Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

Not sure if there's somebody under there.

Try not to be too "clnigy"!

Legion crafts? Run away!


  1. hello dear louciao

    love the first one !

    don't undestand the word "clnig" or "clnigy" ? I try to find but no way, can you help me ?!

    have a nice week-end

  2. Bonjour chère Karine,

    Mon mari me dit que l'expression en français serait "je m'accroche" donc, cling = s'accrocher. The picture is funny (or sad) because the word "cling" is spelled wrong and it's carved in stone! I hope the people got a discount on it.

    Merci pour ta visite. Je suis ravie!

  3. Damn your eyes !
    For taking my breath away !

    Damn your pies !

    Taking my breath away because of chuckling so hard over these atrocious glitches, flee, flee ! Run away, the ignorant mispelling hordes are coming ! Flea !

    Damn your eyes ! For finding these wondrously amusing pieces... and for passing on the link to that song...

    Guess that's what happened to whoever was wearing that poor pair of glasses... someone said "Damn your eyes", and they were immediately buried in the sand there, or whatever that stuff is...

    Ah mad Lynne, thank you for this braeth of frehs aer... I shall cling or clnig to the hope that there may still be hope for the human raice ! Now can you please help me up out of the sand-cement mix there, and bring a hose to wash these glasses off ?

    note to self : remember to post child-eating zebra photo...

  4. Anonymous13 June, 2010

    Once I forgot my glasses at home while having to conduct a lesson - it turned out to be one of the best ever. Seems indeed that one shouldn't always cling on everything, as it might provide a different scene, surely with regard to faith, being many times invisible, yet strong enough to hold on to. Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

  5. Owen,
    I had a funny feelnig that it might haev been you udner those glases! Sorry I dndn't stick around logn enuogh to find out but I was raceing hoem for super.

    If this blog post has brought you a chuckle or a chortle or caused you to choke on your pie a little, I am a happy blogger.

    Happy, too, because I got to eat rhubarb PIE tonight! And not only that, but Shepherd's PIE made with moose meat!!! I don't know what the heck kind of shepherd herds moose...a moosherd I guess, and I'm sure there'd be nothing sheepish about them. I've never eaten moose meat before...and if no one told me, I wouldn't even have noticed, except for the rather large antler that got caught between my front teeth.

  6. Robert,
    I wonder why that lesson you gave without your glasses was so enjoyable. You were flying blind and had to trust? You couldn't see your students so were able to remain in your own little bubble? Just something different; a new outlook as it were. Very interesting.

    Oh my goodness, you're right. It's another start to another week. Have a good one yourself!

  7. About that Legion Crafts Flee Market, was it on the
    5th or 8th of May?

  8. Shirl,
    My guess is that they held it on the 5th the previous year and the flee market was such a runaway success that they kept the sign for the following year's market which was held on the 8th.

  9. Ah! Your art! Always a spectacle! Lens we forget.

  10. The tomb error made me wonder if Titivillus, whom I encountered when calligraphy was a pastime, operates on sculptors as well as scribes. (

  11. DCW,
    Let's take a poll:
    All those in favour of accepting Titivillus as the patron demon of inscribers as well as scribes?

    The eyes have it!

  12. oh dear spelling errors on public signs - a pet hate of mine!! love that first photo - reminds me of a Cortazar short story - will look up the reference for you!!

  13. Hi Catherine,
    What a funny term, "pet hate." I love it. Things we love to hate. I'm frequently shocked and perplexed by misspelled (I just had to look up "misspell" in the dictionary to make sure it has 2 esses!)signs. I can never figure out whether the mistake is made in ignorance or is some sort of devious ploy to catch a person's attention. Any kind of attention is good attention? But then, a lot of times, the error is just amusing, as a pet should be.

  14. How odd that our BrOwen should choose that ol' Etta James number, it's been in MY head for days now and then I come here and it's there again!
    Loved this post, I once was in a restaurant where the Indian dish of the day was something that had 'mice lamb..." anybody want to buy an 'N'??

  15. Ah, dear Saj,
    Good to see you out and about a little. Isn't it strange that you had the Etta James song running around in your head. I'd posted a link to the song in a comment to Owen a post ago, and he'd picked up on it and came over here still humming it. It does get into one's head. But what a coincidence. We 3 must be truly related, somehow. Past lives?

    "Mice lamb" is a good one! I guess it's a very small breed of sheep found only in New Zealand?

    Thanks for stopping by.