Sunday, November 15, 2009

A County Welcome

When company's comin' to visit, the folks here in Albert County like to make them feel real welcome.  Why put out just one sofa when two will be just that much comfier.

Why do the folks here in Albert County go to such great lengths to make people feel welcome?  Well, I think the sign on this door 'bout says it all.


  1. Thanks for the laugh!!!

    I'm telling you when you look around day to day it does make you wonder sometimes!... I think they want to keep the place a secret..
    maybe there is something to this...

  2. Hi Gwen: Thanks for stopping by, esp. as we're practically neighbours. There is so much beauty in Albert County, but a lot of stuff I just have to do my best to turn a blind eye to. But then I thought, why not show it for what it is--whatever that may be.

  3. Hey, so cool to see the two you hooked up ! (he said while patting himself on the back for whatever small and probably imagined role he may have played...)

    So, (or should I exclaim, "Sofa") you did it... nothing like a few old sofas out in the weather to draw a smile, especially when these two seem to have a crush big time on each other. I dreamed to see a sofa mating ritual so, ahem, explicitly displayed in these otherwise usually chaste pages... Big Sis, I'm blushing ! National Geographic is going to be knocking on your door if you keep up with culturally stimulating pieces like this one...

    Love your #7 door here too, great peeling paint there... and good to know that they care.

    BTW, the snail mail brought a bright red envelope today... woouuah ! I am a lucky camper !!! Thanks Muchissimo ! Love the little scrap of original art in there as well !

    PS the WV is "rovent", as in he rovent and rovent the whole world over, searching for his dream house, his dream time, his dreams...

  4. Of course I meant to type, "I never dreamed...", must have suffered a brain fart at that exact point...

  5. As I have slept many nights outside, in front of the house, having such a sofa would have been nice, even two would have allowed me to invite her as well, to spend the night we me.
    But times have changed, remember how nice it was to be able to pay with cash for everything, even with a penny to get some sweets.
    A wonderful Tuesday for you.

  6. Hi Lynne~ I actually like that royal blue/white sofa! It has to be on another couch because it has no legs... They even have a clothesline made of rope.
    That was an aquaphibian car! How cool is that! That explains he big garage.
    Lynne, I have some photos to send you from the time I lived in France (I lived in Beirut just prior to moving to France.) However, your profile doesn't give an email address... So let me know. xxox

  7. BrOwen! I hope you didn't pull a muscle, patting yourself on the back like that. (I think that's actually a yoga move called the Backward Facing Smug Hug.)

    I was wondering how it was that you dreamed to see a sofa mating ritual on these pages. I mean, that is a pretty esoteric, not to say erotic, type of dream! But then you came back and corrected yourself, so I guess you're maybe not that weird after all. At least concerning sofarotic matters.

    Isn't it great to know that No.7 cares? Just what about, I'm not too sure. Certainly not the upkeep of their premises.

    Glad to hear the poste escargot made it all the way to your hood and that you found the wee scrap o' me 'art!

    WV: duppenim "When louciao told her brother Owen that there were sofas outside, she wasn't duppenim."

  8. Hi Robert, I imagine you were sleeping outside the house to try and get some refreshing cool night air in the hot summer months? I think you would have given your neighbours lots to talk about if you and your wife each had an outdoor sofa to sleep on!

  9. PS. Robert--on second thought, you would have probably given them even more to talk about if you were both sleeping on the same sofa!

  10. Hi Margaret,
    Would you like me to bring you the royal blue sofa? We could put wheels on it, seeing as it has no legs, and drive it to Jersey! I mean, if that car I photographed is an aerophibian I'm pretty sure we could cobble together a sofacar! Great to stretch out on for naps en route.

    And you're right about the necessity of a big garage for that car: they must have a swimming pool in there to test the vehicle's water capabilities--and probably a wind tunnel as well. It all makes sense now!

    My email address is:
    I have it on my website but not my blogs. But we're all friends here!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the photos you plan to send me! And Beirut?! What an adventurer!
    Bises, xo

  11. *lol*
    Both these images are hilarious (and beautiful too!)!

    "We care" really cracked me up. Is the place still open?

  12. Hi Merisi,
    I'm glad you saw the humour in them! It must have been a bit of a culture shock for you after the refined elegance of Vienna. And yes, the "We care" place is still open for business, with a bevvy of rusted-out old American cars and disused tires lined up along its front, which happens to be right on the village's main street. So charming!

  13. so, really short people get to sit on the under sofa? That "we care" cracked me up too, altho' some would say I have been cracked for years!

  14. Remember one morning the postman came and delievered the mail, without me waking up - being alone though in deep dreams.
    A wonderful Wednesday for you.

  15. Hi Saj,
    Yes, for the undersofa it's gotta be really short people, really strong people (to hold up those on the upper deck), people who prefer to lie down while visiting, or people the hosts don't like.

    Glad you appreciate the Albert County care display.

    WV: lasali
    Which is the East Indian version of the popular children's story about a Collie dog. The movie version being "Lasali Come Home"

  16. Robert, I can't help but wonder if that postman has his own blog and somewhere on it is a picture of you, deep in your dreams, snoring away outside your house.

    A thrilling Thursday to you, full of lovely waking dreams!

  17. Ooofff, good to know you weren't duping him... errr... me... !

  18. Yeah,bro, she only dupes to conquer.