Thursday, May 27, 2010

Convertible Memories

I'm looking through you,

where did you go

I thought I knew you,

what did I know

You don't look different,

but you have changed

I'm looking through you,

you're not the same.


  1. Makes me think Sir Paul was looking into a mirror when he sang those words.

  2. Well done!

    WV: brienese- a new dog breed?

  3. Shirl,
    I thought he was singing it about his charming axe...I mean "ex."

  4. DCW,
    or maybe an Austrian version of a French cheese?

  5. Anonymous27 May, 2010

    wow - for sure writing that is on the right track to remain in ones mind. impressed.
    please have a wonderful friday.

  6. Robert,
    The captions I put under my photos were taken from the lyrics of the Beatles'song "I'm Looking Through You" which I first heard on their Rubber Soul album, way back when. (I think I still have that one up in the attic). Their songs certainly have stood the test of time, and Sir Paul McCartney can still do a good job of performing it, as evidenced by the video I included. The featured car, however, has not withstood the ravages of time too well, though it still has a certain appeal, at least to some.

  7. Dearest Lynne,
    You slipped this in while I was in the middle of yet another bad week at work, with precious little time for the lovely land of blogging...

    But now that I've had a proper moment to savor these fabulous fotos, and listen to good Sir Paul and watch his pigeon head moves imitation with pleasure, I can roundly curse the constraints that keep me from keeping up with blogs in real time... but such is life, better late than never, right ?

    This poor ancient auto looks like more than a convertible, it looks like it took a one way trip to the chop shop, where they got a little carried away, like a cosmetic surgeon who slipped while looking down his nurse's décolleté and left a patient lighter than intended. My goodness, where on earth did you find this little gem ??? You just knew I was going to love it didn't you ?!? And you photographed it with such tender loving care, closeups and all...

    For this rotten rust loving toad, this is one of your finest pieces... but then that just shows you there's no accounting for tastes...

    But honestly, my hat is off to you for this one !

  8. Poor Frazzled Toad,
    I am happy to have cheered you up a toad, I mean a tad, with this rust half-bucket.

    I found it on an outing with friends last Sunday, touring Albert County artisans' studios as they opened for the season. While Pierre and friends were chatting with an earnest woodworker, I spied this beauty in the neighbouring field and took off, through what turned out to be a bog, to capture its portrait. Squishing my way back to the van, I sighed happily to myself. I had found what I didn't know I'd been looking for.

    And yes, I thought you'd like it.

    A "chop shop"? This somehow stirs up images of the Toad in a muscle shirt flexing his tattoos with a cigarette tucked behind his ear. But really, I'm not sure what a chop shop is. Chop suey? Pork chops? Chopstick factory?

    Very funny about the surgeon and his nurse. (Smirk!)

    And please put your hat back on: I understand the sun is bad for your skin.