Monday, May 10, 2010

A Ribetting Personality

There's a certain blogger to whom I would like to dedicate this post.  I'm pretty sure that I don't have to introduce him to anyone who reads the comments on my blog.  In fact, my family and friends (who generally read my postings anonymously) have all asked me, "So, who is this Owen fellow?" 

"Well," I tell them, "he aint heavy, he's my blog brother!"   He appeared one lonely blog night in my comment box with some sort of heart-warming, praising, encouraging, imaginative, original, and humourous response and slapped his icon up in my "Honoured Guests" corner.  I suppose that was well over a year ago now; I'm not good for keeping track of numbers and anniversaries and significant dates and all that.  But I do know that he's been unflaggingly supportive and encouraging of this blog, as well as numerous others' blogs, and I just want to show my appreciation for such exemplary behaviour.  Especially when you consider the fact that he is a self-described toad: the amphibian host of the Magic Lantern Show, Mr. Toad's Travel Diary.

Yes, it's true, he often shoots off at the mouth, spits out whatever's on his mind, and has a few juicy things to spout, but he's never boring.

Sometimes, in fact, he needs to be reined in a bit, if not actually chained up, such is the magnitude of his unfettered imagination, both in his comments and in his own colourful, oft-times poetic postings.

Admittedly, some of his tastes are a bit strange, such as a certain fondness for those masked nocturnal garbage foragers that he seems to miss so much since moving to France.  But in spite of that, Mr. Toad  always comes across as a patient, interested and interesting sort of fellow...

ready to pull up a blog stool, gaze into your eyes and chat awhile, crack a joke or two, and sip on a few tipples provided by our cherished blog sister, The Sagittarian, before slip-sliding-hippety-hopping off to visit some of the 370 other bloggers who have been happy to leave their calling cards at his home blog.

He sets a golden example of excellence in blogging and photography, and of being an all-round good toad.

Here's to you, bro!


  1. Cross Eyed Toad10 May, 2010

    Have I had too much to drink tonight, or did that Surly Blond Big Belgian Triple Phillips beer bottle shift down the page and get larger ??? Would've sworn they were side by side a minute ago. Gonna have to get my eyes checked !

  2. Liked your Ode to a Toad.

  3. Slobbering Toad11 May, 2010

    A fine celebration of all things toady ! Ribbit ! ! !

  4. Cross-Eyed Toad:
    What big eyes you have; your sight is pretty spot-on for someone with an ocular handicap such as your own. Some words may also have shifted around in the fine-tuning of this apotheosis as well. With me, it aint over 'til the fat toad sings, at least once.

  5. Shirl:
    Good one! Wish I would've thought of it. (I see where I get my "wit")

  6. Slobbering Toad:
    Thanks! But looking at all that slobber, I suddenly realize I left out any mention of Toad-in-the-Hole. Maybe next time. Meanwhile, I have to put a fork in it and call it done.

  7. c'est un plaisir de constater qu'il y a des traces de la gentillesse d'Owen un peu partout sur le net.

  8. Oui, Karine, et comme ça, partout dans le monde! C'est possible que j'exaggère un peu là...mais pas trop, n'est-ce pas?

  9. what a great tribute...and yes I know very well the blog you are referring to...

  10. Well, I didn't want to jump into the puddle with a big splash, but of course you knew who the cross eyed toad and the slobbering toad were, and I admit as well to being a blushing toad; I'd best not read too often this excessively kind tribute, at risk of becoming a bloated toad, swelled up with the sort of pride that Mr Toad of the Wind in the Willows toad family felt when he set off down the road in a shiny new motor car, bursting with self satisfaction...

    Has it been a year already ??? My goodness, you may be right... I looked back a little into April 2009, didn't see any comments from you, but then in May there are some, including this little gem from near the end of May :

    "Owen, you are my raccoon hero of the blogosphere, creeping out into the blog night and gathering up all sorts of juicy tidbits that others might miss."

    So as I crept or hopped in here, I shall hop back out into the blog night... until the next time...

    A totaled toad, toadaly touched...

  11. Catherine:
    I'm glad another aficionado of Owen's blog stopped by to read my tribute. Share the joy, I say!--so I did.

