Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yellow is the Colour

Yellow is commonly associated with such things as: sunshine, happiness, warmth, lemons, bananas, taxis, caution, cowardice, aging, jaundice, biliousness, urine, and the 3rd chakra (stomach: power centre). But who cares? Today it merely serves as a vehicle for some images I recently acquired. So fill up your travel cup with some freshly squeezed lemonade, put on your yellow-tinted sunglasses (good for hunting, apparently), and let's see if we can hail a cab.

This Vancouver cabbie's pink turban goes very nicely with the big yellow taxi, I think.

This unusual dwelling in Seattle really caught my fancy with its minimalist approach to architecture.  The red tile roof and bright green grass show off the yellow to its best (?) advantage.  I might do a little something different with the interior window-treatment, though.

Another example of red and green against a bright (not to say acid) yellow background.  Seems to be a trend in that particular Seattle neighbourhood.

Further along the wall down this Seattle alley was an interesting configuration of wire, crowned with a magic ball that was good at capturing images for its own nefarious purposes. 

These flowers look similar to the ones in the Seattle alley but were found growing along a ditch in my little Maritmes village back in Canada.  Hands up those who see the bug!  No, it's not to the left of the picture, it's on the right.  And it's pink.  Again with the pink and yellow.  Even nature thinks they go well together.

And who could ignore the brilliant yellow dandelions that run rampant in the countryside.  They are colourfully termed "pisse-en-lit" in French (at least in Quebec), translating to "peepee in the bed" in polite Englislh.  They are the bane of my mother's existence.  If they dare to litter her lawn she extricates them with a vengeance, along with other sharp, pointy tools.

She particularly hates them if they happen to progess to this state when she's not looking, thus preparing to spread their yellow glory ever wider in years to come.  Anyone have a good dandelion wine recipe?  Or is "good dandelion wine" an oxymoron?

After a few jars of that dandelion wine, you should all be ready to get your tie-dye out and sing along: 
 Quite rightly!


  1. we were just listening to "yellow is the colour..." last weekend!

    nice pick-choors. the tulips are my favourite.

  2. Ah, yes, the Donovanphile files. Dating back to your NZ days, no?

    Tulips are truly amazing, especially if you peek inside. Of course, the black ones come with a zipper.

  3. Pisse-en-lit it is, indeed. The French do have a way with words and as Don Cherry is wont to say, "God love 'em".

  4. Yes, but they also call a peanut a "cacahuète", pronounced cacawet. What would Don Cherry make of that?!

  5. Anonymous19 May, 2010

    Thursday wonderful a have please. Heaven of blue the into melted if, hope of green the provides which colour only the probably and.

    Please excuse me, this just a thought upon the reply to my comment ;)

  6. My kids could never say "yellow" to them it was always "lellow" so of course thats how we say it down here!

  7. Robert,
    I must admit it took me several minutes to figure out what you were saying. "Oh my, he's really lost it this time!" I thought. And then I got the clue you left. Clever boy. And for awhile, your comment was even invisible, because it showed up in my email inbox but when I looked in my comment box on my blog last night--there was nothing there from you. But fortunately the invisible ink wore off and there it was this morning. And what a lovely, poetic thought you left here. I will decode it for those who don't have the ability.
    Robert said:
    "and probably the only colour which provides the green of hope, if melted into the blue of Heaven."

    A magical Crayola (my favourite brand of crayon since birth) moment! Thank you, Robert.

  8. Saj,
    That's great. Sing along now:
    "They call me Mellow Lellow". Has a nice ring to it.

  9. Owen:
    Your invisible comment is both erudite and hilarious! So typical.

  10. Was that comment of Owen's more rude than erudite, I wonder.

  11. You'll never know! But really, I don't think Owen is ever rude.

  12. I knew you were going to like that comment ! You see, the invisible ink has been improved, if not perfected now... it just needed a dash of dandelion wine...

