Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Going Home

I'm heading back to my home on the other coast.

Bags are packed, lunch is made, plans to return in the spring are waiting to hatch.

I'll leave here at 8:00 a.m. and arrive on the eastern side of the country at midnight, but it will seem like 8:00 p.m. to me because of the 4 hour time difference. Wine and snacks have been promised to celebrate my return.

It's always hard to leave here, with its warm welcome, good company, day trips, old friends, family get togethers, favourite haunts, new scenes, old tricks, cozy evenings, lazy mornings, walks and talks, gorgeous scenery.

It's been great.


  1. The time difference for our traveling from and to the east is lovely. i think it worked better going west, though. I bet you always got up bright and early at your Mom's. I did.
    Cheese and crackers...and I heard of a new aperitif called Lillet--orange flavored! You'll have to try it!
    You had a wonderful Trip to Bountiful. Did and saw so much! Sorry you have to come home to cold! But you know the deal. bon voyage and safe trip, Luv, M.

  2. Hi Margaret.
    You're so right that this has been a trip to bountiful...bountiful good experiences.

    BTW: I finally got to taste pomegranate cider--definitely not my favourite! Tasted a bit too "grapey" for my likes. White cranberry my preference...at least for this trip.

    West coast was surprisingly cold when it wasn't sunny. It's true what they say about damp cold penetrating the bones. Or maybe it was my lack of woolens. I feel like I'm about to head off into the long winter exile. Meanwhile, had better head off to bed.

    Thanks for the bon voyage!
    L. xo

  3. Isn't it always magic to even think these words of going home...
    Even though living here for now five years, realised only a few days ago, that I still am far, very far, from calling this place home.
    A wonderful and safe journey for you.

  4. ah safe journey home, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful holiday with us!
    Now then, lets see where did I put that wine bottle....

  5. Hopefully you are safely home if reading this... hope you had a great trip in the flying sardine tin, with a window seat and good weather while going over the Rockies, that must be spectacular... and are home all revved up with creative ideas bursting at the seams.... see you soon...

  6. Hi Robert, "Going home" wonderful in all that it implies; wonderul in having a home to go to. More problematic when wonders where is home, really?

  7. Hi Saj,
    I loved every moment of it with you!

  8. Hi Owen,
    Safe and sound, yes. Bursting at the seams, ditto! (though not necessarily with creative ideas).

    Happy trails to you...although I guess you've already gone a-wandering so I am sitting here talking to myself.