Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lion

Are you familiar with the folksy weather prediction about March, "In like a lion, out like a lamb"?  March came streaking in here last night, roaring around outside the house and scraping its sharp claws against the walls and windows.  As I lay snuggled under my quilts I thought to myself, either it's pouring rain and will wash away all the snow, or it's hammering down ice-pellets.  This morning, when I heard the tell-tale rumble of a snow plough passing, I knew what we were in for.

View from bedroom window (blurry because seen through tears!)

Snow plough passing.

View (?) from kitchen window.

Give me spring lamb any day!
(As seen in Italy, but I'll take it wherever I can get it)


  1. On may 1 may you be lambinated.

  2. For some reason the word "lambaste" came to mind, which is where a lamb being roasted on a spit gets basted, so as to render it more tender... oh dear, looks like the white witch has passed and decreed eternal winter... hopefully you are right, and lambs are on the horizon... hang in there...

  3. Oh we do a nice line in Spring Lamb, I will even make you my own very special mint sauce!
    I now feel very guilty about complaining about how dark our mornings are now getting...and the wee bit of dew on the grass this morning. Come on over and I'll mix you a drink to warm the heart of your bottom (since you're in the Northern Hemisphere)

  4. DCW:
    Never mind May 1 lambination, I want to be LAMINATED (as in plastified, pacified, and pickled) right now! I saw over at Elizabeth's blog this morning that you mentioned the lion marching in and roaring round your neck of the woods as well. Misery loves company...and a good bottle of scotch!

  5. Owen:
    That is a rather perfect choice of word--lambaste. Yes, we have been lambasted by the Wicked White Witch of Winter once more. No trotting off to the post office for me today; not even poking my nose outside to take a picture. Just the other day, the postal clerk and I were exchanging pleasantries about the lovely fake feeling of spring in the air. We knew we were being toyed with and that March would have a couple of good storms up its sleeve. Wah!

  6. Saj:
    I'll be right there, chilly bottom and all. I swear that my mouth is beginning to water at the mention of spring lamb and mint sauce...or maybe it's just the mention of spring...or, more probably, the promise of one of your mixed drinks.

  7. Poor you!!!
    Yes, quite enough
    today (oddly) we have had a little sun but someone said it will snow tomorrow night.
    I used to live in Morocco where it is spring already and the almond blossoms are out and the first lilacs and roses and..........
    you totally get the picture...........(sigh!)

  8. Elizabeth,
    How can one ever recover from once having lived in Morocco? I've never been there, but can only dream and imagine what it must be like.

    I'm from Vancouver and still miss having daffodils in Februrary, cherry blossoms in March and...

    "Sigh," indeed!

  9. So it might be worth to remain, until this month is over ?! as indeed the beginning was strong as a lions claw.
    I love, love, love the first photography. Looks like the view I once had back home during March - oh! what a change.
    Please have a nice start into your Wednesday.

  10. Well, Robert, I'm glad this winter storm brought some pleasure to you through my photos. That makes me feel a lot better about the weather. Traditionally, there is a snowstorm around the middle of stay tuned!