Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Fired Up

We have a guest blog reporter today in the form of photos emailed to me by my mother out in North Vancouver, on the other side of the continent to where I live.  Seems there's a sporty little event happening out there on the west coast called the Winter Olympics.  She got a great picture of the flame being paddled by proud members of a local tribe when it arrived in her neck of the woods.

Being an observant sort, my mother noted that the war canoe looked familiar.  In fact, we had seen it the previous October when I was there visiting.  I had taken a picture of it sitting outside a neighbourhood garage.  We had wondered what it was doing there.  Now we know--getting tuned up for its big Olympic moment.

And here's another torch-bearer enjoying her big Olympic moment.  My mother said there was an enthusastic crowd on hand, in spite of the drizzle, to cheer the torch bearers on. 

A parade of sorts rolled down the highway, spreading more Olympic enthusiasm and leaving very large carbon tracks.

I'm quite taken with this big red truck that's admonishing us to "open up happiness" the form of Coca Cola, supporting the Olympic dream since 1928...back when real cocaine was part of the ingredients? 

Some enthusiasm in action.  Note the Canadian flag in the background, the Olympic volunteer in the foreground, and a man with a fibreglass penguin middle ground.  He said that he has taken his penguin to 19 different countries and introduced it to numerous celebrities.  A different sort of Olympic sport.

My mother says of this little creature: " Miga is an official Vancr. 2010 mascot and the tale is "Miga is a young sea bear who lives in the ocean with her family pod, beyond Vancouer Island, near Tofino, BC
Sea bears are part killer whale and part bear. (Miga is part Kermode bear, a rare white bear that only lives in BC.)"

Let the games begin!


  1. What a very wonderful entry of yours, one can only hope that the flame of truth and honesty will burn bright.

    How very nice also to see the man and the pinguin; there's a small book about three pinguins, receiving only two tickets for the Arche, arguing what to do until next morning at eight, in order to make the "save journey" for all three of them.
    One can only smile when it comes to a discussion of penguins. May it be cold enough and filled with as much snow to make the games worth while. A wonderful Friday for you all.
    p.s.: in the end the did put him in a suitcase and smuggled him aboard.

  2. Thank you, Lynne, for letting me be an honourary
    blogger on your site.

    I love the Games and all the festivities leading up to them.

    Got a front row seat all lined up on the sofa, so let the Games begin.

  3. Thank you for bringing us closer to the games. The tv news in US will filter out the human aspects in favor of computer graphic effects. This is a lovely post!

  4. Robert,
    Thank you for saying that the flame burns for truth and honesty. I have questioned its significance. It certainly rallied people round it as it passed across Canada throughout so many small communities, as large as cities.

    Penguins are inherently comical, aren't they, in their little tuxedos and funny way of walking. They should have a penguin-walk race at the Winter Olympics, much like the speed walking one at the Summer Olympics!

  5. Hi Shirl,
    Thanks for all your reports and photos! They were just too good not to share with others.

    All that sports watching you intend to do is going to require a well-stocked larder, I'd say, so you'd best do your best penguin speed-walk (see comment above) over to the grocery store to stock up!

  6. Thank you, Patricia. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And my mother will be very pleased as well to read your comment.

    My sister is volunteering at the Games, working at the athletes' village in downtown Vancouver, and is having a wonderful time doing so. My mother gets a morning report from her so we get a bit of "local colour" that we'd normally never hear of. Makes it all more personal. I was happy to be able to share a bit of it here.

  7. We watched the torch arriving in Vancouver on TV the other night (or it might have been last night), New Zealand has a few sports people competing and it all looked fabulous! Loved th ephotos, obviously being clever runs in your family!
    Cheers, A

  8. Hi Saj,
    My sister was there when the New Zealand team arrived. She was amused and impressed that every team member had a small umbrella as part of their outfits. Obviously the Kiwis have done their research about Vancouver weather tendencies. ONe of my favourite part of the games is checking out the countries' uniforms on their parade in at the opening ceremonies.

    WV: catoss
    While popular in the early days of the Olympic Games, "catoss" is no longer considered a sport, largely due to animal rights protesters.

  9. I fed the fish and admired your photoshop landscape.
    I have a program called Picknik which I feel is photshop for idiots
    and can play with it for hours.
    I also loved the ruined house in one of the posts below.
    all best wishes

  10. Ewix,
    Thanks for stopping by and feeding the fish! I'm glad you enjoyed looking around.

    I've played with Picnik online and quite love it. Gadgets and gizmos for images...way too much fun!