    I'm late, I'm late of course, a certain young tadpole offspring of a frog and a toad decided to have her appendix go haywire today, she was all shades of yellow and green, but a trip to the hospital sorted her out, now she's sleeping off the morphine dreams... probably seeing quite a bit of mellow yellow.

    Gosh, your video there is going to bring the DEA and Homeland Security down on our party here... some rather flagrant smoking of no doubt odd smelling substances going on there...

    Now, I'll leave a few more invisible comments to see if this batch of ink is still working well, I'm not sure how long the shelf life is...

    I like that acid yellow house by the way...

    WV is "houssh", the sound of smoke being exhaled after being too deeply inhaled for whatever reason...

  13. Owen,
    That's dreadful about your tadpole! So terrifying when things go kaflooey with one's child. I guess she had the offending organ removed? That'll take a bit of recovery time. [Pierre had his burst appendix out a few years ago: I left him in the hospital to sort things out and set off blithely for a month in Vancouver. He's a big boy, after all.]

    That dandelion wine was the missing ingredient in the invisible ink, all right. Did you see all the chatter about you on my previous post? You seem to have a dedicated little band of followers on my own blog!

    What an appropriate WV you had there. During that era one could even say there was a kind of "houssh" all over the world as the hippie generation collectively exhaled!

    (Some entertainers (Carly, Peter)should just grow old gracefully in the privacy of their mansions or bedsits and allow their former fans to hang on to memories of the glory days, don't you think?)

    WV: rerph
    There's a hole in the rerph of Peter Noonan's(formerly Herman of Herman's Hermits) bedsit where the rain's getting in, causing him to come out of retirement and perform a few more gigs all over the world to raise the money to fix the rerph.

    Also: Carly Simon, though still beautiful, has a rather rerph sounding voice these days.

  14. J'aime beaucoup tes images (je t'avoue que je n'ai pas lu le texte). Je ne suis pas douée pour l'anglais, il faut que je me force!!!

    Tiens un peu de mon jaune:

    Bonne journée!

  15. Bonjour Chrys,
    Merci pour la visite! J'aime bien les traces de Chanel No.5 que tu as laissée dans l'air.

  16. Rerph, I thought that was a sneeze that tried to emerge into a full fledged sneeze, but just sort of wheezed instead...

    Oh dear, I see there are questions about my state of possible rudeness ?

    I may be ruddy, and sometimes in a rut, but rarely rude. And I prefer nudity to rudity, but that is not rude...

    And what's this the Saj was saying about writing on me on lipstick ??? This is getting a little racy here ! If the grenouille sees this she's going to say some rude things ! :-)

    Well, invisible or invincible ink, whatever, it is true, some things should never be written, but if written, should never be seen...

    As for Herman there, and his kind of houshhhhh, my goodness, how do you do it ??? What an incredible mental archive you have between those ears ! Associations galore !

    Now, where's that dandelion wine ?!?

  17. Owen,
    I'm waiting for the next crop of dandelions to sprout before brewing up a new batch of le vin pisse-en-lit so I'm afraid we are left only a little high but very dry, and quite out of that invincible, invisible ink. (We'd best be careful what we say!) Meanwhile, I think we should ransack Saj's place for any traces of leftover tipple. And perhaps we should confiscate her lipstick while we're at it, just in case.

    WV: drulable
    I'll just let you use your imagination for that one

  18. Anonymous22 May, 2010

    Please update your blogrole, as the "barefoot navigation" is no more. I beg your pardon for this.
    A situation made it neccessary. It might take a while to understand and realise it, mostly for me. If ever there will be a "kind of return", I'll let you know. Until then it would be a joy to be able to comment upon your site.

  19. Ah Robert,
    yes, coincidentally I had just tried to access your blog and was told it couldn't be found, and then your message popped up here. I'm so sorry to hear you've run into a situation that has caused you to have to give up the barefoot navigation. You are always welcome here! Please take care and be well.