Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shopping for a Miracle on Main Street

That time of year or that season of life?

Not quite warm enough to enjoy a beer outside.

Not quite cold enough to bring in the sidewalk furniture.

But definitely the right temperature to be in a mood, to want to be somewhere else, to be moving, to leave it all behind and start over. 
Or is it time to accept what is, to dig in even deeper, to relinquish the mobility of dreams and hunker down for the long haul.
It's the season of vague but pervasive melancholy, of antsiness, of general dissatisfaction.
Yes, it's that season of life. 

And yet, there is an underlying sense of well-being, of comfort, of acceptance and gratitude; of revelling in the crisp change in the air, the russet colours that are just beginning to singe the green world; the settling down and the settling in. 

Longing for what isn't--yearning for what could be--acceptance of what is--being well in the moment. 
Push and pull.  Yin and yang.
Welcome to my world.


  1. This is a time of change during a period of balance. Living things either move in order to remain in an environment of growth and activity, seeking heat and light, or remain and reduce life energies, conserving in circumstances of increasing cold and darkness.

    Historically, on both the social and personal level, this is a time of change. we have a choice: move to a situation favouring sustained energy or move within. Or can both be achieved?

    What if the energy sought is heart energy? Can this provide the heat and light required for continued growth and activity (joy)?

    Follow the heart as the swallow follows the sun.

  2. Ah Lynne, one senses great uncertainties, longings, yearnings, seeking a direction...

    Whatever you do, I'm sure you will do it with all the inspiration we have come to know and cherish in you and your extraordinary mind. Just don't forget to pack your towel if you set out travelling.

    Perhaps you could follow the example of the deer in your photo, and find guidance in the messages written in the fallen leaves in a pool of water ? Read your tea leaves, lay out the tarot cards, commune with the full moon, the singing of the trees late at night... sometimes signs can be found in the strangest of places...

    Be well, oh runcible one...

  3. October surely is the May of autumn.

    Please have a wonderful Friday.

  4. still plenty to warm enough to sit out here!! greetings from Mexico..

  5. DCW,
    Thank you so much for your well-considered thoughts. I fear that my environment is not one of growth and activity. Or, it does not promote the sort of growth and activity I crave. Or, if it does exist, I do not have the means to avail myself of it. (You know where I live!)

    My heart can hold many yearnings at one time, so listening to it does not necessarily bring me peace. As you suggest, I am seeking ways to both move within and create a situation that will foster sustained energy. The main dilemma I face, and have faced for some time, however, is to find how I might move without. "Without" in the sense of going outward, as well as away, without my lovely home, without most of my belongings, without the funds to do so comfortably, without support. All topics probably best not to get into within the confines of a blog comment box. Perhaps this winter over a kitchen table with some warm libations? It's been a long time.

  6. Dear BrOwen,
    I will be certain to pack both my towel and my runcible spoon, and perhaps some quince jam to see me through. I should love to sail away for at least a month and a day in that beautiful pea green boat of yours. While sailing I shall search the heavens for shooting stars to wish upon, and spouting whales to advise me, and sea urchins to tickle my fancy. Perhaps I shall wash up on your shores and we can share some croissants with the quince jam and you can tell my fortune by reading the dregs in my wine glass.

    Meanwhile, I could soothe my soul by reading raccoon scat but I believe my time will be better spent in a long weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving revelry with my daughter, a friend of hers from Boston, and our favourite chef here in the hills. I have also been promised that I will be instructed in the art of moonwalking! I anticipate much dancing, eating, sight-seeing, drinking and all sorts of wonderfully runcible inactivity.
    It's lovely to have you back in my Décolleté.

  7. Robert,
    My goodness, here it is another Friday already! And it will be an extra good one as my daughter and a friend of hers will be arriving for a long weekend visit.
    I do like your observation about October being the May of autumn but would add that it is cast in an upside-down image.

  8. Catherine,
    I didn't know you were the queen of understatement! :-D

  9. I love it! What better than a wistful least your drinks won't spill with the odd errant aftershock creating mischief and mayhem!
    Feel free to cruise past these shaky islae, collecting me your unshakeable cyber rellie and we can check out the wine cellars between here and the shores of Frogland!

  10. Our kitchen will have a warm chair ready if you are able to fly this way.

  11. Saj!
    I'm so happy that you managed to stagger over. At least those pesky aftershcoks provide the perfect excuse for being a bit wobbly on one's pins. I think if we bundled ourselves up well enough we could enjoy a bit of fuelling at this sidewalk station before setting sail for those Frenchly amphibian shores together.
    Here's our itinerary:
    Have drinks
    Get the boat
    Have drinks
    Sail (with drink service)
    Arrive in France
    Drinks with the Browen
    Home for supper

    Are you onboard?

  12. DCW,
    I still have very fond memories of the Christmas we 3 kinks visited you and Driftwood and your lovely kin from across the road. Such a warm welcome and much good cheer (liquid and otherwise). The snow, for once, only enhanced the magic camaderie. A stretch of highway sometimes seems as long and imposing as a cross-country plane trip.

  13. Yes indeedy, I'm sailored up and ready to go! Cin cin, anchors up, let's go!!

  14. I always like this time of year for the sense of possibility that it brings. Rarely delivers, but always the smell of hope in the air.

  15. Saj,
    I'm not sure what you mean by being "all sailored up" but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Get your sea legs on, girl.

  16. Mme. DeFarge,
    Ah, so that odor is not of decaying foliage and drying leaves but of hope? I feel so much better now.

  17. you mirror my feelings so well...

    in "that season of life", i always look at this and smile, lost in my contradictory thoughts :-)

  18. Roxana,
    Contradictory thoughts, yes. Sometimes they make the world turn, other times invoke nothing more than stasis. It's not always best to be able to "see the world from both sides." But things could be worse...Oh, there I go again.

    I watched all the Strindberg & Helium cartoons and had a good chuckle from them. Thanks for the link.