Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Do It

On a recent jaunt along the Bay of Fundy to the small seaside town of Alma NB, I noticed this little vessel tied up next to the greasy spoon where we'd chosen to appease our hunger for fatty foodstuffs and sugary beverages.

While waiting for our lucky number to be called for us to go and lay claim to our lunch, there was ample time to gaze out the window at the wee boat with the "can do" attitude and ponder such questions as:

What's on your "it" list?

What do you think is stopping you from "just doing it"?
Can "just do it" be broken down into categories of:
  • should do it
  • want to do it
  • have to do it
  • need to do it
If you had a boat, what would you name it? 
And where would you like to sail it to, if you could sail it anywhere, even over land?

Oh, excuse me, our order's ready.  Care for some fries?


  1. Bill Clinton probably would have said that it depends how you define "do" and "it"... pretty much wide open. I'll take a root beer float with the fries please... and if no root beer where you're dining, a vanilla shake will have to do...

  2. Whatever floats your boat, Owen.

    WV: bratt
    Another name for one's little brother.

  3. If I had a boat it would be named "Andiamo" because it would hardly ever be in port.

    wv: mindec -- mind the deck, it's just been swabbed.

  4. What a nice find. If ever being able, allowed to own a boat, I'd love to sail toward the Island of Tristan da Cunha (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tristan_da_Cunha)

    Thank you for these thoughts during me night. A good and happy Wednesday to you all.

  5. Shirl,
    I think that's an excellent name for a boat! Rarely in port, always at sea...well, voyaging and enjoying the trip, and being catered to, rather than "being at sea" I mean. One can be quite at sea whilst on land. Anchors aweigh! Andiamo! How about a knitting cruise?

    You're pretty good with that sailor lingo!

  6. Robert,
    My goodness, you must really have a yearning to get away from it all if you want to sail your boat to the "most remote inhabited location on Earth"! What a wonderful name it has: surely enough in itself to lure one on.

    I'm happy if I've provided some entertainment for your very active imagination tonight. I wish you a wonderful Wednesday.

  7. I think I would name my boat "Esperenza" and go on another round the world trip (my last was qo years ago now) Just do it?? I think so I am gearing myself up to leave Mexiconext summer after 6 years - very hard wrench...but there are so many places and such little time!!
    Name is probably inspired by Camp Hope - as I am currently watching all the Chilean miners come up - what a moving and amazing sight and another reason for the "Just do it" mentality...thanks for another reminder in your post!!

  8. ps that should have read 10 years ago - missed the numbers!! oops

  9. Catherine,
    Another trip around the world you say?! Wow. I can't even dream of embarking on one such adventure, even with a "just do it" mentality tucked in my bag with my passport. That's fantastic. I really admire your get up and go spirit. "Esperanza" is a prefect name for a boat. One should always set out with hope in one's heart, I think. It's the impetus to keep moving.

    I'm glad you cleared up the "qo" years ago. I was wondering if my eyes had gone wonky or you were speaking in code.

  10. Here I am, sorry I'm late I hope you haven't been and gone and done it without me!!
    I'm not a fan of boats but I'd have one in my back yard called Dunroamin'.....and maybe I'd settle of another one called Dunshakin'!!!

  11. Saj,
    I was waiting for you since you told me you were "all sailored up" and ready to set sail to France with me.

    I like your idea of having a boat in your back yard. We could take our drinks out there and star gaze and not have to worry about getting lost, or sea sick or drowning or anything unpleasant like that. Maybe we won't sail to France after all.

  12. hmmm, this is a difficult one, a name for a boat... i am not very creative tonight, so perhaps: The Siren's Song? :-)

    however, i know exactly where i would like to sail to: Canada!
    (i am not joking, truly truly)

  13. Love the categories... I choose All of the above!!!

    I haven't been around for a while and now look at all I have missed.. as I scrolled down the page one beautiful photograph and story after another.. loved the old guys and their toys...

  14. Roxana,
    "Siren's Song." And she'd have a lovely painted mermaid on her prow, yes? I used to make little mermaid dolls to sell in a local boutique that eventually, sadly, sunk beneath the waves of change.

    Our mutual friend, Owen, seems preoccupied with mermaids/sirens. Perhaps you could pick him up as you sail past France, then sail south by New Zealand to gather my blog sister, the Sagittarian, on your way to visit me in Canada? Or maybe I should meet you in Romania so that we can set sail together back to Canada, picking up the rest of the crew en route?

  15. Gwen,
    From the outside at least, all of the categories of could/would/should/want/need to do it" seem to boil down to just rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done when it comes to you!

    We're hoping to get out your way before the end of the month...I must follow my own advice and "just do it!"

  16. I guess when it comes right down to it, it is all about Necessity... cause in the end things have to be visually inspiring, don't you think

    I kind of got offtrack about naming the boat though...

    ...it would be a pleasure to meet you when you are in the village... be prepared for a couple grubby looking bums... that'll be us.

  17. and then you will invite us all to a Mermaid Lunch, mmm :-)

    (i've just discovered that, lovely!!!!)

  18. Gwen,
    Yes, necessity. Mother is the invention of, etc. Sigh.

    Things absolutely have to be visually inspiring--I couldn't agree with you more! It makes the world go round so much more agreeably.

    Okay then, will be on the lookout for two grubby looking bums hanging about the village when we're on our scenic tour out your way.

  19. Roxana,
    A mermaid lunch, yes! Good idea. Think of it as Extreme Sushi.

  20. Hi there Lynne, ... John told me that you and some friends had paid a visit to the studio... darn... and I missed you.. he said he had told you to take a spin around the top of the hill to check out the view ... that must have been you that the dogs were barking at.. You should have stopped and knocked at the door... I was soldering at the time and thought they were just barking at John...

    Sorry to not have met you .... maybe next time, Gwen

  21. Gwen,
    Sorry we missed you, too. Looks like we'll have to "just do it" again!

  22. Congrats on the POTW from Hilary.

    and I've had a bit of a scroll through ,
    and love the "energy" here.
    Your photos and zest and artist eye.

    and I was in Albert County in December , first time, strange coincidence. (live in Ontario )

    I'm going to enjoy reading more. Thank you.

  23. Hi Deb,
    You really have had a scroll through here! That is just a very strange coincidence that you were actually here in December. You must have driven right past my house. If only we'd known...
    Next time?