Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reflections in a Glass Eye

I've just discovered  Reflection Fridays  over at the Newton Daily Photo blog  (thanks to Owen of Magic Lantern fame) and am putting in my 3 cents' worth here (inflation, you know) of some very intriguing reflections that drew my eye on a recent wander through a South Vancouver district.

It looks a bit like a neon sign or a plastic slide but it isn't...

Still not all that evident what we're looking at, but there's a sign across the street pointing out that this is the Diane Farris Gallery (not only can I read the fine print but I can do so backwards) so we know we're in for something arty...

Maybe this display will provide a clearer (pardon the pun) clue.  Yes, you've guessed it, a display of glass 'objets d'art' on display through the glass of the gallery's window.  I think that qualifies as a double reflection, don't you?

And I'd just like to point out that, for once, the photographs shown here were not  altered or  harmed in any way by my usual Photoshopping tendencies!

For some more crystal gazing, head on over to James' "Newton Daily" blog and be charmed by his own and many other fine photographers' contributions to this shiny theme.


  1. Fab idea. I have to say that initially I was worried that I wasn't drinking enough as I couldn't quite make out what it was...thankfully, you cleared that up for me I didn't spill a drop!

  2. Hey, now you're stepping out lively ! James is a super nice person I think, and a pretty fine photographer. And I'll bet your site meter (you do have a site meter, right ???) is jumping through hula hoops with all the new traffic...

    And dear sister Saj, obviously you are not drinking enough if you didn't spill a drop, that's a no brainer, as they say in some parts.

  3. I have always struggled with the term "enough' - it's so subjective, don't you think?

  4. That's cool! I like the first image the best! Not knowing is FUN sometimes! :)

  5. Saj,
    I am so relieved that you managed not to spill. Unlike BrOwen, true to his American roots in spite of his French veneer, I believe it is unseemly to spill alcohol on oneself, to say nothing of the waste!

  6. BrOwen,
    You could say that I have an "out of sight" meter.

  7. Meli,
    "Not knowing" is often just the right place to be if one can relax enough into that state of being and simply accept/enjoy it. It certainly opens the door to discovery.

  8. What interesting layered images - especially those first 2 and thanks for the link to the other photography blog....

  9. I'm glad you like the layered effect, Catherine. That's what my art(as opposed to my amateur photos)is about as well so I'm intrigued by reflections in reflections. I just discovered James' photograph blog myself. So many worlds to discover, as you're well aware.