Monday, February 1, 2010

One Light Left in Heaven

We pass this house on the drive to town.  Until about 2 years ago, there was still someone living here, and the place wasn't in much better shape at that time.  At night, through the darkness, we'd see a stark, bare lightbulb shining feebly but defiantly through a downstairs window. 

Recently, I heard a song that I fell in love with and I think it makes a touching story to go with this picture. 

"You know I'll wait here for you
I'll wait here for you
No matter where you go
Or what you put me through
And I have walked this floor for hours and hours
Underneath the moon
And I am slowly disappearing here
Just a ghost that's shining through
And I don't know if you'll come back to me
Or if I want you to
I'll be waiting for you"

From"One Light Left in Heaven"
written by Jim Cuddy & Blue Rodeo


  1. Oh I've got a few CDs by these guys, love them!! It would seem we are well set for a visit from each other eh?
    Love that old house too, I guess Owen will want to move in ASAP...

  2. Maybe we could all move in there and make it a bloggers rendez-vous cabin for weekend escapes ??? I'll ship over a 40 foot container of wine, burgundies, bordeaux, cotes du rhone, cahors, the kit and caboodle quoi ! Jeez, that place looks like an arsonists dream, and I'll bet is is full of masked ring tailed varmints ???

    And another killer song there... what are we going to do Saj, it looks like sister Lynne is on a roll here ! That "angel" must have passed on some strange magic... I'd never heard of either Madison Violet or Blue Rodeo... am going to have to look up some more, for sure... But now it's time for my beauty sleep... with one light left in heaven to light up my dreams tonight.... love that acoustic guitar picking...

  3. Sister Saj & BrOwen,
    Oh what a treat--a co-visit from my virtuostic sister and brother! How 'bout you two turn the old place into a duplex--or blogger condos--and I'll stay living down the road where I am. You can come over to get warm and use the big bathtub (for bathing or making gin, it's up to you).

    Owen--what is "cahors"?? Is it the verb for being in cahoots? And could you bring some cheeses as well? Plus pastries?

    Saj--maybe you could bring a few sides of lamb? And some wool so we can sit and knit while the lamb roasts. Plus some New Zealand wine to show Owen that the sun does not rise on set solely on the French vineyards.

    I'll provide the lobster (pre-cracked by Pierre) and McCain's fries. New Brunswick is the French fries-making capital of the world, after all! And there's some tasty locally brewed blueberry beer to wash them down.

    Blue Rodeo has been around for ages and I generally like their music but, oddly, I don't own any of their records. Looks like you have a better collection of Canadian tunes than I do, Saj. BTW--do you like Dave Dobbyn? I believe he's a Kiwi.

    Yup, musically, I think we 3 will get along just fine. After all, we're not siblings by accident!

  4. Oh indeedy I can supply the lamb, and the wool (my mum spins her own wool so am aure she will have nice lano-lynny stuff available)...and some vino for sure, you can't beat a good Marlborough Sauvinon Blanc with yer crayfish.
    Yup Dave Dobbyn is one of ours, I'm not that fussed on him really but alot of people are.

  5. Hey Saj,
    There are 3 Dobbyn songs I like to play, out of 6 that my daughter supplied me with. She saw him on a Finn Brothers concert in NZ when she was there.

    I'm very excited about the handspun wool! Bring some that we can knit and felt, okay? I just felted a pair of slippers that are still drying on the heat vent above the woodstove. I am so rustic.

    Mmmmmmm, lammmmmb!

  6. Oh my mum felts as well (and makes her own paper and dyes her own wool.....)

  7. I remember passing that house in years gone by and wondering what stories could be told about the family living there.

  8. As it takes about eight minutes until light reaches earth, you might have been living closer to a star than you have known.

  9. Saj,
    Can I come and hang out with yer mum?

  10. DCW,
    Yes, wasn't it mysterious and weird and disturbing? We theorized that they must have pitched a tent inside. Jim said a family lived there, with kids. How could have such "living" conditions been permitted? Albert County ways.

  11. Robert,
    You've reminded me of a song I used to like when I was a kid,
    "Would you like to swing on a star". I never thought of a star being only 8 minutes away.
    Do you have a version of the little rhyme, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." Wishing on a star. Is that universal?

  12. I will for sure have a though about that. Reminds on the other hand, of a small scatch I did nearly a decade ago...soon...A wonderful Thursday to you.

  13. Robert, I wish you a sparkling closing to this week, shining on to the weekend. And I look forward to seeing your small sketch, whenever it may appear.