Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the Road Again

I wish I could have bought this little number when I was out in Vancouver.  It would have made a swell present for Pierre.  And it would have been such fun to ride off to Quebec in it tomorrow morning.  Yup, we're on the road again.  Going to visit the in-laws in Quebec City and then our daughter in Montreal.  But the Prime Motivation of the trek, at least according to Pierre, is for him to take our daughter and myself to a football game at the Big O (Olympic Stadium) this Sunday.  Now, I hate almost all team sports (who am I kidding--pretty much all sports.  Go ahead and boo!) and maybe especially football.  But the opportunity to observe my partner making an absolute fool of himself (okay, not that unusual)  and having a ball (pardon the pun), as well as hanging out en famille, eating hot dogs and drinking beer, was just too much for me to refuse.  I had thought I might bring my knitting along to keep myself amused in the stands but my daughter has advised against it.  Too much risk of getting mustard in the yarn, and it would also interfere with my drinking arm.  Such a wise girl (she has a master's degree from Oxford, you know.  Proud Mum.)

I hope we won't see too many of these little bandits' corpses littering the highway en route.  I also hope we won't need our snow tires because Pierre steadfastly refuses to have them installed as he claims they're too noisy for such a long ride (10 hours to Quebec City from here) and he swears it's not going to snow on our trip.  Heard that one before!

BTW--the teams playing on Sunday will be the BC Lions and the Montreal Alouettes.  I'm from BC and Pierre's from Quebec, so things could get interesting in the stands.

Go Team!  Go Me!  See you soon!
I've left you a kiss goodbye here


  1. Just don't take the Renous and you'll be fine... although if you stay in Quebec past the 15, you'll be fined!

  2. The Stud would love that wee vehicle too. Enjoy your game, we regularly attend our rugby matches (but to be fair they are usually all over with in 80-90 minutes)...and our boys don't have any padding. They play thugby like blokes! :-)

  3. C: I say "No way!!!" to the Renous!! I value my kidneys too much. Hopefully we'll be outta there before the
    15th else we'll have to find a place of our own to rent, no? Although what did I hear recently about living on one's own...?

    Looking forward to apéro vers
    18h. Though may get a head start on you!

  4. Hi Saj,
    I think I'm in for about 3 hours of football "fun." Once in a lifetime event (she says hopefully). Funny how the players dress up like human tanks. Though their derriéres look pretty good in those silky tight pants. I don't think we'll be sitting close enough for any close-ups.

  5. Oh yes, thats true you guys have got the better perv pants. I like it when they show them running in slow that terrible?? :-)

  6. Probably, Saj! I wonder if they'll show instant replays and close-ups in slo-mo up on giant screens in the stadium. This could be interesting after all!

  7. May all of your roads ahead be save ones.

  8. Maybe I should tag along with know, since I'm the Evil Twin afterall....

  9. I got your mesage, Lynne, and see you left a little later than I had thought (per my message). Anyway, hope you're there now safe and sound. Your daughter has a Master's from Oxford! That's pretty amazing! Is she going for a doctorate now? You're lucky you have a daughter; we have three sons, and it's sports, sports, sports! Even in their 20's, they're playing softball! You can hopefully sneak off together for some culture and window shopping in fab Montreal! Does Pierre like ice hockey? I noticed all the Canadian players have French names... See you soon! xxox

  10. Thank you, Robert. And back atcha! (that means, the same to you!)

  11. Well, you're not MY evil twin! And normally I'd say you could tag along but I understand you're expecting some Aussie company to arrive and it would be inconceivably impolite for you to not be there! Surely, you're not that evil! (or will you quote a former Canadian prime minister and say "Just watch me!")
    No, I need you here to keep an eye on your twin. He's too quiet. Something's up.

  12. Margaret,
    You just can't get rid of me that easily! I still haven't left! Leaving in the morning. Gone for a week.

    I don't think I could have coped if I had had a son. I would have had to just hand him over to his father. My daughter lost her academic enthusiasm and is now happily and gainfully employed by both McGill and Concordia Universities, in communications (web stuff, press releases, speech writing, interviews, newsletters etc.) She and I are definitely up for some culcha and shopping during our visit! Pierre can do some handyman stuff back at the apartment, I suppose. And yes, Pierre does like hockey, though not as much as he used to. Most of my family are hockey nuts; somehow that gene missed me. OK, so now I really am signing out. Gotta go finish packing and get some beauty sleep. ciao!

  13. the warning re the 15th merely refers to QC's rule that all cars must be winter-tired by then. I'm sure YOU'll have no problem reaching that state but not sure if your attitude is enough to protect the Mazda as well...

  14. LOL! Such a wit. You know me so well. Winter-tired merely in anticipation of it.

  15. Lynne ! Hi ! I'm so late ! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date !

    I don't know if you noticed (well, actually, I guess you did because you put the detail image up) but there is a raccoon on the back of that van... I'd be wary of buying anything previously owned by raccoons... they probably squirreled away all sorts of garbage in that thing !

    Sports ? As in mass public sports in stadiums with millions of dollars at stake ? One of my favorite rant topics. A "so This is what the human race has come to" sort of thing. You wouldn't believe the fuss in France today over the France-Ireland match the other night in which a little illegal use of hands assisted in the winning goal... it is causing a furor here ! And in Ireland !

    If you've already left, which I guess you have, well, I hope you have a fantastic trip, regardless of the sports side of it... and watch out for those raccoons... they've got your number...

    Oh, and drink a beer for me please with the hot dogs...

  16. Do give a little cheer for the BC Lions, but in English, that way no body will understand and you won't be escorted out of the Stadium.

    btw: How does one order a hot dog in French?

  17. Hey Owen,
    I did, in fact, notice there was a raccoon on the back of the van. I posted his picture esp. for you, knowing your fondness for the critters. I am very grateful for the advice abt. not buying used cars from those bandits and feel much better about not having procured it for pierre. Besides, if I had had to drive it back to NB from BC I would still be pulled off to the side of the road somewhere in the Rockies, sitting there having a nervous breakdown and sobbing hysterically.

    Public hysteria over sports and teams bewilders me, and the ridiculous sums of money those goons who play are payed infuriates me. But I suppose it is better than feeding Christians to lions. Although today we will be witnessing the BC Lions being fed to the Montreal Alouettes at the Olympic Stadium, so that is a bit of a switch.

    As requested, I will toast you with my beer & hot dog!

  18. Hi Shirl,
    Excellent advice to cheer on the Lions sotto voce in English! However, I think there could be rioting, or some other public display of emotion if the Montreal Als lose!

    As for ordering hot dogs in Québecois, it is:

    ''un ot doy s.v.p.!''