Friday, March 5, 2010

Talkin' Trash


Last November I took a wander down the dirt road past the post office to check out the place where old appliances and such go to live out their days. I was in a mood to deepen my dissatisfaction with village life, what can I say.


Today I feel a bit like trashing my blog.  In a good way, though.  See--I prettified  the rusting, bleeding, corroding, smelly cast-offs to share with you as "artifacts."  Arty facts.  I even wrapped them up in plastic to keep your hands clean if you feel like touching anything here. 


Stoves, fridges, freezers, lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, pipes, tires...a treasure trove of  junk, all laying out there in the open for kids to play on, crazy people like me to photograph, tourists to drive by. 


Let's just see if I can pretty things up a bit for such nice company.  Isn't that better?  Look at those rousing bright colours and deep shades that were hiding under all that neglect.



There was even a car or two that had seen better days.  Looks like its last joy ride didn't end that joyfully.  I wonder if she was like this when she was delivered to this special care facility or if she deteriorated into this unkempt, confused state after her arrival.


I'll just make her a tad more seemly for the visitors.  A little make-up never hurts.

(After After)

I'll tighten things up a bit while I'm at it, get rid of a bit of some of that useless bulk.  There, isn't that better?  Downright alluring, I'd say.


Well, thank you for joining me on this little tour of the village resting place for unwanted objects.  Tea and cookies will be served in the lounge where some of the residents will be having a poetry slam a little later, if you'd like to stick around for that. 


  1. You see rusting, smelly cast-offs, I see Wabi Sabi.he!he!You know how I feel about rust.
    Wabi Sabi celebrates the aged wood,the beaten up appliances, and all the rusting crap in that photo.
    From what I've been reading on the subject, I think it includes me, weathered old broad.
    Please don't prettify the rust.

  2. Come on, girl...don't try to tell me that what you do with paint and glue doesn't "prettify" the rust. Are you enjoying the rusted bits I donated to your cause recently? I have to say, it is so liberating to espy a jagged piece of rust lying by the curb now and be able to just walk on by.

    I always thought wabi sabi was something one ate with sushi.

    I'm so happy you stopped by for today's tour! ciao ciao ciao

  3. love your arty facts!! Treasuring up the trash with wonderful results!!

  4. It demands indeed a real artist to see beauty in such sights - able to provide nice after-images.
    Thank you also for pointing a finger towards a subject often forgotten about, especially in such a big city as this.
    As there was a strike (once again) today most trash containers remained full, with over 5mio. people one might (not want to) imagine the amount.
    Wishing you a light and bright start into the weekend of yours all.

  5. Tea ?! Tea !?! Since when do we drink tea and eat cookies, especially after such a wonderful romp through the wild and woolly town dump ? It's hard liquor I think that the Saj is going to be wanting, and a glass of white wine for me please... Tea !

    Can see you are just having a ball with Photoshop, and anything is fair game...

    Well, you knew I was going to like this one, and you were right.

    Greetings to Tasha, hopefully someone was there to turn on the tap for her today while you were taking out the trash...

  6. Hi Catherine,
    Muchas gracias! Would you like lemon with your tea--or perhaps you'd prefer a shot of Tequila?

  7. Greetings, Robert:
    It's funny, while I was trying to deliver a scathing exposé of the level of neglect and shabbiness to be found in this village I was actually tripping on the interesting configurations of shapes, lines and colours of the garbage piles. I just can't help it, I tend to be delighted in a perverse sort of way with even less than attractive sights. And being able to transform them into something else with Photoshop is just a trip.

    I hope your weekend will bring you some rest and happiness. Your situation sounds difficult but you always seem able to rise above it somehow.

  8. BrOwen,
    Calm yourself, you are in a hallowed resting place here. Not all the residents have had their meds yet today. Put this biscuit in your mouth and sit quietly on this overturned gas can.

    Rest assured, the hard stuff, and wine for the more sensitive souls amongst us, will be served up at the poetry slam. I'm sure you and Saj have some choice bits to read aloud for us there, once fuelled by a little rocket juice for courage.

    I did suspect you might enjoy this posting. In fact, I figured if I threw around some garbage and rust and dream cars you'd be happy as a pig in sty.

    I'm sure our dear Sister Saj will enjoy a spot of tea if she gets here before the slam, though she's probably in a bar, I mean, café, polishing up her verse even as we speak.

    See y'all later. Don't forget your beret and tinted glasses.

  9. A pig in sh-er-a-sty, hmmm, me thinks you've invented a new word, a noun, "sherasty"; which I guess means "the layer between the mud and the really smelly stuff" ? The object when visiting pig farms will be to avoid the sty, the sherasty, and the sh**...

    Better off in a café me thinks...


  10. Owen,
    Welcome to Pig Sty Hostel where globe trotters such as yourself, and mud wrestlers such as the Saj, don't mind having to sherasty.

    WV: pipomed
    I think it's time for me to smoke my pipomed and mellow out a bit after all this ruckus that Owen's been kicking up.

  11. Oh clever, and you managed to flip the rusty car around as well as giving it a facelift!
    I don't mind drinking tea at all really, and have a large selection of different herb teas but hey, if you've got some wine there I'll have that too...

  12. Oh, good, there you are at last, Saj. Time for the BrOwen and I to stop whining and start wining now that you're here.

    You're right, I was feeling my mettle (metal pun intended) and tossed the car around to get a better angle for the picture. You'd best be careful if ever I ask you to pose for a portrait!