Tuesday, March 1, 2011


You might have noticed that there's been a lot of snow happening on this blog for the past 3 or 4 months...but who's counting. 

Please note: I did not Photoshop the height of the snow nor my own size!

In order to counteract my cabin fever that just never lets up sets in from time to time, my friends and neighbours sometimes stage an intervention to lure me out of my hermetic ways and get me out and about.

One such intervention involved a trip into town to visit Princess Auto.  I'd seen the flyers and witnessed the drool that accumulates on males' bottom lips when they whisper  the name "Princess Auto" in hushed, reverent tones, but I'd never been there.  This was to be my initiation.

Now, as with most rituals and secret rites, special accoutrements are often required.  Here we have a splendid and colourful selection of magic wands.

I was quite in awe of the sundry bits, parts, fits, starts, mitts, kits,

and old farts that were on hand there.

But what really had me worried was...

I wasn't sure that this was a test I could pass!  I felt like I was in one of those dreams where you show up in class on test day,  ill-prepared and naked.  (Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't had one of those dreams?!  Anybody???)

On another snowy day, other friends invited us for brunch and a walk.  My camera lens steamed up at the sight of the blueberry waffle,  piping hot and thirsting for locally produced maple syrup.


In a pointless positive effort to work off some of the brunch calories, we set out for a walk and came across

a large dog, camouflaged for the snowy environment,

and a small snow baby, carrying live ammo in the form of snow balls.
Best not to mess with her!

Of course, the very best intervention is when my daughter comes home to visit.  This time she acted as chauffeur, driving us to see out-of-town friends...

the purrsonable Miss Maddy,

and her furry pets owners, DCW and  Driftwood--

All together, with friends like all of  the afore-mentioned,

and with the kind, colourful, and amusing comments from blog pals like you,

I just may make it through to the end of this winter

with a smile on my face!


  1. Maddie's pets were happy to see you

    WV - meotswi - Maddie's comment on your visit

  2. OMG! We're gorgeous! We have you to thank for those lovely smiles - we were so very happy to see you and yours. Hugs ~

  3. DCW,
    That goes for meow too! I mean for seeing all of you, not seeing myself.

  4. Driftwood,
    To quote Rod Stewart, "You wear it well!"

  5. I liked the editing! Always put your best foot forward! You do seem very upbeat and happy, so it works! Like the wigs! The dog on the beach looks like a Turner painting. I think your spring fever has finally come to perch!

  6. see, how much happiness hides beneath the white of snow. how wonderful it must be to have such friends.
    a safe road ahead and a good wednesday for you all.

  7. Hi Margaret,
    Editing, yes, I guess that's really what I did; told a story and polished the words. Hadn't really thought about it that way. I'm glad you enjoyed it. You have such a fresh way of looking at things. We don't get together with friends that often (hadn't seen the wig-wearers in about 2 years in fact!) so when we do meet up, it's special. But then, friends are special, aren't they?

  8. Robert,
    You must admit, that the happiness lying beneath the snow is very deeply buried! It takes some determination to dig it up, but is well worth the effort. I do cherish my friends, old and new; it's quality rather than quantity with me.

  9. Veni, vidi, I scampered away, err galumphed off through the snow drifts.

    Love how you didn't photoshop anything, but I think that first picture shows you may want to lighten up a little on the botox treatments...
    Now, why do they have so many brightly colored toilet brushes at Princess Auto ???

    Whatever... can you pass the waffles please ?

  10. BrO,
    Hahaha! you venied, vidied, and conquered me again with your wit and humour. Touché!

    What do you mean toilet brushes? Do you mean to say they use magic wands to clean the bidets and pissoirs (not that the two should ever be mixed up) in France?!

    Would you like extra syrup with that waffle? Maybe a little Canadian back bacon (not from my back!)

    wv: bandnam
    a dyslexic musician

  11. Thank you for the big smile! *giggles*

    The samples of your work on the sidebar are impressive, as is your imagination, creativity and mastery of your tools.

  12. With all that snow,being a part time hermit seems like a good idea!
    Is this amount of snow usual in your area at this time of year?

  13. Now it's my turn to say Wow, that's a whole lotta snow! That is a great shot! But I too am wondering why all the toilet brushes in the auto supply store. Though I haven't seen ones that look like that in forever. Maybe they have some other use now?

  14. Merisi,
    It is my turn to thank you for the nomination (and consequent "win") in the Reader's Choice category of Post of the Week! I was unaware of that blog until this morning, when I had to puzzle out from emails what I was being congratulated on.
    Your praise makes me all smiley-faced! Coming from you, it is high praise, indeed. Thank you so much.

  15. Forest Dream,
    Thank you for the moral support in my ongoing, near full-time occupation of being a hermit! If only I could get paid for it.
    This is as much snow as I've ever experienced, or would hope to ever experience again. Usually there are melts between snow storms, but this year it's just been consistently piling up. Everyone is shaking their head in disbelief.

  16. Stickup,
    OK, maybe I can fool Owen, but there's no putting one over on you, I can tell. Yes, those are toilet brushes but they were not photographed at Princess Auto. I found them on the same intervention excursion but at the ReStore where they have all sorts of salvaged/reclaimed building materials and weird stuff. That is not to say, however, that they wouldn't be found at Princess Auto because PA has all sorts of unimaginable items that have nothing to do with autos. Go figure. In fact, I was quite taken with the night vision goggles and the earbuds that looked like large diamanté earrings circa 1985 that I found there. Sadly, budgetary constraints prevented me from buying them.
    And yes, isn't that just a whole lotta snow?!! Too much already.

  17. I love your winter wonderland! I, too, have wondered about Princess Auto. I thought perhaps it was intended for women. Looking at the old farts in the photo, I guess I was wrong:)

    xo Ck

  18. CK,
    There is a row of oddball stuff to keep the little women amused while the O.F.'s do their thing. However, it's a far cry from Home Sense and, most disappointingly, they don't hand out tiaras for customers to wear while shopping. No, not a store for princesses at all; perhaps their chauffeurs at best.