Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

In recognition of all those times when one is at a loss for...Help me here, I'm drawing a blank.

I remember walking down an alley in Montreal and seeing this sign on a fence but then things get a bit hazy.

It would make a good label for a bottle of white wine, n'est-ce pas?


  1. I should'a guessed you'd find a way to work the wine into it... I probably would'a guessed, but I'm drawing a blank...

    So was there a rational explanation for the sign, or was it just one of those alleyway oddities that any big city thrives on ?

    And do we need to bring our own glass, or can we drink out of the bottle ?

  2. Well, Owen, I'm having to fill in for our sister in the wine department and I'm doing my best. As far as I could see, which was not over the fence, there was no rational explanation for the sign. Perhaps easier to remember (ironically) than a numbered address? I suggest rather than a glass you bring 2 paper bags: 1 to put the bottle in while drinking, and one to put over your head for discretionary purposes. Don't forget to cut a hole in the head bag for your mouth, though. Chin chin!

    WV: mette
    Nice to have mette up with you in the alley.

  3. i like the black and white pic best, i really feel my mind dissolving :-)

    (and so fun to take a peek to your dialogues with Owen haha)

  4. Oh yes, Roxana, if you peek into the dialogues between Owen and myself your mind surely will dissolve!

  5. what a wonderful sign to find - it is really enigmatic and intriguing!!

  6. Catherine,
    Yes, isn't it! It stopped me in my tracks, elicted a bemused chuckle and a big "Huh??" from me. I had asked my daughter to find us an alley to wander down on our way to the grocery store and she came up with a good one.

  7. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    Surely worth to write a book about. With regard to memories, oh! how I long to see them melt away into the light of eternity - yet, they might become all "white noise" and that would make them all and ever present - guess I rather have a bottle or two of that wine instead, hoping to help as well.
    Please have a wonderful Thursday.

  8. Robert,
    Some people drink to forget, others wallow in their memories when under the influence of alcohol, and for some a bottle of wine provides a little dose of white noise to keep them humming happily in the present. But then, too, some people simply forget about drink all together. I hope your Thursday will not be a thirsty one!

  9. I like the idea of a wine label. When the bottle was empty it might be a message from departed spirits. Medium White you say?

  10. DCW:
    I think your idea stands more than the ghost of a chance for success!

  11. Hey ! I couldn't hear what you and Roxana were going on about up there, not with this darn bag over my head ! A bag that smells suspiciously like chicken feed for some reason... have you been feeding them chickens again ???

    And speaking of drawing a blank, did you ever come across the album which David Crosby did long ago called "If I Could Only Remember My Name" ??? I have a copy of it here, when you open it up, there are a series of photos on the inner jacket cover, like a who's who of 60's music... collaborators included folks like Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Joni Mitchell, Jorma Kakaunen... the list goes on... But why was I talking about that... I can't even remember...

  12. Us Chickens24 June, 2010

    Hey ! Why's that guy got a bag on his head !?!

  13. Owen,
    You've got it on bag to front! I can't understand a thing you're saying. But what else is new.

    WV: pokers
    How about if I pokers some eye-holes in that bag for you? Nah, don't bother taking it off; just stand really still--it won't hurt a bit (if you've had enough wine).

  14. Dear Us Chickens:
    It's something to do with the United Winos in the Alley for Saving the Planet movement: wear a paper bag, recycle a tree. Would you like a bag for your own head? And will that be paper or plastic?

  15. Good to see things have been slurping along nicely in my absence! Fabulous idea for a wine label, agreed. Right then, lets get ourselves a vintner and try our luck!!

  16. Saj,
    I hardly recognized you with that bag over your head but your accent gave you away. Lovely you could join in the back alley wine-tasting soirée. I think "Blanc de Memoire" should be our hotel house wine, don't you?

  17. Great idea! I can see that you're very much the ideas person for our hotel, I think I might just have to stick with being the taste tester....

  18. Excellent, Saj. You have all the necessary qualifications for being the official taste tester. I feel confident that you will be up to the cask, I mean task.