Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's Get Outta Here Awhile

Whaddya say we just hop in the truck and take a ride back a couple of summers ago, over to the island...
Prince Edward Island, that is.

This looks like a good route, lined with post-modern windmills...

Or we could stick to the more traditional telephone poles route...

So many choices...Sesame Street ... 

or Stompin'Tom Road?  Well, being as how Stompin Tom's an island character, let's stick with the theme...


My intuition paid off:  Look at this charming dream house just waiting for us here!

While I try to locate the owner of that dreamy property, why don't you  take a little walk down to the shore for a good look at the ocean.

If you look really hard, you might see the Confederation Bridge that we took to get to the Island.  It's free to come over here, but you have to pay to leave.  Maybe we should just stay?

Here's a fine piece of Canadiana by the incomparable Stompin' Tom.  Sing along on the chorus, why dontcha?  Be sure to stay all the way to the surprise ending!


  1. Picture #1 made me think of Paul -

  2. Oh, that Paul! Yes. Indeed.

    I hope you were singing along with Stompin' Tom while sitting at your desk?

  3. Man, is PEI ever beautiful. Lovely photos!

  4. Isn't it!? I think it needs a DIVINE visit, don't you? In the right season, though. These photos were taken in October, if you can believe it...the last day for stuff being open.

    Oh, wait a minute! You've already divined the Island! I reiterate about the right season...

  5. aaahhh...sigh...aaahhh...sigh...

    Please excuse these, yet your photography made me a bit wordless, can't wait to "escape".


  6. Great road trip - the last time I was in PEI many years ago it was full of giggling Japanese girls tucking into lobster wearing Anne of Green gables red braids - are they still there?? I like to think they are!!

  7. Robert,
    Do you hear that? It's the sound of me smiling at your reaction to my pictures.

  8. Yes, Catherine,
    the lobster-eating, Anne-of-Green- Gables-bewigged, giggling Japanese girls are still there in busloads! It's very amusing. We try to avoid the whole A-G-G scene and stick to more out of the way places to explore. But you have to do the whole Anne thing once!

  9. Well, there going to send a crew over here with one of those jackets that buttons up the back, and towels, lots of towels, because of all the drooling...

    Love that dream house... and if that was a couple of summers ago, you were already in the spirit of dream houses before I could have possibly contaminated you... ah, great minds think alike... I'm lucky to have such a great big sister...

  10. Yup, BrOwen,
    I was well into dream houses whilst you were but a whipper-snapper (not to be confused with a weed-whacker). In fact when you were about 20 years old, I was actually living in one; abandonned (the house, not me), no electricity or running water (well, a hand pump), and bats in the attic (not me, the house). The whole dream package, quoi! So in this instance of engaging in oddball behaviour, it's not due to being contaminated by you.

    And by the way, I'm not so big as to be great big!

    I must say, that jacket with the buttons down the back really suits you!

  11. Oh, we just gotta get on the back of that truck and escape down Stompin' Tom wonderful! Lovely photos, I'll bring us a picnic swill but best we keep that til we get off the truck (speaking of which, will also pack a pillow for my butt...)

  12. Oh, you're here, Saj! Yee-haw!! Good idea about the pillow,and even better about the picnic swill! Who's driving this rig, anyway? With BrOwen's history of driving "incidents" we'd better keep him in the back of the truck with us. I'm so happy to see you! I'd hug you but we seem to be picking up speed so I'll just hang on to the pig's tail here.