Friday, November 6, 2009

There and Back Again

So, last time we spoke, I was telling you that I was about to head back to the east coast.
This is how it went...

After taking a bus to downtown Vancouver, I connected with the new Canada Line Sky Train. Half of the ride, though, is underground, so it's not technically a "sky" train at that point. But let's not get picky; it's too early in the morning to split hairs about terminology. I'm just happy to clamber on board and be whisked (again, not shaken or stirred--well, maybe a little stirred, emotionally speaking) out to the airport.

En route, we pass over the mighty Fraser River. Still enough trees to be cut down for the logging industry, apparently. Out the front window of the sky train, we see YVR getting closer. I must admit that it freaks me out a bit to not have a human driver on the train. It's all computerized. And very new.

Here's the other side of that carving I photographed upon my arrival here 5 weeks ago. Remember the surprised face? Well, it was on the backside (literally) of "Big Bird" here. Maybe that's why it had such a shocked look on its face. Inside the airport are more examples of native art, which I love.

And this is a parting shot of yours truly, taken inside the cavernous, colourful, and sparkly clean ladies' washroom. I added a few special FX to disguise my true identity...and age!


  1. It was a lovely trip !!
    Lovely pictures all
    special the last one its Unique
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Hitting the washroom at the Airport before the long flight, a heck of a good idea. Hope you washed your hands.

  3. Hi Anya, Thanks for coming along for the ride! Glad you appreciate my special effects self-portrait!
    Give Kareltje a pat from me!

  4. This was not the only washroom I inspected before taking to the air! But it was certainly the most iimpressive. There's enough room in there for a group of refugees to set up camp. They'd have to wear tazer-proof body suits, though, if you know what I mean.

  5. You are so pretty, Lynne! Could do without the green face, I guess... Canada looks really modern--with the sky/subway train, etc. Your story was very well written! not quite home yet, so I'll look further... xxox

  6. Trust me, Margaret--I look prettier green! The photo FX are better than any Botox, Retinol, lip-filler, or facelift out there! But you're right about Canada being "modern"--at least pockets of it!

  7. Lovely photos and I'm not sure if I would trust a driver-less train!! However the wonderful photo of you a la verde reminds me of a drink called Grasshopper....
    WV 'finar' as in "Lynne, there is none finar.."

  8. Saj, Yeah, it's creepy on that driverless train, especially when it suddenly accelerates. However, it is convenient, and at least you know the driver's not text-messaging anyone. Although, what might they be doing at HQ? A BC ferry got into a serious accident due to some hanky panky going on on the bridge one time. (We take our lives into our hands just by living. Louciao's deep-dish thought for the day!)

    I guess my self-portrait does look like I imbibed a little too much creme de menthe! However, it nicely hides me blushing at your compliment about there being none finar! Aw, shucks, Saj!

  9. Wow, who is that twenty-something lass there in the green-lit mirror, amazing shot there, Warhol would have liked it, I'm sure...

    WV is "bringr", as in, "OK, bringr on in here so we can get a bettr look atr..."

  10. Obviously, whoever said "it's not easy being green" was a big fat liar! Oh, I think it was Kermit--I hope he's not a relative of yours, Mr. Toad, or of La Grenouille! I find that turning green peeled about 40 years off my life. If only I'd kept my platform boots.

  11. BTW, Owen--"bringr" must be a corollary of the Maritime term "givr"...which one would call out to incite someone to step on the gas, or pick up the pace, chug-a-lug it down, punch harder, etc.

    100 new photos gathered out and about Verdun? Time to "givr" on your blogging, Owen!