Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sometimes the Angel

Sometimes the angel welcomes you with open arms but you scarcely dare hope to trust his embrace.

Sometimes the angel turns his back and shows you the moon.

And sometimes life's a carnival ride spinning so fast you can barely hold on.

I heard this duo sing this song live on CBC Radio 2 last week and it's been spinning in my mind ever since.


  1. That not the most angelic angel I've ever seen, a little devilish looking if you ask me, front or rear view...

    On the other hand, the two young ladies singing... now there are two angels. Beautiful old guitars they have, and sweet, sweet voices. The only thing with the video, where's the roar of applause at the end ??? It ends in silence... but that's ok, am listening again, and no doubt again, and again. Very nice find there big sis... where'd you come across these two ???

  2. BrOwen,
    Happy to have pleased your ears! As stated in my little write-up underneath the video, I came across these two on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which I listen to most afternoons from 3:30to 6:30 when I'm in my studio. Lots of contemporary, Indy type music featured, lots of Canadian stuff. New tunes. There's a distinct cross-over country feel to a lot of the new music, which took me awhile to get used to, but now I'm a convert. These girls were just spot on, live from the studio. Gorgeous harmonies and full guitar sound. Apparently they've been around for a time, but I'd never heard of them before.

    As for the "angel"--he has a kind of a Mick Jagger attitude, don't you think? I read a short story in Omni one time that featured an angel who had fallen to earth and was taken in by a human while it recovered. It wasn't the friendliest, kindest, most appreciative, empathetic sort of being, and I rather liked that interpretation of an angel. It had its own agenda and way of seeing things.

  3. Somewhere I did read that "we are all angels, with one wing, only able to fly while embrazing each other".

    Guess that goes as well for such faced angles.

    As there was once a sea named Mare Desiderii upon the moon, it would indeed be a joy to dive in and afterwards to count the waves each.

    Wishing you a wonderful start into the new month and week as well.

  4. I like that video clip, reminded me a bit of the Indigo Girls...and I've always liked the Kate and Anna McGarrigle, that sort of sound. Acoustic guitar gets me everytime, I love it.
    Not sure that erm "Angel" would get me...

  5. Robert,
    How true that we all need help from one another, support in order to "fly." Even a smile from a passing stranger can sometimes be enough to lift one's spirit. Angels and demons are all within. One of our earthly tasks must be to recognize and befriend them. Yes, even the demons need to be recognized, befriended and ultimately tamed, I think.

    I can barely swim, Robert, so perhaps I will just sit on that chair by the water and count the waves that ripple out as you dive into the moon sea.

  6. Saj,
    There's an old song from the '50s or '60s called "Devil or Angel." It would be a good fit for the fibreglass fellow shown here, I think.

    So you like Kate and Anna?! I'm surprised you even know of them. I have an old album or two of their tunes up in the attic. Did you hear that Kate died recently? My daughter is going to her funeral today in Montreal. She did volunteer work as a communciations person for the Kate McGarrigle Fund,

    which raises money for cancer care and research in Montreal. This year, their major charity fundraiser was big concert with plenty of family, friends, and celebrities performing at the Royal Albert Hall; last year they put one on at Carnegie in NYC. Both were terrific successes. My daughter, for one, is glad she was there for Kate's last show. By all accounts, Kate McGarrigle was a lovely, witty and charming person, as well as an excellent musician.

  7. oh how sad, no I didn't know she had died. Now that gives me an excuse for a tipple tonight. I seem to have a thing for artists from Canada...Neil Young, Rick Danko, Mark Germino...

  8. Mark Germino?! I do not know of him.

    My daughter said the service for Kate was sad and very Catholic but nice when people sang. Emmylou Harris was there and paid tribute in song.