Monday, March 8, 2010

You've Got Mail

A single small eagle
hang glides in its remoteness
above the dingy village streets.
Outside the post office,
patriotic flags wave laconically
in the half-hearted wind.
Unlocked, my mail box reveals
a treasure map
sent from an unimagined distant land,
written in a friendly hand.
Smiling, I walk on
attuned now
to the hush of melting snow
along the lonely backroads.


  1. Lovely words written :-)
    My compliments !!!


  2. Now that is a little long for a haiku, but could be a series of haiku. Or perhaps we could just say you are waxing poetic.

    How cryptic, will the map lead then to treasures ??? And here I was just getting ready tonight to blog about a certain image from la Réunion... stay tuned...

    Now, would that be your refrigerator ??? If so, what an honor for whoever may have sent something from a distant land...

  3. How interesting to read, kept me awake at nearly twenty to five in the morning. Glad to read about your happiness. Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

  4. Thank you, Anya, I'm glad you found my words lovely, even though there was no cat mentioned.

  5. BrOwen,
    I'm not waxing. It's too painful. Oh, have I made you blush? Sorry. Big sisters are like that. You'd better get used to it.

    Of course it's not haiku. Or maybe it's haiku that's run off at the mouth. Verbose haiku. A haiku rant.

    I don't know how adept you are at intuiting subtlties. I guess I'll just have to give you the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe it's me who's obtuse.

    And, yes, that is a picture of my refrigerator. I used to have my daughter's master's degree from Oxford on it, so it is, indeed, a place of honour.

  6. Robert,
    I am so sorry to have kept you awake! But at least it was with my happy thoughts. Always good to recognize and acknowledge them. I hope you have many of your own this week as well!