Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get Your Motor Running

Out walking the backroads of the village I came across this interesting specimen of vehicular phantasmagoria.
(phatasmagoria: Rare.  a shifting scene composed of different elements)
 "Shifting"--get it?

It was being off-loaded into this ginormous garage that had recently been built beside a mini-home (ie. non-mobile mobile home).  The garage is twice as big and at least twice as high as the home.  Good to get one's priorities straight.

I know pretty much diddly-squat about engines, but I'm pretty sceptical that this windmill affair can actually make the car go.  Maybe it's a new wind-powered auto?

Couldn't resist doing a little colour job on her.


  1. Lynne, you are just so funny!! I actually owned a car with a windmill affair! We had to start it up by giving that thing a spin with a rod device. Then to add oil, you put it in the gas hole (is that ok to say?) wihch had a dip stick. Anyway, I was just out of school and living in France (teaching English at Ecole Berlitz), and the car was called a Citroen (cum Peugeot) Deux-Chevaux (Two Horsepower). This may be what we have here except fot the gigantic front fenders. Funny story! xxox

  2. I think the windmill affair is more a propellor for when you are driving it in the water... its clearly an amphibious affair...

    And you have to wonder about people who have garages bigger than their houses.

    Now, an aside... would you be anywhere near here :

    Take a gander, I'd be curious to hear your reaction...

  3. And how am I supposed to comment on the previous post when it's got no comment thingy to click on... guess I just have to do my usual spewing here, instead... but hey, anyway, my baby buns are tickled pink to be designated your adoptive baby brother, as I never had a big sister, nor a twin sister, nor a little sister, and would have loved to have had... so finally discovering an adoptive big sister is a big moment in my otherwise workaday life !!! Wow, do adoption papers have to be notarized or something to make it formal, or is this blog post sufficient ! Too much ! Way out !

    Love your family picture too, that's definitely a trip down memory lane ! See you soon, sis...
    Ciao !

    PS WV is "caniceiv", and I can't even imagine what it means...

  4. Hi Margaret,
    You can say "gas hole" here but you can't say "butt hole" for risk of offending my mother!

    The Deux Chevaux is one of my all-time favourite cars! You actually owned one--how cool is that; though, it does sound like it was rather a challenge to operate.

    How romantic that you went to live in France straight out of school! Do you have photos?
    Bises xo

  5. Owen, Bro!
    Yes, clearly the jalopy is an amphibious affair; it takes a toad like you to recognize the fact!

    And yes! We are in the general vicinity of the the blog spot you mention (2 hr. drive) and, in fact, I have a pair of those very earrings!!! One of my dearest friends used to have a fabulous art & craft boutique here (village where I live) and she carried earrings from Desideratum. In fact, I have a small collection. My friend said they're lovely people and she loved visiting them and their place. I've been to St. Martin's, but only along the shore. A tiny place. Charming. I'll have to go back to check out the blog at greater length. Thanks for that. You might also check out The Leisuroligist's blog (see my sidebar) as he's in my area (2 hours away--friend of a friend of a friend; I don't know him, though)and is very amusing in his writing. I wonder how you came across the Desideratum blog?

    I don't know what's up with no comment thingy on the previous post. Margaret had the same problem. It's there on my page when I view it. But you were both clever enough to leave me messages elsewhere.

    I think this public declaration of siblingness in front of all 6 or 7 people who actually stop by my blog is official enough to make us sister and brother! I could check with the FCW, though, as he is a lawyer, and also lives about 2 hours from here.

    I'll let you borrow my LP's if you like! I have Jeff Beck up in the attic, and some Stones and Beatles, plus Leonard Cohen & Dylan back in N. Van. Gee. The brother I never had (but don't tell my real brother).

  6. P.S.
    RE: People with Giant Garage Syndrome

    There's an old Québec saying "grosse Corvette, petite quéquette" (if you follow my drift). Maybe it's the same thing with garages.

  7. Oi! I adopted him first, owing to my own brother named Owen being relatively unfitting for me. Hmph. See, my derived childhood just got worser....

  8. Saj! There you are, Owen and I were worried when you hadn't come up from the cellar for days!

    You must have adopted him during the course of one of your Tuesday Tipples and that's why he forgot. But if you're his sister and I'm his sister that means that you and I are sisters! But are you his "big" sister? I'm older than both of you so I get to be the boss!

    So, what size shoes do you wear and where do you keep your toy box?

  9. No probs, there's plenty of me to go around, we can all be one big happy blog family, in our houses on blogland lane ! So now I have two sisters, excellent ! Although I don't know if the Saj is a big sister too, or twin age, or a little sister, and I know it is indiscreet to ask a lady's age... Anyway, I'm glad to see you made it back up from the cellar dear Saj, we were getting concerned about you, about to send out the Saint Bernards, with their little barrels of tipple...

    Ahh, so that's fantastic that you have some of Desideratum's earrings ! What a world... your blogging little brother in France visits a blog (The Plum Tree) in Bangalore, India, that he likes, sees an interesting comment from a certain Gwen with a crow icon, clicks through to see who it is, and discovers a blog in New Brunswick with lovely jewelry and ink drawings, looks on map and sees it's not too far from Moncton, asks big blog sis in Moncton if she knows this place... and discovers that earrings have already been collected from there... now if that isn't fabulous...

    No comment about corvettes and quequettes, I'd only get myself in trouble...

    WV is "feater", obviously, that is someone who performs feats regularly, a real feater, that one... And also pertains to one who liked the music of the group Little Feat from long ago... Which reminds me, Geeee ! Thanks for the offer to borrow your albums... you know, I still have a pile of vinyl too, just can't let go of them, they followed me all the way from the US to France... Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Dead, Al Stewart, Cockburn, CSN&Y, and many others...

  10. Bro! I can't believe you imported your old vinyls to France! I have a "select few" left. My daughter likes to play them when she's home on visits. Right now, the old record player in the attic or YouTube on the 'pooter is our best bet for playing music as our crappy CD player went kaput. God, we're deprived around here.

    BTW--I sold my house on Blogland Lane. Maybe I can camp out at your castle from time to time. How big is the garage? ;-D

    Wouldn't it be amazing if you and Saj are TWINS?! OMG!

    Little Feat. Feats Don't Fail me Now. Yah.

    my WV: mishr
    As in, "When The Sagittarian stumbled up from having been missing for 3 days in her wine cellar, she was heard muttering to her adopted brother, "Lishn mishr, you wsh my brother before you were hrsh!"

    Or: what louciao & Mr. Toad say when the Sagittarian goes missing for days at a time, "Gee we mishr!"

  11. We shr dew mishr ! oyé !

  12. Haha, I don't deserve either of you, but I'll claim middle sister if you like! Possibly one of you is older and the other may be older than me...

  13. I dunno Saj, I'm really taken with the idea of you and Owen being twins.

  14. well, ok if you insist...but I bags being the evil twin!

  15. I imagine that somebody is trying to make some money on the side, by restoring an antique car. Would make sense. Love your color job, bestows immediate authenticity! :-)

  16. ok, but I bags being the evil one....