Saturday, February 27, 2010

Colour My World

As I am presently suffering from a stultifying bout of the winter blahs, cabin fever, and general ennui, I thought I'd sift through some photos from past adventures beyond the confines of my rural existence.

"I'm half sick of shadows"
This quote from Tennyson's "The Lady of Shallot" (seen below) about sums things up.

Back in November, in Montreal, I saw a stunning exhibit of J.W. Waterhouse paintings.

I loved my afternoon at the Musée des Beaux Arts, as expressed by this Photoshopping of one of the 2 big heart-shaped sculptures right outside the museum's entrance (you can just make them out in the right hand side of the previous photo.)  Can't you just see this as a postcard with "I Heart Montreal" or "I Heart Art"  emblazoned across the sky?  I need an agent. 

The interior of the museum lends itself well to a graphic interpretation

while the view from an upper window provides an interesting mix of shapes and sizes, old and new, against a dimming November sky.  Notice someone's artistic expression painted on the side of the building on the lower right of the photo.   One has to wonder why.  Perhaps they were suffering from a case of the blahs as well.  It happens.


  1. Glad that you are only "half sick" as shadows second half surely belongs to light.

    There are as well "sky high" graffiti over here, maybe a further connection of two big cities, made me in the beginning wonder much - but after a couple of years, realised that it takes my view time and again, up to the sky, and many times the pieces do fill very well, to the blue of hope, peace and freedom above.
    And in the end they do provide as well a nice photography.

    Wishing you more of the second half, throughout the Sun-filled-day.

  2. Thank you, Robert, for providing me with a more positive outlook--seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty would be another way of expressing it, I suppose. As long as there's something in my glass!

    There are some really fun murals on buildings in Montreal and they add a certain whimsy to the dominant big city, big business, serious attitude. I like how you describe how those you see in your city bring your gaze upward--and thus, outward, I would think, away from the constant mental treadmill of worries.

    I hope you can catch up on some sleep this weekend, Robert! It sounds like that is what you need perhaps more than anything else for your well-being.

  3. PS. Robert, I must thank you for your visits and thoughtful comments that you leave so regularly at my blog doorstep. If I was the sort of person who said such things as "Blessings upon you" I would say such a thing to you.

  4. Dear Lynne, I think the sister Saj needs to drop by to ensure your glass is not only half full, but entirely full, and stays that way until the blahs are all gone ! Where is that saucy tippler anyway ??? She's been mighty quiet for a few days now... But for someone with the blahs looks like you're having too much fun with photoshop regardless...

    So, chin up, Canada still has a chance to win gold tonight in the hockey final, so, what the h-e-double hockey stick, crack a smile, crack a beer, get back to photoshop, and create another crazy masterpiece...


    yo' bro'...

  5. BrOwen,
    I have a secret to confess, but as you're my brother, I feel I should tell you. I hate hockey. Yes, I'm Canadian and yet I hate hockey. My other brother played hockey, my nephew plays hockey and my sister is a real Hockey Mum; my family all loves hockey and I can't stand the sight, sound, or smell of it. I grew up with that nasal voice of the hockey commentator droning away every Saturday (?) night while I amused myself with my crayons and colouring books, occasionally peeking over the back of the chesterfield to see what all the shouting was about. To this day, the narration of the hockey action is like nails on a blackboard to me. I hide in my studio if Pierre's watching hockey.

    But, yes, tonight even I can appreciate the significance of this game and will do my best to keep track of what the puck is going on. I will even unearth the Tennessee whiskey that I have cached away for emergency purposes (and to protect it from you and the Saj who is probably digging up the woods out back searching for it). Even I know it will be a good game. And I sincerely hope that Canada seriously kicks some US butt tonight!

    Go team!

  6. Grrrrr !

    PS WV is "skingueb", as in, the US team is going to skingueb the Canadians !

    PPS me too, I detest nearly all organized sports which are money mills played in stadiums...

  7. Oh, there you all are! Have been nose deep in all kinds of family gatherings of the un-blog kind and so finally I am here. No, haven't been out in the woods but thanks for the heads up at least I know where to start looking...
    I can totally see that heart pic as a card, hell I'd even buy it if I ever got to Canada. I have flown OVER Canada but not been to it. Yet. There, thats something to cheer you up with eh?

  8. BrO:
    Woohoo! Mission accomplished: U.S. butt kicked! But those damn Yanks gave the good Canucks a tight run for the gold. I refrained from shaking up the champagne and spewing it from the bottle all over the living room...but only just. Hate to waste good bubbly.

    WV: "chingsti"
    A slang term for a sports stadium, shortened from "ka-ching stye".

  9. Good sister Saj! Family doodies, eh? Had my turn at that last week. Makes a nice change and a good excuse for more food and drink. Probably why I'm a bit down this week--am in withdrawal. Wait till tomorrow when there are no more Olympics as an excuse to sit around all glassy eyed and swilling beer.

    I only mentioned the woods because you are too late to find my cache. Not born yesterday, Saj, not by a long shot!

    Thanks for supporting my postcard. I mean, I gave it 110% ya know and it was a personal best. (Gad, I'm even talking like the athletes now.)

  10. Hi - so nice to meet you too and your blog - yes I love those heart postcards and that lady of shallot - the poem is wonderful too - hoping I can learn more about art and images from your blog - Greetings from Mexico!!

  11. Hello,
    Owen sent me running over to see more of your delightful work. I HEART your hearts and other work as well. I've not mastered Photoshop. I can barely remove a wart off someone's nose. I don't know why I can't seem to learn it. Maybe it's because I'm not disciplined enough to sit and work at it. Well I just have to try really hard to take better photos so I won't have to !HA

    I'll be back. Good stuff here.
    Oh, I"m sick of winter too and I live in ALabama for pete's sake!

  12. Hola Catherine!
    Nice to see you here. My other blog, Ragzedge speaks more of images and art.

    You just never know what might be going on here down my Décolleté! Especially with Owen and The Sagittarian stopping by to stir things up. But I see from your blog that you are up for most anything that crosses your path. Fun!

  13. Hi Virginia,
    Thanks for running over here from Owen's. I hope you're not too winded.

    Somehow, I can't quite imagine winter being that hard in Alabama, but I'll try to rustle up some empathy for you. Everything's relative.

    As for Photoshopping...maybe you're just not obsessive/compulsive enough to apply yourself to learning to use it. It is useful for "enhancing" not so great photos (such as my own) but I really like it for
    creating something quite other than the original photograph.

    Thanks for warming the cockles of my heart(s).