Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre-Spring Tune-Up Tips

The winter continues long, cold and hard but spring is not too far off.  In preparation for emerging from our caves and stepping out into the big world again, here are some health tips:

Drink plenty of water, and breathe deeply, though not at the same time.

Practice good posture, or wear clothes that distract the eye from your bulges.

Eat fruit rich in Vitamin C as it may be the only chance you get to pucker up today.

Be as grounded as a 3-legged samovar and and keep your spout drip-free and clean.

Put your best foot forward and dance like no one's watching because they're probably too embarrassed to look anyway.  Either that or they're too busy texting, twittering, e-mailing, or blogging and aren't paying attention to you in any event.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling better already!


  1. LOL ! LOL ! LOL !

    Lot's of good advice here, but I won't spout off about it... just chuckling away, in a drip free way. So is that your coffee pot, or what ???

    Love that self portrait with a very long string of pearls, that's quite an outfit you've got on there !

    Will keep this short, hoping to be the early bird that gets the worm.


    All puckered up but nowhere to go !

    PS did you see Black Swan, is that why the dance slippers are out ?

  2. BrOwen,
    You get a double serving of early bird worms for sneaking in here while I was still fine-tuning the advice!
    Glad to hear you're not being a drip.
    That is not my coffee pot, and I'm pretty sure it's for tea (can't take the American out of the boy!)
    I hope you're not too puckered out.
    And, sadly, I missed seeing Black Swan as the weather was too nasty to venture out while the film was in town.
    Wasn't it great to hear from Saj today?!! I miss her. Sibling rivalry just isn't the same with one of missing in action.
    Keep in touch, BrO!

  3. What a clever and amusing post.. with excellent photos to boot (or to slipper).

  4. well I am very pleased to see more than a splash of colour on your blog at long last hahaha - look forward to a lot more of your Spring collection!!

  5. Great advice [keep your spout clean] and pictures. Love that outfit and the juice had me drooling.

  6. One more tip from the samovar: if your bottom is rounded, celebrate it!

    wv - iness - anyone have a Gunn to add?

  7. Edutainment dear Louciao, that's what you provide. I love the wordplay in the comment thread too!

    I will follow your advice to the letter and polish the old samovar (that's been sadly unused for parties in the longest time). har har

    E xx

  8. Love it!!!
    What a great way to end the week.Do hermits actually measure time in weeks........or continuous flow?
    Lovely images,keep dancing,you bring joy to blogland...thank you.
    Enjoy your week-end!

  9. The perfect antidote! Feeling much better now thanks to you. BTW great pot shot ~

  10. What happy photos! You warmed my heart. Grazie!

  11. All good thoughts but then Mardi Gras is coming and you know that means that we are going to break all of the rules!
    Have a great weekend.

  12. wow, exactly what i needed!!!!!!
    you could add my hyacinth on your list, yesterday i bought a little hyacinth in a pot, it will bloom in a few days - just to fight this horrible weather off, we've had snow storms these past couple of days - so it's plain winter, not even the end of winter seems close, unlike your prophetic feelings :-)

    ps. the samovar has just killed me - is it yours? oh oh oh

  13. you are able to make life feel good, again.
    thank you much.
    please have a good start into the weekend.

  14. You ARE in a good mood getting ready for the vernal equinox! The luscious flowers with drops of water on the windowpane, the ostrich headress, the suggestive ruby red grapefruit, the iced herbal concoction in a silver teapot, and quite-worn ballet slippers (you must have been a dancer?) all point to a mysterious, quixotic adventure! Spring fever! Love ♥

  15. Hilary,
    Lovely to see your smiling face here! Leave your boots at the door, choose a pair of slippers, and settle in for a nice cup of tea.

  16. Catherine,
    I think this bouqet of flowers is about as close to those vibrant colours you post on your blog from Mexico that I'm ever going to get, I will definitely keep working on my "spring collection" (love it!) and I can assure you that white will not be featured.

  17. Moannie,
    I think I might have that dress in your size, not that you need to divert one's eyes from any bulges, I'm sure! The added benefit of the design is that the collar can be turned back to front to catch the drool, juice, tea, or any other sort of drippage.

  18. DCW,
    Truer words were never spoken by a samovar.

  19. Eleonora,
    "Edutainment"! What a great word; and it had to come all the way from Rome for me to learn of it. Mille grazie! You have your own samovar? Well, you certainly must get out the samovar polish and shine it up for a tea party...maybe with a little vodka on the side...and perhaps some biscotti for dipping?

  20. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Hermits measure time in one long "Om" which is actually an attempt to disguise the perpetual yawn we find ourselves engaged in as an unavoidable side effect of the job of hermitting. I much prefer to be gasping for air from dancing!

  21. Driftwood,
    Ha ha! Pot shot. Good one.
    Thanks for the use of Sammo Var.

  22. jann,
    Maybe not quite as warm as the Sicilian sun, but I'm very happy if I've further warmed your cockles!

  23. Patricia,
    "Break all the rules!" Yes, the very best of all spring tonics! Thanks for the tip!

  24. Roxana,
    I'm happy if I've brought some colour and cheer into that seemingly endless winter. A sweet, tender, little hyacinth will be a lovely harbinger of the sweetness to come...eventually. I must admit, this post is a bit of bluff and denial as it is still very wintery here and I haven't been out for days and days due to either snow or frigid temperatures, or both. But soon I will escaping to Vancouver for a time, where things will at least be green. Do you remember green?
    Isn't that a wonderful samovar& A bit like a rocket for mice, I think. It belongs to my friend Driftwood.
    Bon courage, ma belle amie!

  25. Robert,
    If I have made life feel good for a time in your day or night, that makes me feel good in turn. I think we're in a win-win situation here; the very best variety in which to find oneself. Happy end of weekending to you!

  26. Margaret,
    I love how you embellish the photos with your own very special interpretations! My good mood is perhaps more to do with the fact that I will be fleeing this frozen white winterscape for greener, albeit soggier, pastures out west for a time. Perhaps spring is a state of mind? And yes, I was a dancer, though those pointe shoes are not mine (I only ever owned one pair) but were part of a display at the Toronto airport that I passed by. My favourite is the red shoe. (Do you know that old movie or the fairy tale, The Red Shoes?)

  27. Looking again at that samovar, it seems almost alive, in a pot bellied sort of way.

    And so very nice of you to bring us all flowers... I had entered the first comment abover here before you'd added that last photo of you with the bouquet. Now flowers are colorful and all, but I'll bet sister Saj would have liked it better if you were holding a bottle or two...

    Thinking warm thoughts in your general direction, to counteract some of the cold...

  28. BrOwen,
    Well I'm glad to hear you weren't LOL LOL LOLing at the picture of me! Yes, I guess if Sister Saj had heard bottles clinking she might have come stumbling over from the wreckage. It seems so quiet without her, doesn't it?
    That samovar does have a lot of character, much like its owner, Driftwood, though it is very much rounder than she, who is not round at all. I thought it looked rather like a mini-spaceship, ready to blast off.
    Could you aim those warm thoughts a little more directly at me, rather than in my general direction, please?

  29. Beautiful post!

    The image of the red grapefruit is magic,
    like a painting.