Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Bicycle Built for Tea for Two

In much of Canada, people climb into their gas-guzzling cars, pick-up trucks, vans, SUVs, skidoos, etc. and head to the Tim Horton's drive-thru for a cup of nicotine-laced coffee. They order it by the amount of cream and sugar doses added to it, such as a double-double or a triple-triple. (no picture available for fear of legal procedures incurred by caffeine-hyped, sugar-hopped drivers of emissions-belching vehicles)

In Lotus Land (otherwise known as Vancouver), however,
things are done a little differently!  Here we see a charming urban couple pedalling their way to work with their morning teas in hand.

And I will have to push off and leave you for awhile, my sweeties,
as I'm heading off to Vancouver Island for a few days,
to take tea in Victoria.
Don't forget to keep your pinkies up!


  1. Oh dear, I think it is going to take more than tea to keep my pinkie's been a shite day, but I'm pleased to see that you're the Canadienne 'spokes' woman for tea.

  2. Saj,
    Here's a little tea and sympathy for you, with a whisky on the side.

  3. Oh boy, riding a bike while drinking tea from a china cup... now that takes talent and grace.

    Have a fine time in the islands, behave yourself, and if you see any vancouvers, do take a picture of one, will you ? I've heard they are hard to find though...

  4. Pinkie hoisted! Two-tea-lly fab photos ~

  5. Owen,
    Talent and grace R I!
    Not sure what you mean by if I see any "vancouvers." Vancouverites? Van covers? Or did I make a typo in the first version of this post when I put it up last night, all bleary eyed, that you caught before my diligent editing this morning? But I will certainly be on the look out for things to photograph and drag back to the blog for your beady-eyed perusal!
    Now, will that be one lumps or two?

  6. Driftwood,
    Glad to see the morning was not too early/grey for you to hoist said pinkie!

  7. haha, i recognize your crazy sense of humour in this post :-)

    and going right to the heart of a tea-drinker, this witty image!!!

    enjoy your trip and stay there, i'll be thinking of you when sipping my tea here, not on a bike, however (i don't know to ride a bicycle, i have to confess to my shame :-)

  8. You Vancouvians are soooo civilised - I want that green bike ... and those teacups

  9. yes, tea can do that.

    all the very best for you.

  10. I always look forward to viewing your blogs and feelgood artwork.

    Hope you can join in on World Water Day ..............if your followers want to know what it's about,please view my blog!

    Happy holidays!

  11. I love how the Canadians took the British tea-drinking custom and made it their own! On bicycles, indeed! Is that Earl Grey? :) Love the window reflection look of the photos! Have a great time on Vancouver Island and remember, take lots of pix! Love

  12. Roxana,
    I was 27 when I learned to ride a bicycle. Not long after, I fell off and broke my collar bone when chased down a gravel road by a nasty, barking dog. Nevertheless, I still count it as one of the best things I've ever learned to do. Sadly, I no longer have a bike and it's years since I've been on one. This must be remedied!

  13. Lulu LaBonne,
    Okay, I'll make do with the yellow one. Vancouver people are referred to as "Vancouverites"...a little more meteoric sounding than the cultish "Vancouvian" term, I think. Did you notice that the male is riding a pink bike and the female a blue? Civilised and liberated.

  14. Robert,
    Tea can do what, Robert? Strengthen one's pinkie finger?

  15. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I'm happy to hear my little offerings bring you pleasure. I've been away for the past 5 days, but will look further into "World Water Day"...Much of my time away was spent by water, looking at water, or being soaked by water.

  16. Margaret,
    Canadians didn't "take" the British tea-drinking custom, it came over the sea with the colonizers and stayed on as a tradition. To say nothing of the large Asian population of (at least) the Vancouver area, with their own tea-drinking habits. However it got to Canada, I'm very happy to carry on the tradition. I was surprised this weekend to learn from my sister that Starbucks has a tea concoction called "London Fog" that is comprised of Earl Grey and steamed milk. Surely that must be an Americanization.

    I've brought home many photos from my island's going to be a challenge to choose which to share!