Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sights Unseen

Like a bird on a wire...

except that the bird is really sitting on a branch rather than the wire.

A boat house...

Of course the boat is not really sitting atop the roof of the house but out on the inlet some distance behind the house.  I noticed the illusion of the boat floating on the house while I was out walking around the neighbourhood where my mother lives in Dollarton (an area in North Vancouver).  In fact, all 3 of these photos are from there.

Full moon over the mountain.

In reality, as mundane as a kitchen light being reflected in a rainy window.

If we know how to look, we can find mystery,  magic and poetry in the extraordinary ordinariness of our daily lives.

Let us end this Sunday sermon with  one of my favourite songs,
"Like a Bird on a Wire."

Again, not who/what we expected but I think Adam does justice to his papa's song here. 


  1. Dear Lynne,
    I feel like I've been had ! :-)

    The bird wasn't on the wire, the boat wasn't on the house, and the full moon wasn't... but that's ok, one must never accept the surface reality, there is always something deeper, methinks...

    But was that bird blowing smoke rings ? Strange and wonderful things goin on in the sky there. And I kind of liked the notion of a big ship model decorating a house, I could imagine a retired ship's captain living there, maybe the former captain of the Exxon Valdez perhaps ?

    And I'd never come across Adam Cohen before, nor known that he was born in Montreal, so many thanks for the tip, good thing he'll be there to carry on when papa no longer can.

    I did look for a song called Bird On a Branch, and also Full Moon That Wasn't, but couldn't find any titles that matched... guess I'll have to write them myself...

    There is always a full moon out there in the night, we just can't always see it...

    And this has nothing to do with anything, but it is what I was listening to when I opened up your page just now :

    Top of a Sunday evening to you all over there across the pond...

  2. very quirky unseen sightings - you would fit right in to the surrealism of mexico city - you should pay us a visit!!

  3. Hi Owen,
    Thanks for the link. I've only known Suzanne Vega for her "Luka" song. The video you suggested was a pleasure to listen to and watch; will investigate more for sure.

    Do you know Kate Rusby's music?
    Try this on for size:

    And, yes, the bird was blowing smoke rings out his ass; the captain spent all his time building model boats in between his bouts of dissolute drunkeness, longing for the old days at sea, while his wife lives in the constant hope that he will fall and break his neck the next time he climbs up to the roof to put up another bloody model boat; and that moon shines down only for the misbegotten. I hope this additional information will help inspire you to write a folk song or two. (Gawd I hope nobody else reads these things I write!)

  4. Hi Catherine,
    Wow--you mean there's some place that I'd fit in? I'll start polishing up my Spanish!

  5. I'm sure no one else is reading the comments you answer back with, I apply a special invisible ink to them all as soon as they appear, they remain visible only to you and to I. But your additional information here is lovely, I shall file it away somewhere, it's been a while since I last wrote a song... But I sort of think the title "Full Moon That Wasn't" has some potential...

  6. Owen,
    Your invisible ink combined with my mirror writing may just do the trick of keeping it all on the QT. You realize that you will also have to sing your unwritten songs backwards in silence, don't you?

  7. Ha, you forgot that us siblings can speak the unspeakable and read the unreadable....great photo of the house boat that wasn't, and the other mirages as well! I haven't been able to get near normal stuff for so working on a tipple for tomorrow tho'!
    I didn't know Leonard had a son! I drivveled my way thru serious break-ups at high school to some of his songs...

  8. Your first photo reminds me of a postcard from an old hatbox from the back of a gothic houses' cupboard...
    ... it has a real sense of antiquity about it..

    ...funny how images conjure up more images in our minds...

    ... and you and Owen are the amusing pair!!!

  9. Well, Saj, of course there would be no secrets from you! But don't forget I also know where you hide your diary so secret that even you don't know that you're keeping one.

    I think those tipples are the key for reading the gibberish that goes on between Owen and me. I'm looking forward to the upcoming (poor choice of word) tipple! Is it Tuesday there yet???????

  10. Hi Gwen,
    I really like that you say my bird picture has a sense of antiquity about it. Fun about the goth girl's hatbox, too. I did a final version without the wires (now the bird really isn't sitting on a wire!) and it took on the air of an old English garden.

    "Images conjuring up more images in our minds"...largely what being an artist is about, no?

    So you're able to read invisible mirror writing, too????

  11. thank you for commenting on my blog, Louciao... i am glad to discover your world! (thank you, Owen, for linking so many bloggers across the world :-)

    i love the rainy window and i am amazed to discover Adam Cohen, oh - Leonard Cohen is one of my favourite singers ever (i should say artists, writers, because i also love his literary works).

  12. Roxana,
    Thank you for traipsing across your Bridge of Dreams to take a peek into my little world. Owen has the keys to many bloggers' realms and he is so generous in handing out copies of those keys so that we can all slip into each other's blogging dreams, with or without leaving a trace. I'm happy that you left your calling card here.

    Leonard Cohen's music (and writing) became part of the fabric of my life from the first time I heard him singing Suzanne, way back when it was a new song on the radio; later scratched to death from over-playing the LP that I bought.

  13. WF: peninc
    If Owen is going to write his song will he be using his invincible ink, or his peninc?

  14. Lynne, will you allow me an interlude ?

    Hi Roxana, you are very welcome, it is such a pleasure to have been able to meet, and hopefully continue to meet, some incredible people through blogging, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the finest of fine, artists all, each in their own right, own universe... but if I have inadvertantly or otherwise served to string some strands of silver threads to tie some of these shores together, then that is a good thing I think...

    Ah Lynne,
    Isn't it something how quickly our invisible ink and magical mirrors were seen through ??? Gonna have to go work on the recipe for the ink some more...

    oh, and thanks for the link to Kate Rusby, she's upbeat...

    So, the tipples are "upcoming" ??? Gotta stop over-indulging like that... of course in such cases what goes down must come up...

  15. Carmenooch!? Fancy seeing you here! What is going on? Can everybody read invisible mirror writing?? Well, as you're related to me, I guess it's understandable.

    I think Owen would only use invincible ink if he was wearing a cape, and I'm not sure he owns one. But he does live in France, so it's possible.

  16. Owen,
    You flew in here just as I was answering my sister's comment. Apparently, you do own a cape!

  17. Anonymous17 May, 2010

    Can't yet decide what to be the better part of this entry of yours, either photography or the comment section.
    Remember waking up at half past five, cooking me an Espresso before leaving for University, spending wonderful moments with a kitchen light. A picture that surely can be felt, maybe even more than being seen.
    A wonderful Tuesday for you.

  18. Robert--
    You too? You can read invinsible mirror writing?! This is just too weird. Glad you liked the pictures, too. They're only an excuse to have people leave me comments, invisible or otherwise. Many comments left here are invisible but I can't read those ones, unless they're written backwards as well.

  19. I have heard a rumour that our brother prefers to be written on in lipstick...

  20. Oh and doesn't young Adam sound a bit like his dad? :-)

  21. Saj,
    I don't know what to say about that first thing you said so I'll just agree with you about the second.