Friday, May 14, 2010

Susan Reflecting

My friends in Seattle live near a beautiful little park that is really more of a big garden than a park, and each time we visit them we take a stroll through the grounds. 

Of course, this picture is a Photoshopped version (or vision) of a photo that I got of Susan gazing into the light playing on a pond in the park.  To me, it depicts a soulful moment of reflection.

The original photo was pretty much blown out with the bright light (left) so even that had to be toned down a bit with Photoshop (right).   Notice how I added a "stream" of light flowing at Susan's feet plus a bush of flowers in the middle ground of the final version?

And here's a pool of water in the same park that one of our fine feathered friends was reflecting on as well.

For other "Weekend Reflections" be sure to visit the links at James' "Newtown Area Photo" blog.

And let the light shine in while you all shine on!


  1. That's a pretty cool effect!

  2. cieldequimper:
    Thanks! I'm always a bit shy to post my Photoshopping ways in the face of so many good photographers out there, but I do love experimenting with different effects. I'm glad of the encouragement.

  3. Your Photoshopped version creates a wonderful, soulful effect, highlighting the deeper spirit of the moment!

  4. Greyscale:
    Thanks so much! That's a very heart-warming message as it shows you felt the effect that I was hoping to create.

  5. Anonymous14 May, 2010

    Bringing to light, what was just felt, a karma, you surely call your own.
    Please have a wonderful Saturday.

  6. Robert:
    An artist's work is a true reflection of their Self.

  7. What a great reflection - love your photoshop work. I've never tried it - certainly gives an interesting, fun picture.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  8. Oh yes, I like that effect very much! You can almost see her thoughts swirling about in the dappled light. Love it!

  9. Hi Beverly,
    Thanks for your comment. I do like having the option of turning a not so good photo into something more than it started out to be, thanks to Photoshop.

  10. Saj:
    We had a few heady conversations that weekend over a few bottles of this and that. Perhaps her thoughts weren't the only reason her head was swirling!

  11. Something calm and serene here, almost like the mood in certain Andrew Wyeth paitings...

    John on the other hand is a little more raucous here as he shines on... a guy could work up a serious thirst singing along to that, going hoarse...

  12. Owen:
    Perhaps it would have been best to post only the final Photoshopped version, thus leaving a certain mystery/drama around it, as with a Wyeth painting. I am always a little embarrassed to post my PS'ed images as there are so many avid photogs out there pulling out all their f-stops with amazing precision, depth of field, clarity, etc. etc. I feel like I shouldn't try to play with the big boys but keep to my own sandbox.

    Good point about the music not underlining the image but it does provide good croak-along opportunity as you say. The Saj is back so no more need to go thirsty!

  13. Great effect! It's cool to see what you can do with photshop.

  14. Lorac:
    I'm glad you enjoyed this little taste of what can be done with a little bit of the obsessive/compulsive disorder known as Photoshopping.

  15. Wowsers
    this is so terrific
    I loved the magic first shot
    I joined a site called picnik
    and can do some of the same things --though I rarely do..........

  16. Elizabeth:
    I love picnik! There are some fun fx there that add just the right amount of "zing" to a photo. Photoshop is like getting out the big gun to really blow the picture sky high.

  17. some lovely creative work with this shot...

  18. Thanks, Catherine. I'm relieved that you see it as being creative rather than cheating! Seriously, I'm glad you like it.