Sunday, March 13, 2011


A view point

A different point of view

A glimpse of the past

A long look

Beach glance

Making puppy dog eyes

Seeing what lies ahead

Here's looking at you, kiddos!
See you again soon.

(All photos taken in the 'hood where my mother lives
& where I spent most of my angst teen years. 
I get out for walks when the rain lets up enough. 
My beloveds back east revel in letting me know
that the days are sunny and warming there,
and the snow rapidly melting.
Here it is grey and wet,
but green and growing.
Moss never sleeps.)



  1. Faiy tale woods, I expect to encounter ittle Red Riding Hood any moment! ;-)

  2. Moss covered stumps = nostalgia

  3. Perhaps one day I'll follow in your footsteps ~ beautiful photos - each and evey one of them : )

  4. What a cool place to grow up! Your photos convey such a lovely, peaceful, contemplative environment perfect for long walks and poetry.

  5. Love the arthritic tree in the first photo, I agree with StickUp looks like a fab place to be angst teen!

  6. Very glad to see that no holy rollers of high waves rolled into the bay there to come sloshing ashore in your strolling grounds...

    If these are fairy tale woods, as mentioned above, where Red Riding Hood may be walking, hopefully the big bad wolf isn't lurking there too ! Or does he masquerade as a little white friendly dog to win people's trust before devouring them ?

    I'm sure people back east are telling you it is nice out there now just to bother you. There's probably still four feet of snow on the ground there !

    A toast to you and sister saj !

    Oh, and what on earth was that old stone wall now covered with lurid chartreuse yellow green moss ??? Was there a fort there or some such ?

  7. what a charming photographic essay on the issue of perspective - I like that final curvy one best - which reveals???

  8. 'time' is current theme, one still has to decide from where to be seen, yet already asured, that happiness and calm the sight is going to be.
    great picture of your environment. thank you for sharing. please have a good tuesday.

    daily athens

  9. I adore that fuzzy neon wall!

  10. Merisi,
    As long as you don't run into the Big Bad Wolf!

  11. DCW,
    So stir your stumps and head west to indulge in some of that nostalgia up close and personal, why dontcha!

  12. Driftwood,
    No need to follow in my footsteps...I know the perfect tour guide for you who will lead you a merry dance in the cosmic western wind!

  13. Stickup Artist,
    Long walks and poetry--yes yes yes! Such were my angst-ridden days in the enchanted forest of teendom! Truly, that park is a place that nourishes my soul and brings me solace. It was a traditional gathering place for the native peoples and, in their language, was called "Facing the Wind." In the summer months it's very popular now with family groups of all nationalities, but the rest of the year is very quiet.

  14. Saj,
    There's something awkward and graceful, stunted and exuberant about that tree, isn't there. Maybe like an angst-ridden teen. The park was a great place to brood during those years; it always restored me to a certain peacefulness
    ...still does today.

  15. BrOwen,
    The moss-covered wall is called "The Alamo," or at least it was back in the days when I was growing up here. I was already too old to play in it when my family moved here, but it was a popular playground/imaginary field for neighbourhood kids. It was once a lumbermill, the heart of a lumber town that grew up around it, created in 1916 by one Robert Dollar. The area is still known as Dollarton, which is quite appropriate these days as million+ dollar homes have replaced the original mill workers' modest wooden abodes.

    And I must add that I did not enhance the chartreuse colour of the Alamo's moss-covered walls!

  16. Catherine,
    Perhaps the revelation is that one never knows just what lies around the corner...and that a path filled with curves and turns is more enticing than one that stretches out in a clear straight line ahead and behind. Indeed, that you like the curvy one the best reveals much about your personality!

  17. Robert,
    Thank you for coming along for a stroll through my environment. Always a delight to have your company and comments.

  18. jann,
    a perfect colour and texture to introduce into your Sicilian decor!?

  19. What a beautiful area.. the trees are magnificent!

  20. Hilary,
    I really love it here, with the huge cedar trees. Many of those giants were toppled a few years ago in a severe windstorm but the park is still beautiful. Several of the trunks were left to decay naturally and are now covered with brilliantly coloured mosses, adding to the overall charm of the place.

  21. Not exactly the 'hood, Lynne! That trail is so beautiful and inviting!
    I love the brilliant yellow algae wall--makes me think of ancient Europe.
    And spring has definitely shown its face!
    Lots of inspiration for your collages and poems! I wish you many memorable, meaningful hours here, Lynne. Love

  22. Margaret,
    Soggy, but springy! Not yet April, but plenty of showers here, to keep things green. I do love walking this trail. It doesn't take long to walk its winding length but it's always energizing and inspiring; you're quite right about that.