Friday, November 6, 2009

12 hours later, my second plane, which left from Montreal, landed with a mighty BUMP! and a resounding bounce or two. I guess the pilot had trouble seeing the tarmac through the fog.

There was a robust, though height-challenged, welcome committe waiting inside the airport.

I think the pilot might have overshot our destination!

Oh, wait a gets worse. We weren't actually at the North Pole, these were Christmas decorations, up already on November 4! Argh!

But as Scarlett reminds us in the Relator video,

"You can leave whenever you want out."


  1. It seems as if it might be true, that one of the strangest places upon this earth are airports.

    Over here, since last week there are christmas trees up for sale, either green, white or pink as well...

    A colourful weekend for you.

  2. You know what's stranger than airports, Robert? Bus stations.

    I never envisioned Christmas trees for sale in Athens!

    Rainbows of happiness to you this weekend as well!

  3. Welcome home, Lynne! Even though it does resemble the North Pole a bit! If you lived in New Jersey, you would have seen "Christmas" right up with Halloween!
    The video was great! I don't beg; I don't borrow; I steal?! He did have a good response to her "you can leave whenever you want out," which was: You don't respect me. And then they both smiled at each other at the end! Very cute. xxox

  4. Hi Margaret, Thanks for the welcome home! Yes, it's beginning to look a bit like the North Pole already. Snow mixed with rain yesterday, and some vestiges still lingering in the dark corners this afternoon. Just like with the Xmas decorations--it's too soon!

    Glad you enjoyed the vid, too. It's a catchy tune I hear sometimes on the radio and, for some reason, find energizing. What's with movie stars turning pop stars these days, I wonder. Not enough glory?

  5. Haven't heard that song before, she sings a bit like Emmy Lou Harris I reckon (hardly moves her face at all, very odd don't you think?) Anyway, glad you're home in time for Xmas. Better hurry with the shopping as it will almost be time for the New Year sales!

  6. I agree with you Saj, for an acclaimed actress Scarlett doesn't put on much of a performance when singing.

    Cripes! Christmas shopping? Perish the thought. Everybody's getting handmade this year. My tradition used to be staying up till the wee hours on Christmas Eve, accompanied by a large supply of wine, putting the finishing touches to homemade presents. Now, however, most of my gifts have to be mailed so I have to get an early start. That said, must go hunt up that large supply of wine tout de suite!

  7. Ah if its wine you're sending best I send you my address toute suite!

  8. Saj, darling, the wine is pour moi, to aid me in the enjoyment of the gift making/wrapping/mailing ritual! But you're welcome to stop by and join in the "fun"!