Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Brunch

I'm not a morning person.  I like to start slow.  Two coffees: first one solo, second with cereal.  Simple.  But sometimes, such as when visiting my daughter, I like a little something brunchier.

For example, a Commie Croissant or a Bolshie Brioche for brekky goes down a treat.  Appropriate hat wear is optional but if you've got it, flaunt it.

Of course there's nothing quite like a Montreal bagel for brunch, this one slathered with cream cheese and capers, with lox and onion waiting to add their own savoury  flavours and colours to the mix.  I'm so weak from hunger I'm seeing circles before my eyes!

I think I'll go all out this time.  It's healthy, right?  Look at all that fruit.  The trick will be to get my mouth around the bagel-bound-bacon, but I do believe I'm up to the task.

It's always fun to be treated to a meal in a funky (good sense of the word!) café.  Seeing as I don't know this gentleman, I guess I'll have to pony up this time.  What's that?  It's on you?  Well, merci beaucoup!

But if you're a little short on cash, why don't you come over to our house for a Sunday brunch and maybe Pierre will cook you up an omelette with some feta cheese, black olives, and purple onion.  It's the tail end of the fiddlehead fern season here so you'd better hurry up!  Would you like toast with that?  It's homemade bread with dried tomatoes in it for extra zing.

Oh, and if you happen to be a mermaid, we also have fresh fish on the menu for you.

Bon appétit!


  1. Oh my stars, what a feast! Count me in...I'm right there, have got a few tipples in my flasks that will assist with washing it all down. I am soooo a brunch person!
    My WV = in that post just wedsa my appetito...

  2. Hi Lynne

    I loved this breakfast ramble and particularly liked the look of the ferns. I know they were bush tucker for the indigenous people here.

    Your daughter is a beauty...even in the cap...

    happy days

  3. Think I'll trade in my daily Eggo's for one of those delicious eye-popping breakfasts.

  4. Saj,
    You know how I love it when you speak Italian (though it is a tad less charming with your mouth full). I thought I could count on you to bring along some suitable brunch quaffs! Just top me up will you, please, while I toast another bagel.

    WV: botesses
    Hostesses who can no longer frown, show surprise, or any other emotion that involves raising the eyebrows, due to regular botox treatments.

  5. This is positively, absolutely, completely, definitely the most flagrant case of culinary debauchery perhaps ever witnessed in the pages of any of the blogs I look at from time to time...

    This is cruel and unusual !

    This is sinful !

    This is criminal !

    Now, where's mine !!!???!!!

    My goodness, you could have at least wrapped some up and FedExed it... that bacon looks excellent, perfectly prepared, succulently browned, cravingly crispy... ah, but what a terrible temptress you are when you set you mind to it !

    But who is the mystery lady in the close-fitting polka dots with her greedy fingers in the cream cheese ???

    And one can only agree with Delwyn above as to the loveliness of the younger genetic offshoot of the Mad Lynne line, communist aviator's or spaceman head gear notwithstanding. She looks positively pleased with herself to be partaking of such goodies with abandon while us helpless sods can only look on from afar with mouths watering uncontrollably...

    Bon, I will stop now. I'm off to the kitchen to go rustle up something to nibble on...

  6. Hi Delwyn,
    What a pleasant surprise to have you turn up for Sunday brunch. It's been ages since we've had a wee chat. I wonder if the indigenous people out your way still like chowing down on a fern or two. It took awhile for me to get used to eating those fiddleheads, helped along with butter and garlic, but now I really enjoy them simply steamed.
    They're a particular fern, of course. I wouldn't just randomly pick some from the forest.

    Thanks for your compliment about my daughter. (proud mum here)

    Continuing happy days to you as well!


  7. Shirl,
    My usual All-Bran/homemade granola combo also suffers in comparison.

  8. PS ...

  9. BrOwen,
    I have to admit to you that I have indulged in a little bit of sado-masochism here. The sado part is for those who ventured in totally unprepared to be tortured with the sight of unbridled brunch. The maso is for myself, as these photos are only reminders of past brunch bonanzas and were not on today's menu at all.

    The polka dots and dainty greedy fingers belong to the cosmonut daughter who is actually rather fashionable, Russian hats aside.

    I should imagine that if you try really hard you will be able to come up with something halfway decent to eat in Paris. Bonne chance!

  10. Oh, hey, Owen,
    Thanks for the video. That was delightful!

  11. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    What a wonderful entry of yours, keeping body, mind and soul together.

    Still catching some breath, have to admit that it did indeed hurt more than i thought, yet words like "jealousy and alike" made it somehow neccessary. Hope to be able/allowed to keep the Athens blog up, before diving into secret names and stuff.
    Think seen this hat before, wishing you a wonderful start into the new week.

  12. Robert,
    You are very observant--you have indeed seen this hat before.

    I will have to meet up with you from time to time on your Athens blog to discuss such things as body mind and soul convergences.

    Be well.

  13. mmm!!!!

    i don't know what to do first, to start eating, to continue exclaiming, to stop laughing ("Appropriate hat wear is optional but if you've got it, flaunt it" - hahaha)
    or to admire the loveliest mermaid :-)

    (thank you for your kind words, over at Owen's blog, you are so generous)

  14. The fiddleheads breakfast looks amazing!

    Do you think anyone would notice if I wore my Cosmonuts uniform swimming?


  15. C.,
    Probably not if you wore it with your red cape. Plus ça change...

  16. Roxana,
    Go ahead and do everything at once: talk, exclaim and laugh with your mouth full--we're all friends here.

    You are the only one who saw the mermaid! It must be because you know the way across the floating bridge of dreams so well!

  17. For me the mermaid was covered in invisible ink, surely too lovely to behold.

    But I heard her siren song...

  18. Owen,
    For God's sake, man--lash yourself to the mast, quickly!

  19. Hey, look what I just found !

  20. Suhweet! Great to see that your night time foraging pays off from time to time.