Sunday, May 2, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Apples and oranges?  The same but different?  No comparison?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  It is what it is.

Seen recently in Deep Cove, N. Vancouver BC, near to where my mother lives.

Seen recently by the Peticodiac River, near Moncton NB, close to where I live.


  1. Ah but what a busy lahdy miss mahdy doodah ye are, out early peddling that red tricycle as fast as you can, from one end of Canada to the other, an incredible morning's ride, but I guess when you push the button that puts the tricycle in hyper-drive, as in the photo blurred with speed, Vancouver to Moncton is just a skip and a jump, shucks, you probably made it three times around the earth in a blink of an eye... to get back to Moncton and this very inviting looking mud wallow. Can we jump in and plaster ourselves up in the mud, it's probably great for the complexion, no ?

    And where will she be off to next on this amazing escapade ?

    BTW, kayaking on the cove looks heavenly...

  2. Owen,
    You're most welcome to jump in and wallow in the mud, getting plastered in a different way for once. I'll just stand on the embankment and record your wallowing for posterity, if you don't mind. Pierre did take his sister and her family there once for a rousing mudslide...interestingly, they haven't been back to visit us since.

    The mud should be good for one's skin,though, especially now that they've stopped flushing raw sewage into the river.

    Kayaking always looks so pleasant. I've heard that you're a kayaker yourself, BrOwen. I'm not good at swimming and am a bit claustrophobic so am very reluctant to squeeze myself into one of those needle-nosed floats. I have friends out west who are keen kayakers but I love them anyway.

    I'll just stick to peddling instead of paddling, thanks. Meet you back at the bar, where the Saj is doubtlessly guarding a table for us. Here's mud in your eye!

  3. Anonymous02 May, 2010

    Nos differénces
    font notre force.

  4. How very wise, Robert. Pierre and I just had a conversation on that very topic tonight after supper. Vive la différence, n'est-ce pas? Sometimes one just has to agree to disagree, with all due respect for a differing opinion.

  5. I remember watching reflections of a full moon on that marsh mud at late night low tide. Later the sun rise when the whole marsh blazes in scarlet.

    Earlier in life I was familiar with the mountains and waters of B.C. No one can deny the beauty there.

    The landscape differs as do the people. I remember my West Coast urban arrogance when I arrived in Atlantic Canada thirty years ago. Everything seemed so flat and unsophisticated.

    But the tidal bore rose, fell, spread the red silt and captured my roots. In my early days on the West Coast I learned to be an overachieving perfectionist (like many others there). In the Maritimes I have learned to be an average and OK human being (like many others here).

    I like the change. Vive le mascaret!

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  7. DCW:
    Beauty abounds all around us if we have the eyes to see it and the heart to open to it.

    When I'm in the west I miss the gentle rolling (if not flat) geography of the maritimes; when I'm east, I miss the rugged, startling terrain of the west. And I admit, I do miss having access to a big city buzz from time to time.

    Where I differ from you is that I have no family here. My roots did not take hold. I am not a part of any community in the east, other than belonging to those forever labelled as being "from away."

  8. To "The Queen's Personal Injury Lawyer":

    I am sorry, but I deleted your kind comment about the last picture being real good. I'm just a bit suspicious of you being an actual person/blogger. If you are, well welcome aboard! And thanks for stopping by. Please come back again and let me know you're the real deal. Actually, with all these safety traps I have set up here, you probably are as real as anyone can be, so please forgive my Queenly attitude of lopping off your remark, if not your head!

    Do I know you?