Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Such a Dumb Bunny

Question: Does eating the grass at an institute of higher learning make the average dumb bunny smarter?

The University of Victoria is overrun with bunnies! I asked my guide to stop the car so that I might take a few pictures of the hopping, nibbling, twitching, munching bunnies. As I knelt down on the grass to capture an image or two, they turned as one and started moving towards me. I have to say it was rather creepy and just a little frightening.

I don't know how smart these U.Vic. bunnies are generally, but their math skills are pretty sharp. After all, they're multiplying like rabbits!


  1. Wow! It looks like somebody came by in a mini-van, opened the steel cage in the back, and released about a hundred bunnies! Very strange! I wonder if they have nests around for the upcoming winter... xxox

  2. I love bunnies
    My daughter had one little bunny
    its so cute :))))

  3. Hi Margaret,
    More like thousands of bunnies! Urban legend has it that families would buy pet bunnies at Easter then get tired of looking after them and release them into the "wilds" around the university. I think there could be a golden opportunity for someone to open a restaurant specializing in rabbit stew!

  4. Hi Anya,
    I generally find bunnies cute, but not when confronted with several hundred hungry looking ones moving towards me! Good thing they're not carnivores.

  5. Lynne, my god, you're lucky they weren't like the bunny in the Monty Python movie that went after the knights ! I would have been running for my life ! Screaming hysterically, "The Bunnies are coming, the bunnies are coming !!!" (no, maybe not quite that, that doesn't quite sound right somehow... maybe that's why they are multiplying so fast ?) No... I did not just say that...

    Lynne, let me start over... your bunnies here are delightful, they seem surprisingly tame, and maybe were simply hoping for some handouts in carrots or whatever? You didn't bring one home with you, did you ???

    BTW, I'm so late, I just saw your e-mail, will answer it tonight... sorry, I hadn't opened mine for a while, vacation, etc...

    Hope you're having a grand time out there...

    Hmmm, any rabbit stew on the menu tonight, by any chance ???

  6. aw so cuuuuute! They certainly seem rather big. Check your bags tho' they are devious creatures and may well have stowed away to begin their domination of the world....

  7. Owen, I'm very glad to hear that you didn't really say what I thought I just heard you say!

    I did not, in fact, bring one home with me as my tiny but ferocious cat, who is smaller than a bunny, has been known to leave a headless bunny or two as an offering at the back door.

    They are widiculously tame, those wascally wabbits of higher learning; having, perhaps, at some point in their fecund lives, been house pets.

    Et non, pas de ragout de lapin ce soir, helas.

  8. Hi Saj,
    Glad to see you can still appreciate rabbits, in spite of some nasty incidents with your own lodgers. I do believe you're right about the bunny plot to take over the world. They'll have to figure out how to swim across the Georgia Strait to get to mainland BC, though. Fortunately they were too big to slip unobserved into my pockets, and not smart enough to disguise themselves as slippers, so I believe I will be departing here bunniless.

    I wonder if there will be a sudden revival in sales of good luck bunny paws in the Chinatown shops?

  9. Apart from the children books of my small son I have not seen any bunny for years now.
    Was somehow reminded of the days when I was a child, eating sand at the playground, wondering what I have become.
    A wonderful week for you!

  10. At least you're not eating sand anymore, Robert. I hope not, anyway! Are there no wonderful, tasty Greek dishes involving rabbit? Well, I guess that's not really the same thing as seeing bunnies.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, too.