Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bouquets & Bye-byes

I have picked some flowers and bundled them into bouquets for you, my blog pals.  As this blog is about things I hold close to my heart, we might consider these floral offerings as corsages (or boutonnieres for the gentlemen out there).

I will begin with what I believe to be the humble wallflower.  It is unprepossessing in appearance but utterly divine in scent.  Breathe deeply--can you catch its perfume across the many miles between us all?

Another deceptively simple wildflower is the daisy.  They spill all over country fields and have been known to run rampant in untended cemeteries.  Although lovely to look at, they don't smell so good; as in, "What is that godawful stench that's in the house?  Oh, you gathered some daisies for me.  How lovely."

At this time of year, lupins can be seen dashing madly over hillsides, along the side of roads and highways, and indiscriminately through yards, including our own.  They start out quietly but have a certain fierce pride in their manner.

As they're "hatching," their tender hues and long shape remind me of popsicles.  I think someone should invent a lupin-coloured popsicle;  being lupin-flavoured would not be a prerequisite.  Anise, perhaps.

As they get bigger, their colours intensify.  Most of them are in a purplish-blue range, but there are pink and white ones as well.

And then there is the extravagant, no-holds-barred poppy, just bursting at the seams.  They come up suprisingly early in the season, bringing a spicy hint of hot times to come.

Their ruffled, torridly coloured petals remind me of the layered dresses of flamenco dancers.  Olé!

The poppy's dark heart seems like it could swallow you whole or, at the very least, cast a spell on you  if you ventured too near. 

But I have an ulterior motive in presenting you with this colourful armload of blossoms.  It's because I'm going away for a short while and I wanted to leave something lovely for you gaze upon in my absence.  Really, you'll hardly even notice I'm gone.  There are many bloggers amongst us who send up blog flares but once or twice in a blue moon and yet we still keep their blog memory alive in our hearts and on our blog rolls.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be locking up and heading off to Montreal for a few days to visit my daughter.  There is hot weather in the forecast, as well as much walking, eating, and drinking anticipated.

Today I'll be organizing my bags:  Apocalypse brand luggage (photographed in Pizzo, Italy)...when a traveller has to be prepared for anything.

Ciao ciao ciao!

louciao xoxoxoxo

PS. You don't think I'd leave you without a tune do you? Here's one I've had running on a loop in my head for a few weeks now.


  1. Ah Lynne,
    Where to start ???

    What a lovely wonderful glimpse up the flamenco dansers skirts ! And I've no doubt that spells could be cast or one could be swallowed whole into the abyss of dark places under those skirts...

    One could theorize that your peony envy got the better of you...

    What a voice the young lady of Gimme Sympathy has, oh, ser-i-ous-ly...

    Watch out for the four riders of the apo-cow-lips...

    Love that rusty lock, and will come up to the gates and peek in from time to time until I see a light in the window again and smoke in the chimney...

    Indeed you are leaving us with a smorgasbord of colorful and odiferous treats to ponder here in your absence...

    So fare thee well but not goodbye, have a fine time in that real mountain of Montreal...

    There is a lovely cemetery up high on a hill there if I recall correctly, a fine place for quiet strolls...

    So Ciao for now big Sister...

  2. Happy travels! Un beau bec à C.
    We await your return.

  3. It is so cool that you like Metric. Check out the video for the more up-tempo version of this song.

    Safe travels! À bientôt!

  4. C
    I KNOW!!! It was the rocked out version that I was originally grooving to but I decided to go with the toned-down rendition for blog purposes. Thanks for providing the link for other more adventuresome passers-by. Also, you'll have to show me how to do that cool link-within-a-comment thing when I'm there TOMORROW.

    Did you see the bec for you from DCW? Just in case I forget to bring it with me.

  5. DCW,
    Note that I have passed on your bec to C (above) as I was running out of room in my Apocalypse suitcase. I must say you look quite dashing with that boutonniere in your lapel. See you anon!

  6. Owen, Owen, Owen,
    Where to start, indeed. How many "ahems" must I muster in response to your response: it's going to sound like a coughing fit! I begin to see that there is a lot more of Switters to you than first meets the eye.

    Coincidentally, I had suggested to C when she asked me what I'd like to do in Montreal, that we stroll through the big cemetery out back of Mt.Royal. Oddly, I received no response to that suggestion. Perhaps due to the lack of bars and terasses in cemeteries. Hmmm, methinks a good business opportunity is going to waste there. Perhaps we should abandon our hotel idea...or expand on it?

    Oh but se ri ous ly...check out the rock version of Gimme Sympathy that C so kindly provided the link to. I didn't include it myself as I thought you might get over-excited.

  7. Anonymous17 June, 2010

    A promise in the making, that maybe some time, the lock of things undone, love unfelt, happiness unprovided will be opened up and its content released. Please have a wonderful time you all.

  8. Robert,
    The keys to heaven lie within.