the most boring WV.. since it's a real word "squall"

    Squ-all of you in that warmer weather while we still have snow. ;)

  16. A safe journey for you and a wonderful time as well.

  17. Have a safe trip, sorry I haven't been out and about...dealing with liquefaction, disaster and aftershocks...but you've been in my thoughts and have raised a few glasses in your honour! xx

  18. Saj,
    sister dear, fabulous to see you here, waving your glass in the air! Just be careful not to mix any of that dreadful liquefaction stuff in with the vodka. My thoughts are with you, too, and now more easily transmitted from the Pacific coast rather than the Atlantic. Can you feel them? I guess it might be hard to differentiate them from the aftershocks.
    Love, hugs xo

  19. Hilary,
    Sorry, I almost missed replying to your kind comment as I was so startled to see a message from The Sagittarian, who is recovering/rebuilding from the recent earthquake in Christchurch, NZ.
    Thanks for your wishes for a good trip: so far so good--in spite of the recent Tsunami Alert that's been posted!
    Real words for WVs should be outlawed!

  20. Robert,
    Sorry, I almost missed replying to you as well! Thank you for your "bon voyage" wishes. I will be sure to continue making blog visits, from this other coast.