Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got My Gloat

One reason the rest of Canada hates southwest BC, particularly around this time of the year:

(Yes, VirJIMia, the crocuses are up!)

There's just nothing more annoying than those smug phone calls from west to east or north exclaiming, "The crocuses are up!" while the rest of the country is still digging out from 4 months of accumulated snow.

Right now, the only type of snow Lotus-landers have to deal with is of the Snow-drops variety.

But to be fair, I have to report that the daffodils are late this year due to a "bad" winter, involving a bit of snow from time to time.

Please don't hate me!


  1. Inquiring minds everywhere will want to know if all of Canada will choose Louciao as the one they love to hate more than any other ?

    I would say this case of flagrant gloating could well merit the ire of an entire nation... While the gloating person in question is guilty of vagrant floating...

    Must be nice to see something other than white ! No wonder you are astounded at crocuses and snowdrops...

    Visible your energy levels are mounting quickly... So smiles to you, in great abundance...

  2. We are in the awkward puberty of March between snow smooth and fleshy florals when all the outer layers of our environment (roads, driveways, snowbanks) pucker and pit, zipper and zit.

    Enjoy your stay. Why should we be envious? (Response to question blocked - Insufficient disk space)

  3. oh yea, but but but watch out for the volcano, gangs, tidal waves, earthquakes, floods and maritimer malcontents.

  4. OK. After all that porcelain white, you deserve some living color. Enjoy!

  5. Blackbeard10 March, 2011

    Watch out for pirates too !

    Aaaarrggghhhhh !

  6. Oh, beautiful! Just give me about ten days, and I'll be there (crocus). If I bring some forsythia branches in and place them in water, they'll bloom by Easter! Enjoy the West Coast!

  7. Crocuses are wonderful - and these are beautiful photos

  8. Umm...I could get flowers from the cooler at the grocery store if I really missed them you know. I'm just saying...

  9. Ha! tole ya so! Here comes the tidal wave now.

  10. Hello Dear Blog Friends,

    The edge of my gloating is perhaps dulled a little today by the TSUNAMI ALERT that BC is under since the recent earthquake in Japan. Guess I won't go strolling by the water for a day or two.

    I hope it is only my energy levels that are rising and not the waves coming in off the Pacific. And don't try to make out that I've caused such a disruption in the biosphere with my gloating that it triggered the earthquake in Japan. The woman Canada loves to hate? Hmmm, could be a good marketing ploy for my art. No such thing as bad publicity. I'll get my people working on it right away.

    The pot-bellied, heavy-footed, waddling gait of winter will inevitably shed its excessive weight and transform from ugly duckling into graceful swan once the awkward stage of spring is passed. Just try not to quack up waiting for the honking beauty that lies ahead.

    Well, yeah, okay, so I'm at least watching out for the tidal wave today. So far there's no sign of malcontents from the maritimes trying to park their van in my mother's garage or steal her house-sized garbage bin to use as a cabin. But ya know, I gotta say, livin' on the edge does have its good points. But maybe I'll hold off taking the seabus to Vancouver or the ferry to Victoria till the tsunami alert is taken down.

    Thank you for your empathy! It's great to be seeing the world through crocus-coloured glasses!

    If the pirates look like Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, I will certainly keep an eye peeled for them!

    Only 10 more days till crocus time? Excellent! What a lovely idea to bring in some forsythia branches to have flower in a vase. I hear things are melting back "home" in the maritimes, but I'm just as happy not to be sitting around watching snow melt.

    Lulu LaBonne,
    Aren't they cheerful? I'm so glad you like them. I was just delighted when I came across them; they really make it feel like spring is just around the corner.

    Yes, but crocuses, like butterflies, are free!

  11. The flowers are beautiful and you did a great job of photographing them. We got plenty of snow this year but to be honest I wouldn't mind one more good snow storm before the flowers bloom in Newtown. :)

  12. Absoluetly gorgeous! I have to confess that I love blue and purple in gardens, and also have fond memories of being in Amsterdam when the crocus' were flowering, magical.

  13. James,
    You must be a sucker for punishment! Either that, or Newton didn't get the 11 feet of snow that my village experienced this winter (not falling all at once). Or did you??

  14. Saj,
    If I've brought some pleasure to your day and taken your mind off "liquefaction" I am happy. Lovely to see you here, albeit a little unsteady on your pins...but we're used to that by now. Might as well keep on drinking,Saj; no one will know the difference any more.

  15. Anonymous,
    Now you're freaking me out! How did you know about the Tsunami Alert before I'd posted about it?! Oh yeah, the east coast is 4 hours "ahead" of the west, not counting the 4 years it lags behind in all other respects! Now we're on 72 hour earthquake alert.
    :-) What, me worry?

  16. Evilynne ???

    I should've guessed you'd have a Mrs. Hyde side to ya...


  17. So glad you've found Spring!
    The crocus hearts are beautiful.....Best wishes!

  18. BrOwen,
    Nyahahahaha! (insert evil chuckle here)
    No, not true. I am nothing but Goodness personified!

  19. Forest Dream Weaver,
    yes, definitely a new spring in my step!

  20. I knew spring was just around the corner - I do miss these types of spring flowers - but the jacarandas have just started to bloom here in mexico City and they are magnificent...

  21. Catherine,
    I guess the trick of identifying spring is to be familiar with the signs and portents of the area in which one lives. I have the unfortunate habit of looking for crocuses and daffodils in March when living in the maritimes when they are symbolic of a west coast March. March in the maritimes has more to do with the sound of melting snow and the scent of thawing dog poo.

  22. wow!!! how i adore these tiny spring flowers, how delicate they are and yet so strong!
    i don't see them here in gardens yet, but i bought violets and yellow crocuses at the market the other day, i think they must have picked them in the woods...

  23. Roxana,
    Buying violets and yellow crocuses at the market sounds delightful. They will bring the promising kiss of spring indoors.