Saturday, May 29, 2010

Full Frontal

Poppy about to pop.
Spring is bustin' out all over.
A sign of the tender, young virginal Spring primping for all she's worth before the over the top, overblown, riotous, blatantly lush hussy known as Summer comes strutting in to take centre stage.

Further evidence of spring being sprung.

Monarch Swallotwtail butterly (my error was kindly pointed out to me by a careful observer of this blog, although he didn't notice that I'd typed "butterly") with lilacs from our yard. 

Okay, so I cheated here a little in that the butterfly isn't actually alive per se, but it is real, and I did find it on the sidewalk out front of our house.   Circle of life, and all that.  Memento Mori.  Naturmort. 
So sue me already! 

This posting started out with just the poppy but seeing as no one was paying attention, I added the robin's egg.  And then as an afterthought, snuck the lilacs and butterfly in.  Thus, the title may be slightly misleading but I did maintain the general springiness in the step of the theme, n'est-ce pas?


  1. that first shot is amazing - you should do a series of gradual changes until it pops for sure...Greetings from mexico....

  2. Hi Catherine,
    That's a great idea except that particular poppy is not in my garden but situated about an hour's drive from where I live. My neighbour, though, usually has some poppies in her yard so I'll take your tip and keep an eye out (and my camera ready) over there. In fact, I'm actually reading my camera's manual so maybe I'll finally figure out how to make better use of it.

  3. hello hello
    love your pictures, very poetic and a lot of work I suppose (sorry for my english)

    thanks a lot for ypur com in my site
    kisses xxx

  4. Karine,
    Your English is perfect! And even if it wasn't (like my French, je m'excuse) imperfections only make beauty more interesting, I think.

    bises xo

  5. Those are indeed all beautiful images, I am glad you added the butterfly!

    I am not good on close-ups. I think I could not do a poppy like you accomplished. Well, with a tripod, maybe, but who shleps around a tripod?

    Reading a camera's manual is something I neglected for a long time. I wished I had read them earlier! I even found a handbook online, that helps me understand the manual. *giggles* Close-ups, though, are still a mystery.

  6. Merisi,
    So sweet of you to take a moment from your whirlwind schedule to drop by here! I'm amazed to hear you say you're not good at close-ups. All those tempting cups of coffee??? Those gorgeous fattening
    pastries??? I would think of them as close-ups...unless it's just a case of having my nose too close to my computer screen, trying to get a taste of all those temptations you dangle before our eyes.

    I'm not a photographer, but I do love to play with images. Finding out how to do more with my camera seems more cost-effective than buying a new one with bigger "oomph" (a very technical term).

    A manual to help one read a manual? That's great! LOL
    I need one of those.

  7. Wonderful moments in time. With the butterfly's wings at peace, even chaos might stop.
    Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

  8. Ah Mad Lynne,
    Indeed indeed you really lured us in with the Full Frontal title, I was thinking at long last, the Décolleté Glimpse of things close to the heart was going to take on new dimensions of revelations, I mean, the bible had a book of revelations, so why not Lynne ?!? But I see your revelations are of another nature, a natural nature of mysteries abundant, coquelicots about to open, blue eggs broken, and a butterfly, though I'm a'thinking that looks more like a Tiger Swallowtail (eastern? western?) than a Monarch ??? Sue me if I'm wrong, before I sue you for presenting a dead, defunct, deceased, devoid of life butterfly as though it were still breathing and flying and fluttering and floating magically through the air, with flaps of tiny wings, each flap of which wing may be causing through strange concatenations of events whole storms to evolve elsewhere...

    And for someone who says she is not a photographer, that is one hell of a poppy shot. Fully frontal in its burstingly vivid, virginal energy...

    ooooffff... I don't smoke but I need a cigarette ! Or a drink ! Where's that Saj when she's needed ???

  9. PS love the new header painting... sheesh, isn't there a good living to be made selling your work ????

  10. Robert,
    What a beautiful, poetic thought:
    the butterfly's wings at peace ending chaos. If it was only that simple. But why not?!

    I hope at least the stillness will provide you with a peaceful week.

  11. BrOwen,
    I am impressed: "chop shop" (see previous post) and "concatenations"
    uttered by a certain Toad all in the same night?! Quite the gamut to your vocab. My turn to need a cigarette!

    Of course you're right about the butterfly, defunct or otherwise. I knew when I typed "Monarch" that something was wrong but ignored that particular little voice inside my head because all the other ones were clamouring so loudly for my attention.

    And where, indeed, is that Saj??? I know she has Silent Sundays but this latest silence is deafening.
    I'm a bit worried, after her last post about the flooding. Maybe we should set out in your boat sooner rather than later.

  12. As for the new header, thanks for noticing! It's a photo I took of a window display in NYC last year where all the furniture was made from fabric. It was brilliant. I just added a Photoshop "dry brush" effect to it.

    If I knew how to make a living from the stuff I come up with, I'd probably be rich. However, I was away the day they taught that particular lesson at art school.

  13. Fear not, dear siblings, I am alive and well (if somewhat damp around the egdes)...wonderful photo of that Poppy indeed! And you two had me chuckling with your witty repartee.
    Spring is indeed a wonderous time of year, each year I think that those early blossoms cannot possibly get any more gorgeous...but they do!
    I've mixed us all up a wee something to put a spark in our step over at mine...

  14. Yiippppeeeee !!!

    The Saj is back ! So she didn't get washed away after all !

    Editor's Note: A chop shop was a term for cutting up cars... anyway it was in Philadelphia area slang when I was little, although I'm guessing it was nationwide. Hotrods made from early autos from the 30' or 40' had lowered roofs and other changes that required cutting alot of sheet metal... so they were "chopped and channeled"... in the chop shop... but you knew that I'm sure... or if you didn't you'd looked it up by now... through a concatenation of reflections. Well, I almost finished high school you know, the school from age four to age six where one sits in high chairs...

    Ah, from wrecked cars to the wonders of nature... and everything in between... that's Décolleté for you !

    Now, I suggest you get on over and sample the Tuesday Tipple, it's a hot one !

    WV : "efollym", given that e-folly is the madness that overtakes people living in virtual worlds sooner or later, efollym is the state of having succumbed to such madeness... as in, he had a bad case of efollym, they took him away last night in one of those jackets that fastens up the back...

  15. Saj,
    I dashed over to your place as soon as I found your message and have just staggered back here was I here for again? What am I thinking?!!The drinks are chez vous and I've left you and Owen unattended by the coffee pumps which by now I'm sure you've figured out how to fill with that fire water you mixed up for us. I'm just gonna put on my asbestos suit and be right back over, okay?

  16. Toadster! I had some inkling about what a "chop shop" might be, as in something to do with roadsters or hot rods (there's a term for you!) but not in such precise detail. Thanks for the elucidation.

    When you shout "The Saj is back!" I immediately start humming "and you're gonna be in trouble, hey la, hey la, the Saj is back!"

    Here, Bro, let me tighten that fastener up the back of your nice white jacket for you. What are big sisters for, after all.