Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bird's Eye View

On my recent visit to Vancouver we took a drive up Burnaby Mountain, part of the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  I've lived in Burnaby in the past but on this trip I discovered some views that I'd never seen before. 

You can see the cylindrical shapes of the oil refinery (a rather unfortunate blight on the scene and the environment); on the right is the north shore; middle distance you can make out the 2nd Narrows Bridge; and in the far distance, on the left, you can just discern the skyline of downtown Vancouver.

These fellows were so busy building a new house for some lucky (rich) owners that I doubt they even had time to enjoy the view of Indian Arm, which is the body of water that meanders past the area where  my mother lives.  In fact, see that tiny little island out there?  I think it's the one that sits just opposite my mum's place.  It was for sale last year for $1,000,000--which is a pretty reasonable price for the area, I guess.

Another view of Burrard Inlet/Indian Arm and the usual clouds clinging to the north shore mountains.  I don't have any statistics, but I wouldn't be surprised if North Vancouver gets more rain than the rest of the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, especially right over my mother's house.

I know these aren't outstanding photos or anything, but they're a record of a pleasant day of small discoveries for me and my companions on this excursion.

Here's the view from my mother's living room window that I was telling you about.

After a pleasant drive out and about, it's always great to come back home and settle in for a satisfying sip or two of extra dry BC cider.  I think Granny Smith Apple with Lime was on tap that afternoon.  One of the many perks of visiting the old homefront.


  1. Great photos. I remember those views from my days studying (or revolting)at SFU. On Burrard Inlet I did some archaeology at Pigeon Cove.

  2. DCW:
    I don't know Pigeon Cove (though I have dashed through Pigeon Park a few times, being careful not to slip). I do remember those revolting days up at SFOO, though. May post a couple of pix of the old alma mater in a future episode.

  3. I remember you heading off to SFU for the long bus ride and wishing there was a special ferry that could cross the water and meet up with a shuttle of some sort to get you up the mountain. Never did happen. I also remember the badge you wore when all you "rebels" wanted to change the name of the university to Louis Reil --
    that never happened either.

  4. Pretty views! And nice overhaul.

  5. Shirl:
    That certainly was a long bus ride up to university! Especially on those wet dreary winter days trying to stay awake on the journey home.

    Louis Riel U! I still have that badge somewhere...I think it's pinned on my beatnik doll, Suzuki Beane, wherever she's stashed. I'm sure you remember her as well.

    If only I'd known then what I know now...Ah, the things one can't learn at school, eh?

  6. C:
    Thanks for the double vote of approval.

    Aren't make-overs fun?! I don't think anyone else noticed. Ah well, I'm happy with the new image. And the price was right.

  7. omg, I stopped in yesterday, and thought I must be in the wrong house, there was a strange lady with a hat, and the rooms had all been re-painted ! I took off running thinking I was in wrong place and would be charged with breaking and entering or loitering or something if I stuck around...

    But now I understand, those guys in the photo were building you a new house... and this is it...

    Nice job, pretty classy, sets the photos off well against a fairly neutral but distinguished beige-grey... great scenery, gosh, some folks sure are spoiled for living in beautiful places...

    But you didn't where the bar was ! You're slipping !

  8. Didn't say... is what I meant to say... guess it's me who is slipping... slip sliding away...

  9. BrOwen,
    So it was your toady toes that I heard slip-sliding about at the entrance to my blog yesterday and then off down the driveway in double time. I guess I should have held a blog-warming party to help you acclimatize to the new environment.

    So you think I've added a little class to the joint. I particularly like the watercolour texture of the neutral tones. And I did choose them to better showcase the pictures.

    I also felt I needed more room to breathe; I don't like clutter, and it was easier to do a clean up on the old blog than the old house (as Mr. Rogers would say, "Can you spell avoidance?")

    Do you like my hat? I knit it myself and never wear it. I thought a tuque would be appropriate for a Canuck blogger.

    I'm glad you got your nerve hopped up enough to venture in. Maybe I didn't say where the bar was for a reason...I'm sure when the Sagittarian resurfaces she'll be able to sniff it out, though.

    WV: pessenes
    How someone from the American south pronounces the French word for swimming pools.

  10. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    Looks like one of the last oasis left on this planet. Thank you very much for this journey, far and wide, high enough to wish to be able to fly in one of your photographies.
    A peacefilled and wonderful Thursday for you.

  11. Hi Robert,
    I saw some disturbing scenes from Athens on the news tonight and thought of you, so I am especially happy to have a word from you now.

    There is still much natural beauty around Vancouver, it's true. I do long to live back in that area, but it is very expensive to live there, in terms of housing.

    I wonder if some day there will be suburbs extending right up to the tops of the mountains we see in my photos. Let's hope not! We still need places where our spirits can fly freely.

  12. LOL at pessenes... as long as they don't pesse in them !

    and my WV here is "ousneat", oh its neat !