Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boogey On

One of the ways I cheer myself up and get my energy flowing is to dance.  Yup.  All by myself, groovin' away in my studio most afternoons, CBC Radio 2's Drive cranked up whenever a good tune comes on.  I find having some good loud music playing also helps me attack whatever painting I'm working on.  But if something with an irresistible groove comes on, I just have to lay down the paint brush and take to the "dance floor."  Dancing has been an outlet for me most of my life, starting dance classes at age 3.  For a time, I was a dancer on stages in front of audiences.  Nothing big, but enough to feed my passion, if not to put food on my table.

Here's a newspaper clipping of moi, many many moons ago, that I touched up to fit with the lyrics of a song I rocked out to in my studio this afternoon ("rocking out" being a relative term these days).

"Oh baby blue oh baby blue
come here I'm gonna smear another colour over you
get out of bed you little sleepy head your black
and white needs a little bit of red
your black and white needs a little bit of red."

A pared-down version, but nice and raw.
Turn up the volume!


  1. Well dance on then !

    That's a great photo too... even if the black and white got more than just a little bit of red !


  2. I can't dance if you're watching.

  3. Ok, guess I'll head out to a bar with sister Saj, and let you dance in peace for a while... but we'll be back !

    WV is "booder", yep, we're gonna go booder at the bar for a while !

  4. Wait a minute, BrOwen! Hold on! Wah! I don't want to be left behind, dancing in the dark. Can't we all go to a bar with a band and a dance floor?? They still exist, don't they? I promise I won't ask you to dance with me, unless you really really want to. And what about Saj? I bet she likes to get down with her bad self to a good beat. I'll just grab my coat...

  5. Oh if we're dancin' in the dark -bugger your coat, we will have to get Bruce! I'll get him, you just carry on dancin' and if I'm not back within a few weeks you better get the dinner on....

  6. Saj, we must be psychically linked as I was just thinking, while helping get the dinner on, that I should have put up a video of Bruce singing "Dancin' in the Dark" for you--yes, just for you! In fact, I will. Hang on...