Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alma Matter

Today we are going to visit the little town of Alma, New Brunswick right on the coast of the Bay of Fundy. It's about an hour's drive from where I live, down river as the locals say. The Bay of Fundy receives and loses twice daily some of the highest tides in the world, rising to 30+ feet (10+ metres), especially at full moon times and in the autumn. I think most of what I say here is true, having worked a couple of seasons at a tourist site in the area and having had to spout off a bunch of facts in both official languages.

When the tide goes out the boats are left low and dry.

Alma is still a little bit quaint, or I guess rustic, or even rusty, so I added some old-time effects to the scene to give an idea of the atomosphere.

Oh look! There's the Canadian flag.  Wait a minute...that's not a maple leaf.  

Occasionally some visitor boats arrive at the dock. 
I think that red one is from Somalia.

Lots of exciting textures (rust, yes!) around the dock as well.

Of course there's a beach in Alma, though it's best for walking rather than swimming (cold!).  Not that I'd know, personally, about the swimming part but I have walked on the sand and collected all sorts of beach treasures, including lovely big scallop shells.

It's too bad we can't wait around for the moon to rise, but here's a rendition of what it could look like. 

What would you say to going for a lobster supper now?  We can buy them ready-cooked and Pierre will crack them for us (if you ply him sufficiently with wine) once we get home.   We always have lobster when visitors from away come to stay awhile.  So please, make  your reservations... 

Operators are standing by to take your calls.


  1. Oh I've got to visit! My grandmother's name was Alma!! Those pictures are fabulous, am so glad that you've put your non-drinking and eating time to such good use. I love crayfish so am sure I'd like lobster, get your bloke to get cracking (haha, see how funny I am BEFORE I have even had a drink!!) and I'll hop behind the bar to get us a drink or three while you git yer banjo out...

  2. Oh, and NO, I didn't pay a visit to the boat displaying not a maple leaf before commenting here...

  3. Fantastic, I'll have one lobster, please.

    I too love the texture of rust and ropes.

  4. Anonymous01 June, 2010

    Alma Mater Studiorum ("Nourishing Mother of Studies") - what a wonderful proof, that it won't be enough to know how to build a ship, but one needs as well the passion and desire for life, wonderful expressed by the photography.
    Guess if one would finaly understand the movement of tides, it would be like discovering fire for the second time.
    Please have a nice Wednesday.

  5. Alma -- is that where they have those wonderful Sticky Buns?

  6. love all the effects you have got in these shots - especially the rust textures..lovely!!

  7. You forgot the phone number !


  8. PS Love the full moon piece, after the maple leaf rag...


    And wow, I'd heard those Somalian pirates were going farther and farther from shore... but sheeesh, all the way to Fundy ???

  9. Saj,
    You get an extra lobster claw for arriving first, arriving sober(ish), and cracking (punny!) jokes. You did well to keep away from both of those non-Canadian -flag-flying boats. Okay, so it's a SIGN that you're meant to come visit us in the Maritimes bcause of Alma being your grandmother's name. Only, our house is sort of for sale, so if you're paddling up with Owen, best get him to attach the outboard motor. To the boat, not himself.

    WV: hashro
    Some of the boats in Alma are parked in what the locals call "hashro"

  10. Art,
    One lobster coming right up! Would you like some garlic butter dabbed behind its ears? Glad you could join in.

  11. Robert,
    "Discovering fire for the second time"...is that like building a better mousetrap? Every day is full of discoveries, no? Perhaps some we'd rather not know about. Here, have another lobster tail and a glass of wine while you ponder the meaning of life.

  12. Shirl,
    An extra claw for you as well as you are indeed right: Alma is the home of those famously sticky Sticky Buns that all but glued one's mouth shut while chewing them. However, the bakery was up for sale last year. Defunct. Perhaps too many people lost their teeth and word got out. But the place seemed to be coming back to life on this last visit, so I guess it will be reopened, with or without the sticky buns. Will keep you posted.

  13. Catherine,
    Thank you! I was inspired a bit by the clever way you often arrange your photos in groups on your blog. I tried to do a mix of special effects photos with straight up ones this time.

  14. Toadster!
    Sheesh, I can't put anything over on you can I. Phone number...mumble mumble mumble. I figure those that really want to come here will figure it out. I am SO looking forward to going to your place for PIE, though. If you're coming over here before I get over there, would you mind bringing some for dessert? Oh, and maybe some French white?

  15. OH, sure I know the good old Maple Leaf Rag. It's our National Anthem. Yup. Uh-huh. As for those Somalians, I told you the tides were huge here!

  16. What, and I don't get an extra lobster claw for arriving last ? Just because someone comes all the way from New Zealand and gets here first, that means they get the extras ??? Well the first one here will later be last, oh the times they are a changin....

    Guess I'll have to sort of sidle on up to sister Saj and see if she'll be willing to share her claw... in exchange for a few good pulls on the bottle of meursault I've got here... is that what you had in mind when you said French white ? Or perhaps a chablis ? Un chateau neuf du pape? Or do you prefer something a little sweeter, like a jurançon, or monbazillac, or even a sauternes ??? Ah, choices, choices, choices....

    "Let's get cracking"... that Saj !

  17. Whah, Owen, honey-chile, fo' showin' up 2 tahms to ever'n'buddy eltses' but oncet ('ceptin' fo da Saj's two tahmin' ways, but she alreddy dun an' gotten hoself anudder peace o' da PIE, so's to speek), youse can clame yo'self a hole nuddah lobstah! Yassir! A hole nuddah won!!! Ah din't meenz tuh be showin' youse no respeck dhere, boy. Nossireebob! Speshully like onna counta youse bringin' dat dere fancetty French wahn an' all. Ah doant like nuttin' too sweets wen it cumz to alkyholl, okay? Dat Chabliz stuff maht doo. Or mebby sum o' dat dhere Shatty doo Pappy yoo wuz menshunnin'.

    (Oh Lordy! sumbuddy reskew me. Ah's turnin' into a hick raht befo mah verry own ahs.)

  18. PS--Owen:
    I almost choked to death last night whilst brushing my teeth, chortling and spluttering and galumphing about, thinking of "ahem yourself" as seen over at your place. And I had to be really quiet about it because Pierre was asleep and I didn't want him to awaken to hysterical laughter emanating from the bathroom.

  19. Well, I'm glad to hear you washed you mouth out after all that hick ranting y'all dun back there... and that couldn't help but make me think of this most finest of pieces of Hick Hoppin !


    Yep, I guess we're losing it here... or some of are anyhow, can't say who though, so, just say, Hi Ho Silver !

  20. Boys oh boys, Owen, you can take the boy outa the country but you can't take the country outa the boy! I'm wondering how it is you happen to be familiar with this band, but maybe I'd rather not know. Ya think we could book 'em for the Hotel? I bet Saj would love it!

    Play some more Skynnard--Hi ho, Silver yourself!