Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My neighbour in the burrow where we live e-mailed me some photos of the big event that happened there this morning while we're still off gallivanting in Montréal...The Olympic Torch was passed!  If only they'd taken a moment to torch the abandonned house (seen in the background)!


  1. That photo is a keeper. Very nice of your neighbour to record this rare moment.

  2. Oh no, you can't torch that Fixer-Upper...Owen will be planning on moving into it when he's finished decorating the farmhouse...

  3. In my opinion the house goes well with the torch, being both a nice reflection of time.

    Was able to see a flame on my own, while being in Barcelona, waaaay back when Summer Games where held there.

    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  4. That's exciting! Will you go back to Vancouver for the Olympics? Where does the torch go next? xxox

  5. Saj, you read my mind... jeepers Lynne, I'm sure you wouldn't really want to torch that place, would you ??? It's probably crawling with you know what, our masked bandit rodent friends ...
    That place looks like a fixer-upper, not a burner-downer... ok, so there's a little moss growing on the roof, I'm sure inside there must be some gems of architectural details, no ?

    Anyway, hope you had a grand trip in Montreal, or maybe you're still there ?

    See you Sis...

  6. That would've made a nice local headline and a world-wide scandal... "Olympic torch delayed by stay in pokey on arson charges". Nice.

  7. In the "burrow" where you live? I thought you might mean borough, but maybe you're trying to tell us that your hometown is a real whole in the ground! (just had to tease you...) ;)

  8. haha...that's what I get for teasing..."whole"! :P

  9. Hi Jill,
    Actually, that was the point of calling it a 'burrow'. It`s also a play on the name of the village I live in, which does, indeed, end in the word'borough.' But also, we are sort of holed up and cozy and hidden away in a countrylike setting, so it does feel rather burrow-like, esp. in the winter.

    And go ahead and tease any time you like! I can take it. :-D

  10. Hey Sparkler!
    I like your way of thinking! Glad to see you back in action.

  11. Hi BrOwen,
    If you want to buy the old abandonned house we'll give you a good price! It's all ours, and a bit of an eyesore, right on the main street of our wee village (burrow). No one else seems to mind it, though. We had the local volunteer fire dept. all keen to burn it down for us, and our marshmallows and hot dogs all lined up on sticks, but then the village council nixed the plan. I suspect they're in the pay of the local Raccoon Gang who use the place as their hangout.

    And yes, we're still in Québec, though have moved on from Montréal, back to l'ile d'Orléans chez mes beaux-parents pour la soir. Demain on rentre: 10 heures sur la route--beaucoup de trico! Youpi!

  12. Hi Margaret,
    We won't be heading back to Vancouver for the Olympics...it promises to be a bit of a madhouse out there, although my sister is volunteering at the Athletes' Village and very excited about it.

    I read that the torch was on Prince Edward Island recently, having a buggy ride to Anne of Green Gables' house.

    I find the whole proposition rather bizarre. I was actually in Victoria the day the flame(s) arrived there from Greece. Do you think they`re following me?

  13. Dear Robert:
    It's very cool to see your name written in Greek! You are such a romantic, making the link between the passage of time as represented by the Olympic torch and the abandonned house.

    A bit ironic that you saw the flame in Barcelona when you are now living in its Grecian homeland. I remember when I was in Vancouver last month, seeing the front page newspaper photo of it being lit by young women clad in classical Greek outfits. I wonder if they were vestal virgins?

    I think it's Wednesday here...am having trouble keeping track while on the road...but at any rate, I wish you a pleasant slide down to the weekend, having made it over the midweek hump.

  14. Hey Saj!
    So BrOwen is busy decorating an abandonned falling down farmhouse? Excellent!--it will give me just enough time to torch our abandonned house without him organizing a protest march in my village. What would be the appropriate alcoholic beverage for a razing, do you think?

    Come on down for the fire. Bring your own weenies and wear your fake beard!

  15. Hi Shirl!
    Wasn`t it sweet of the neighbour to send on the photo? I suspect he just wanted to rub it in that we weren't there to experience the Event of a Lifetime happening right in front of our abode. But yes, the photo will go into our scrapbook of Missed Events.

  16. Who told you about my weenies??
    As for a tipple to watch a house burn by...if it's cold up there I would suggest Hot Buttered Rum.
    And fast shoes in case my twin gets there early...

  17. Saj, Have I ever told you about the time Pierre set the field behind our house on fire and it spread to the bordering Christmas tree farm and we had to call the fire department...

  18. Oh boy, look at all these shenanigans going on in the burrow there ! All because of an Olympic torch running by ! Sounds like there is a whole village full of potential arsonists up there !!! Think I'll drink the hot buttered rum and watch from afar as the smoke rises that the raccoons scatter in all directions...

  19. Saj, It was just a lucky guess about your weenies!

    BrOwen, Watch out that you don't burn your eyebrows on the hot butter.

  20. I ran and got my outfit on thinking it was just our usual cross-burning, and when I came out the door with my hood up, mask on and shotgun in my hand you should have seen them runner dudes take off.