Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympian Legacies

I took some photos of another Olympic site last November when I visited Montreal.

The Olympic Stadium, La Stade Olympiqe, The Big O.
Now home to many sporting events, including football.
In the foreground, the podium no longer hosts medalists but the flame still burns, and the rings continue to glow.

In the plaza the flags of all the particpating nations still blow proudly in the breeze.

The Olympic rings make an abstract design against the sky at dusk.


  1. I wonder how the dreams of those who attended Montréal were or were not fulfilled and how they changed over time.

    There must be some stories to tell.

  2. As I watch the athletes in their physical prime pushing their bodies beyond their natural limits I can't help but wonder what sort of physical legacy they will be left with in the future. What price glory?

    As an observer, it certainly looks like a tremendous high, just participating, that no one would ever forget. Even the low of losing out on one's dreams must be tempered by the overall experience, I would think.

  3. Back a long time, there wasn't allowed to be a war, a battle or hatred at all. Seeing these five rings still provides this dream to me.
    Beautiful sights nicely set in scene by your photography. Please have you all a wonderful Tuesday.

  4. Happy Tuesday to you, too, Robert.
    Friendly comptetition and striving for one's personal best is certainly preferable to all out war. I'm not a big sports fan, but it is enjoyable to see representatives from so many countries amassed together in harmony. Thank you for your kind comments about my humble photographic skills. It's fun to share.

  5. Ah, the left-overs, the what if's and could haves, flapping in the breeze a year later! Great pix, how cool to be that close to something so historic.

  6. "And it burns burns burns,
    the ring of fire,
    the ring of fire"

  7. Gotta watch those curries eh? My top tip for those involved with burning rings....pop the loo paper in the fridge before you go out for the curry.

  8. The stadium looks like a spaceship ready to take off!
    Maybe it did? ;-)

  9. Yes, Merisi, I thought it looked a lot like a spaceship as well! I think it's pretty much stuck here on Earth, though. ET wants to go home.