Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because I Can

My father-in-law recently emailed us photos that he had scanned into his computer.  I took two of them, combined them with a postcard download from
DJ Pettit's "Memories and Manipulations" Photoshop workshop I'm presently engaged in, applied different bells and whistles, et voilà, someone else's memories manipulated.  Please note, however, that I did not augment the quantity of bottles on the table! 

Here's the original to prove it
(that's 100-proof, by the way).

Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have an inexplicable urge to dash off and do some yodelling.


  1. Yodelling? is there no end to your talents??
    You are really perking up my interest in Photoshop...

  2. Saj,
    But not perking up your interest in yodelling?!

    WV: dehen
    You puts de hen in de pot to makes de stew.

  3. Maybe the fault of the distance, that I felt comfortable with your yodelling. Realised how much sound is able to provide and to keep memories alife.
    Maybe it was the laughter between the three people that makes this picture so much worth - before and after the bottles ;)
    A wonderful Thursday for you all.

  4. I think you should also point out how my grand-maman is pregs with my father's sister in this! ...and matante doesn't seem to have FAS.

  5. Robert,
    I am sure that being in Athens is why you felt comfortable with my yodelling! Sounds can bring back memories...sea, rain, thunder...Not to mention songs.

    I found the original photo was so full of the happiness of the moment--that's what drew me in. How many of such moments do we create in our lives, and are we aware of their preciousness at the time?

  6. C,
    I thought I might leave that fact for the viewer to discern. Some might just think she was "arty" and wearing a smock for that reason, thus explaining away the quantity of bottles on the table.

    Your matante did not suffer from FAS,no, but she has the other syndrome (D--------s) that you know so well. I think I've acquired it from longtime association with ton père--but I'm not complaining!

  7. My older brother (in real life that is, not that mischievious cyber brother of ours) has a thing for yodelling, he even once bought an old vinyl record of some Swiss Yodellers and played it until I threw it out the window! (I suspect that answers your question...)

  8. Saj,
    Your brother's yodelling career nipped in the bud. I guess them's the breaks. Or that's the way the record crumbles.

  9. Ok, what's this about a mischievious cyber brother ??? I heard that !

    Gosh Lynne, you're getting pretty talented with photoshop already there... for a second I thought I was seeing double... gonna have to lay off that 100 proof stuff...

    But if you get as good at yodelling as you are at photoshop already, jeez, we're going to be seeing videos of you soon on YouTube just like we did of Taylor Ware... you know about Taylor Ware, right ??? Well, just in case, this is a good one to start with, but there are others out there...

    She's a trip for such a young'un...

  10. BrOwen,
    Um...thanks? for the link.

    Just so there are no misconceptions and so that no one will be hurt and disappointed later on, it should be known that I can't actually yodel and don't really like hearing anyone doing so. I wouldn't want you to find out through the National Enquirer or anything like that. But I might be tempted to yodel if I had a taste of that 100-proof stuff!