Monday, March 15, 2010


Fly me to the moon.
(2 jet setters I know and love)

My mother sent me this picture of Tailspin Tommy to illustrate the comment she left on this posting


  1. I wish I could be a jet setter. I"d fly me to Paris and never look back!

  2. Striving for both altitude and attitude.

    WV: inseep - Subject to an insipid leak

  3. Technically, this should read "tank me to the moon."

  4. Hi Virginia,
    You raise an interesting thought...where would I fly to if I could hop jet and go anywhere? At least you've got your "druthers" sorted!

  5. DCW:
    I think they've got both covered.

    I hope you caught the inseepient leak before it became a flood!

  6. c:
    (I like how your blog nom de plume looks like a left-facing smile when combined with a grammatical colon.)

    Tanks for pointing out the error in transportation mode. I hope it in no way reflects the status of your relationship with your co-pilot (or tank mate).

    Rest assured, I will be on patrol to seek and capture a tank for future Photoshopping operations!

  7. I just knew "Tailspin Tommy" would make a comeback one day. Remember him? If you answer in the affirmative,
    you've been around the block several times.

  8. Shirl,
    I'm relieved to say that I, for one, do NOT remember Tailspin Tommy. Did he wear a hat like my aviatankers?

  9. From where their hads come from they would be called: Kosmonauts - Kosmos, Greek for the word: world
    Nauts, from Naftis, sailers,the Greek capital Y is written as a 'u' when small, spoken like a 'f', which would make it a Kosmonaftis; however due to the relations closer to the ground, guess it became a 'u' for most people.
    A beautiful work this is for sure. Wishing you all always two hands full of water benath the keel, or maybe better two hands full of air to breath.
    A wonderful Wednesday as well.

  10. How very interesting, Robert! Your talent with languages is showing.

    I would venture to call them cosmo (worldly, as in cosmopolitan) nuts (as in kooky, fun). Yes, cosmonuts!

    May you have enough water around you to keep your life on an even keel and enough air to always lift your spirit high.

  11. Look like Russian pins on the flying headgear there ??? Relics from the cold war ? Tales to tell here no doubt...

    And Tail Spin Tommy, looks like fun. And it is a "Big Little Book"... which it seems to me I saw a few of long ago, but can't quite remember where... And did he get out of the tailspin ? Or did he crash and burn ???

    Staying tuned...

  12. BrOwen,
    Good to see you've staggered in from the marsh, slightly the worse for wear but with those eagle eyes still working well. You're right about the pins being Russian. The "pilot" hats are more likely Russian tank pilot hats but I didn't have a photo of a tank in my arsenal (or up my arse as some might say).

    As for the trials and tribulations of Tailspin Tommy, you'll have to ask my mother. She told me it was her favourite "comic" book series.

    Didn't you photograph a collection of Big Little books at some outdoor flea market you were at last year? Lots of toys, and dogs, and bric-a-brac. Very colourful. (You need a secretary.)

  13. Great photo! So, SOMEONE is into flying helmets? Where's the celery??

  14. Dear Sister Saj,
    "Flying helmets and celery sticks"...huh? What's the connection?
    Must have something to do with alcohol...Is it the name of a drink? Or does one guzzle one's beverage from the helmet, stirred by a celery stick??? Or is it all code? Saj--are you a spy?!!

  15. ah it's from an old TV programme called 'Allo 'Allo....very funny, they always had references to flying helmets and wet celery....or maybe I am a spy!

  16. A woman of mystery, if questionable humour.
    That's what we love about you!