  12. Blushing Toad:
    I can tell you're touched, in more ways than one.

    Well you piqued my curiosity (nothing new there) about just when it was that you came sneaking into my comment boxes with questionable offerings so I took a look through my back pages and find the first Owen signature on May 3; just showed up without a how-do-you-do and started croaking away as if we were old pals. I thought we went back further than that, but maybe that was a different lifetime, when we were both raccoons.
    I love the Wind in the Willows. I first came across it on a visit to England with my grandmother when I was 11 years old. We were staying at her old aunt's place and while they were chin-wagging away I discovered Mr. Toad and all his friends. Sadly, I couldn't read fast enough to finish the story before leaving, but many years later, my daughter gave me my own copy of the book. (How sweet is that!)
    Whatever form you assume, toad, raccoon, clown, etc. you always bring a smile to my face when you visit, so thanks for that.

    And now I don't ever have to be nice to you again, because I can just point you back to this page, right? That's how it is with big sisters. Enjoy your moment of glory before I go back to pinching you and bossing you about.

  13. Ouch ! Ouch ! Owww!

    What a pair of pincer pincher fingers you have, jeepers big Sis, lay off, or I'll go hide in the crawl space. And I'm headed there anyway, because I'm betting that is where you hid the Owen Island beer and the surly blonds, ah, beer and surly blonds, a fine combination !

    And that is indeed very nice of a daughter to give you your own copy of WITW... she must be quite a wonderful daughter to have. My 12 year old daughter went to England last week on a school trip, and her gift to me when she got home was two shot glasses with UK flags on them. (The little oval sticker on the bottom of each glass said : Made in China !) And I hardly ever touch hard liquor !

    Now, where the heck is that Owen Island ??? And those Blondes !

  14. If you're a Thirsty Toad I think you'd better go croak loud and long and vociferously over at the Sagittarian's place as she's gone off and left us high and dry again. Definitely not good for toadskin. See how it stays all wrinkled up when I pinch it?

    But how did you know about the crawl space??!! Devious Toad! You can have one shot glass of Owen Island lager, and one of Phillips Surly blonde to tide you over till the Saj returns. (But refills are free and plentiful).

    WV: pronegab
    A conversation held while reclining in the crawl space.

  15. A fine salute to Owen, I mean Mr. Toad, to be sure...

  16. Thanks, Gwen, for getting in Mr. Toad's saluting line. I'm sure he appreciates the gesture (as do I).

  17. oooh, has my comment gone west?

  18. Saj!
    You're back! Yay! Either your comment hitch-hiked west or it went up in smoke or drowned in its own beers, but this comment that you left just here just now is the only one I've seen on this little tribute to our brother. Maybe he grabbed it and hopped off with it.
    I've been waiting for you to chime in with your 2 cents worth.

    Or does "gone west" mean something else in Kiwi??

  19. Nah, gone west has a universal meaning I suspect! I commented on how nice you two play when you think no-one is watching, that all that pinching and toadying about is really only a ploy to get the front seat!

  20. As the eldest, I ALWAYS get the front seat, Saj, unless I happen not to want it. But who's driving the car?? Besides, someone is ALWAYS watching. That's why we 3sibs have the crawlspace to hide out in. Would you like an Owen Island or a Phillips Surly Blonde?

  21. Oh wait! How silly of me. You've been away for so long, Saj, I quite forgot that of course you'd want both!

  22. "You know me so well..." (sing along at home if you want...)

  23. I think singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall" would be a more fitting tune.

  24. What a fantastic and well-deserved tribute to our favorite toad!
    Your photos are top notch and so humorous too!

  25. Thank you, Nathalie, for hopping across the bridge from Avignon to add your voice to the well-deserved tribute to the best blogging toad ever. I'm glad you enjoyed my humour; and praise for my photos from such a gifted photographer as yourself is music to my ears (I can almost hear the music over all that incessant puffed-up croaking from Owen).

  26. je venais d'écrire un long message mais il n'est pas apparu ! trop déçue

    bon je te disais lynne que j'étais tout à fait d'accord avec toi pour tout ce que tu disais sur owen et qu'il serait très touché par tes mots (surtout en ce qui concerne la générosité et la justesse de ses propos)

    tes photos aussi vont lui faire tellement plaisir

    merci pour lui et très belle fin de journée

  27. Bonjour Karine,
    Ça fait déjà un bout de temps que ce post est apparu ici mais je suis contente que tu l'a trouvée et que tu es bien d'accord avec les sentiments. En effet, Owen était trés touché par mon petit hommage à lui.

  28. oui lynne, je sais, je suis un peu en retard parfois :-))

  29. Chère Karine,
    It is always a pleasure to have you stop by, no matter when. "Better late than never!" (miexu en retard que jamais?)


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