Thursday, October 29, 2009

Freedom's Just Another Word

Butterflies are free.

Scarfing down images is free.

Skirting the issue is sometimes unavoidable.


  1. These photos are so cool! The scarfed down lady becomes a giantess marching down the street towering above everybody and everything! I love those butterflies! but parked next to cars?! and skirting the issue is a great pun. I'm beginning to really like this town. hugs xxox

  2. Margaret, This slightly chi-chi area of Granville Street is just a delight to wander. Thanks for strolling along with me here. It was fun virtually chatting as we pretend shopped! So much easier on the wallet.

  3. ...sometimes a light as a butterfly's kiss.

    It was only two days ago that last I saw a butterfly dancing through the air.

    A wonderful weekend for you.

  4. Hello Commenters - Lynne's mother here. Just to let you know Lynne has gone to Vancouver Island to visit two school buddies who live there. She unwittingly chose the day of the return of the Olympic Torch from Greece to Victoria. Celebrations, traffic jams, protestors galore. Shud be some interesting comments &/or pics when she returns late on Sunday.

  5. Oh dear, I see you've been busy again creating all sorts of illusions for us faithful readers... and it doesn't look to me like you are skirting the issues... looks like you are doing some serious reflections on your subject matter, although as I hard as I look, I don't see the artist herself reflected in any of these windows... ? Is she invisible ?

  6. PS omg, you've been so BUSY ! I get distracted by a day trip or two for a couple of days, come back and find you've been posting up a storm here, oh dear, how's a guy supposed to keep up with you ??? Guess I'm going to have to pedal faster...

    WV is "dersedo", which is a variant of the more typical dosido of square dancing... now dersedo your partner round she goes...

  7. I can see I'm not the only one who likes taking photos of shop windows!
    My WV 'lattersi", so am pretending to be in Italy and am saying see you latter si!

  8. Robert:
    A butterfly kiss...been a long, long time since given or received, I'm afraid.

  9. Shirl:
    Thanks for explaining my absence. However, I'm not sure if I can live up to your promises of interesting tales...though I have a few pics up my sleeve. Running out of time...

  10. Owen:
    You have to know how to look in order to truly perceive.

  11. PS. Owen:
    If you can't keep up to my square dance pace mebbe you should just dersedo on over to the moonshine bar and sit this one out.

  12. Saj:
    I love it when you speak Italian!